When should you split ten in blackjack?

Blackjack split rules

Splitting a blackjack hand is a common practice for many players when they come across a hand that allows them to split. The split requires you to raise your stake as each newly created blackjack hand requires its own stake.

Each variant of blackjack has its own set of rules for splitting hands. As a rule, the option of "splitting" is only available the first time it is dealt. For example, it is not possible to get an additional card and then do "splitting".

Below is a list of every possible "Splt" that is allowed in different blackjack variants. We always recommend researching the different types of blackjack before you start playing so that you know in advance which "splits" are allowed and which are not.

Splitting of tens - Jacks, queens, kings and tens are all scored with ten points. A variety of online casinos will allow you to split most of the blackjack variants. However, this only applies in the event that the cards have the same rank as well as the same value. For example, it is possible to split two kings, whereas a jack and a king cannot be split.

Resplitting - allows a pair to be split / split, usually no more than three times for a hand, although variants exist that only allow one split, six splits or an unlimited number of splits. For example: you split a pair of 8 into two and get another 8 as a second card for either of your hands. Again, you can split / split that hand.

Resplitting from Assen - a rare rule that tends to only appear in late surrender games.

Additional pull after splitting from Assen - In most cases when splitting aces you are only allowed to draw one card per ace. In some variations, this restriction is lifted and you can continue dragging.

No split of aces - a rare rule that under no circumstances allows aces to be split / split. If you have such an arrangement, avoid playing this type of blackjack.

Split anytime - Splitting is allowed for every match. For example you get 10, 2 and get another 2. You can split / split the 2's in this case.

Split every 16 - a fantastic rule that will allow you to get rid of the worst hand in blackjack in any variation that occurs in the combination 10 and 6, ace and 5 or 9 and 7.

No split of 4, 5 or 10 - UK casino rule

Dropping a split hand - rare but very useful rule that allows one of the split cards to be discarded.