Drinking alcohol would make me hornier

Alcohol and impotence

In small amounts, alcohol makes men relaxed and can stimulate their sexual activity. But those who drink too much achieve the opposite. A drunk man will hardly be able to stand his man in bed: Even a blood alcohol level of 0.4 to 0.5 per mille reduces potency. Men then not only have erectile problems, but also difficulties to get an orgasm. If the blood alcohol level is higher, nothing can go at all, even if the sexual desire is strong. The reason: alcohol affects the nervous system and thus the transmission of stimulative stimuli.

After a one-off intoxication, a healthy body normally regenerates and erectile function returns. The consumption of alcohol does not generally lead to impotence. But those who constantly drink large amounts of alcohol run the risk of becoming impotent in the long term from alcohol.

Alcohol damages the nerves

The destroyed nerve centers in the brain and spinal cord can no longer properly transmit stimuli and signals to the penile nerves.

Alcohol affects the hormonal balance in men

Alcohol also damages the liver. This can no longer properly break down the female sex hormone estrogen. In alcoholics, there is an excess of estrogen and a deficiency of the male sex hormone testosterone. Testosterones are responsible for a man's sexual desire, his libido. They ensure the irritability of the erectile tissue and thus the erection. The low testosterone level makes erection difficult, even if the man experiences strong sexual desire.

Alcohol also promotes the production of prolactin, a hormone that is responsible for the production of milk in the female body. Prolactin suppresses the centrally mediated penile reflex.

Alcohol can lead to mental illness

Men who consume too much alcohol frequently suffer from depression. A lack of self-confidence, social decline and the resulting relationship problems are often the psychological triggers for a lack of libido.

Alcohol damages the sperm

Are you planning to become a father? Then you can do something for your future baby by reducing alcohol consumption. Research shows that alcohol not only has a strong negative impact on potency, but also on the quality of the sperm. In men who drink a lot of alcohol, the hereditary information is not correctly contained in the seminal threads. The deformed sperm cells can cause physical and mental damage to your child.