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For people looking for ways to make money by working part time, TaskRabbit can be a solid option. However, before you make yourself available to put Ikea furniture together and run errands, you should know what it is about.

What is TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit is a task-based service that is used in 47 cities in the United States and connects users, called Taskers, with paying jobs. Taskers receive an hourly rate or a price per task less a service fee. There is also the option of tips, 100% of which go to the Tasker. Occupations with the “highest earning potential” are, according to the company, manual tasks, relocations and cleaning work.

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How to work with TaskRabbit

To be eligible, you must be at least 21 years old, have a checking account, have a credit card, and pass background and ID checks.

In order to register on the site, you will need to provide basic information about yourself, upload a profile photo, set pay rates and indicate your experience for your categories of duties.

Also, for every service you offer, you need to add a "short pitch" that explains why people should choose your services (more on that later). To help you maintain positive ratings and ratings, TaskRabbit recommends limiting services to only those services that "can run at a high quality level".

If TaskRabbit approves your application, you will be charged a non-refundable registration fee of $ 20 and you will need to attend a briefing before you can begin any of the assignments.

Find out below how you can win customers and be successful.

Create a strong profile Your quick pitch is limited to 250 characters per category. So you have to be creative to get the right message across. Find out the most important details, such as: B. How to solve a specific problem or meet the customer's requirements and back it up with relevant evidence or experience. For example, if you're planning an event planning service, consider mentioning the office holiday celebration you organized, which went without a hitch - and which was under budget.

There is also an "About" section where you can provide more details about your qualifications, talk about your work ethic, and link to your professional website to support your case.

Check out the Top or "Elite" Tasker Profiles for ideas on how to improve your profile. Ask a friend or family member to check your profile to make sure there are no typos or grammatical errors. Make a good impression at every step To be successful at TaskRabbit, it is important to provide great customer service throughout the job. That means getting a friendly tone when messaging clients, showing up on time, avoiding cancellations, and then tracking down to make sure customers are happy. Not only is this good business, but customers can leave a public review and reviews on your profile as soon as they receive an invoice or a cancellation notice. Ratings include your interaction with you as well as your timeliness and responsiveness.

Read the TaskRabbit blog and check out the website's other learning resources for tips and tricks from others on how to improve your standing on the website. That opens the door to more gigs, increases your chances of earning tips, and lets you raise interest rates. Regularly determine the average prices for your services to ensure your rate is competitive. Back to Top

TaskRabbit jobs to be considered

Here are just a few ways you can make money with TaskRabbit. (Note: some task types may only be available in certain cities.)

Running errands. Pick up dry cleaning. Drop off parcels at the post office. Get recipes filled. These errands are a logistical pain for most people. Take the hassle off with a $ 30 per hour fee, depending on your city and the errands required. You will earn bonus points and dollars for having a reliable vehicle, as some errands require a car or truck.

Make deliveries. Deployment tasks are one of TaskRabbit's most sought-after tasks. The orders can include the delivery of items, e.g. B. Groceries to a busy mom, donuts to an office, and beer to a party. Novice Taskers typically run at $ 22 an hour, according to the TaskRabbit website. In most cases, you will need access to transportation to perform delivery tasks. Plus, you don't get any gasoline or parking bills.

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Waiting. Yes, you can get paid to wait in a row, in a box, for whatever you call a delivery. In Washington, DC, for example, Taskers can make $ 35 an hour or more to get someone a seat in a hot new restaurant or hold a field for a sports team. All you need is a good book, blanket or chair, and a few hours of free time.

Decorate. Turn your creative talents into a side gig. You can help out at an event like a wedding or house party, or just help clients hang pictures on the wall or put up Christmas lights. Decorating prices typically start at $ 18 an hour.

Assemble furniture. Putting together Ikea furniture is a cash-making skill; Chicago taskers, for example, often have $ 40 an hour to assemble furniture, and some even charge as much as $ 70 an hour. Unless otherwise noted, it is assumed that you will bring your own tools for completion.

Help at a party Collect gigs as a bartender, server or caterer for events. Taskers may also be asked to greet guests and help set up and clean up. Some of the requests for permanent staff may be a little more unconventional, especially around Halloween when Taskers often get gigs where they just have to dress in costume and mingle with guests.

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Do gardening. Do you enjoy getting your hands dirty in the garden? Help someone who doesn't or doesn't have time. Taskers can pick up gigs, mow the lawn, rake leaves, shovel snow, trim trees, and plant flowers. TaskRabbit suggests setting the tariff at $ 25 an hour, although you can increase it depending on your level of experience and depending on your own equipment like a lawn mower or grass cutter.

Clean house. Few people like to clean. That's probably why so many people are willing to pay $ 27 or more for someone else. You can be that other by buying a mop and other cleaning supplies. You can land a one-time cleaning appearance or a recurring stint, depending on the requirement.

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