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Advantages and disadvantages of a DokuWiki


Wikis are basically designed so that several authors write articles. Therefore, wikis are an ideal solution in knowledge management in general and in the creation and maintenance of a school portfolio in particular. The DokuWiki wiki system has been specially developed for the simple creation of documentation and offers the following advantages:

  • It can be accessed via the Internet so that teachers and students can access the content from home.
  • The latest version of the school portfolio is always available to everyone.
  • The rights management makes it possible to assign read and write rights in detail. This means that access to the respective target groups such as staff, school management, etc. can be restricted. In the same way, the responsible persons as responsible editors can get the sole writing rights in individual areas.
  • Different articles can be updated at the same time. Therefore editors of different articles do not hinder each other and there are no different versions that have to be laboriously brought together again.
  • Old versions of the articles can be viewed and it is transparent when and by whom an article was changed. Those responsible for certain areas can therefore safely grant other people write access.
  • The full-text search enables quick access to the content even if you don't know under which umbrella term the topic you are looking for is sorted.
  • Links to external websites are available directly.
  • The articles are available as plain text files and no database is required. This enables problem-free access to the content even without the DokuWiki. It is also sufficient to copy the files for a backup copy or to move to another computer.
  • Export to PDF and OpenOffice (ODF) can be implemented. Microsoft Office has supported OpenOffice documents since version 2007 with Service Pack 2.
  • It is a free solution under the GNU General Public License (GPL), which is relatively easy to expand and for which there are many plugins.

What is central here is that, compared to simple solutions, such as office documents stored in the intranet, cooperation and teamwork is actively supported. This advantage should not be underestimated in the long-term maintenance and further development of the school portfolio.


In addition to the many advantages of a DokuWiki, there are a few points that you should be aware of:
  • Despite the relatively easy-to-use graphical editor, professional work with a DokuWiki requires a certain amount of training by the editorial team.
  • All colleagues must be introduced to the DokuWiki, as parallel management of a paper version leads to many advantages ad absurdum.
  • If Moodle or a similar platform is already being used in the educational area, it must be ensured that no duplicate structures arise.
  • If the school portfolio is to be mapped completely as a DokuWiki, the access rights must be adequately maintained and the data protection regulations must be observed.

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