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We wish all citizens of the community Großrosseln a merry and peaceful Christmas and all the best for the New Year 2014


1 25th year Friday, 2013 and 01/2014 We wish all citizens of the Großrosseln community a Merry and Peaceful Christmas and all the best for the New Year 2014 Jörg Dreistadt, Mayor Fred Schuler, First Alderman Hans-Georg Schneider, Deputy Mayor of Emmersweiler Werner Hektor, Mayor of Dorf im Warndt Jörg Steuer, Mayor of Großrosseln Petra Fretter, Mayor of Karlsbrunn Hans-Werner Franzen, Mayor of Naßweiler Manfred Hektor, Mayor of St. Nikolaus

2 Großrosseln 2 Issue 51-52 / / 2014 Opening times of the municipal administration General administration Monday Thursday until 12.00 a.m. Friday until 12.00 a.m. Citizens' Office Monday until 12.00 a.m. Tuesday until 12.00 a.m. Wednesday and Thursday until Friday until 10.00 a.m. Saturday every first Saturday in Month to clock Registry office on request every first Saturday of the month in the morning Weddings Consultation day of the social welfare office of the Saarbrücken regional association Monday to clock, room 105 Municipality administration Klosterplatz 2/3, Großrosseln / 44 90 Fax / Police Fire department Emergency doctor and rescue control center Police Inspection Völklingen / 20 20 Police Post Großrosseln / Consultation hours of the mayor see under the individual municipal districts Municipal waste advice / recycling advice building office of the municipality Großrosseln / Elektroschrott Fa. Responsible for the non-official part and the advertisements: MType media GmbH, Untertürkheimer Str.21a, Saarbrücken, Tel / For advertisements and external supplements our general terms and conditions apply and our z. Currently valid advertising price list. The editor assumes no liability for manuscripts and photos. In the event of non-delivery through no fault of the publisher or as a result of force majeure, unrest, disruption of industrial peace, no claims can be made against the publisher. Parish clerk Pastor Lothar Stoffel / 48 25 Catholic parish office Großrosseln Dorf im Warndt and Emmersweiler / 48 25 Evang. Parish Völklingen-Warndt Pastor Daniela Loster / Karlsbrunn Office, Zum Steinberg / 8 13 Doctors Lidia Barth, Großrosseln / Friedjörg Christmann, Völklingen-Ludweiler / 49 54 Marita Fritz, Völklingen-Ludweiler / Dr. Erich Gessner, Völklingen-Ludweiler / 49 54 Dr. Ralf Klis, Großrosseln-Dorf im Warndt / 75 50 Susanne Rettelbach, Völklingen-Ludweiler / Dr. (F) Francoise Kirsch, Großrosseln / Dr. Dieter Massion, Großrosseln-St. Nikolaus / Dr. Marc Müller, Völklingen-Ludweiler / 49 56 Dr. Stephan Sauer, Völklingen-Lauterbach / 2 50 Dr. Thomas Trenz, Völklingen-Lauterbach / 2 50 Dr. Alfred Schmitt, Völklingen-Ludweiler / Dr. Hermann Stolpe, Großrosseln / Naturopath Heinz Röder, Großrosseln / Ralf Sevenig, Großrosseln-Naßweiler / 15 06 Heike Schreiner, Großrosseln-Dorf im Warndt / Andrea Karrenbauer, Großrosseln / Rolf Müller, Großrosseln / Retirement and nursing homes Haus im Warndt, Großrosseln, Zum Kesselbrunnen / Senior Center of the AWO, Spessartstrasse, VK-Ludweiler / 94 00 Neurological Rehabilitation Cura-Med GmbH, Center for Long-Term Rehabilitation, Intensive Care, Fröbelweg 3, Großrosseln / Fax: / Domestic elderly and nursing care Schäfer and Müller, Großrosseln / Senior Center Ludweiler , Mobile lunch table / 94 00 outpatient care service Ludweiler / Klarenthal / social station Arbeiterwohlfahrt, Service-Nr / Caritas advisory center Völklingen Tel .: / Fax: / Representative of the community Großrosseln for people with disabilities Uwe Prior, An der Friedenseiche / 16 15 Gutemiene help for Disabled and elderly people Placement and advice service, mobile, social service in the city association, transport service for Disabled people / Diakonisches Zentrum Völklingen Senior and social counseling / Women's emergency number Saarland Advice for raped and abused women 06 81 / Veterinarian Dr. Ludvik May, Emmersweiler / or / animal healer Uwe Kasolka, Karlsbrunn / 67 39 bees, hornets, wasps and other protected hymenoptera Advice and resettlement Mr. Guido Hilgers, Grubenstraße 18, Völklingen-Ludweiler-Warndt Center for Biodocumentation Ms. Elisabeth Langner, / and Mr. Daniel Dörr, / Office hours of the insured elders of the Deutsche Rentenversicherung Knappschaft - Bahn - See as well as processing of death grant applications for members of the death benefit fund of Saar miners Vvag Hans Hamm, Bremerhof 26, Großrosseln ... Tel / 68 03 Office hours on Tuesdays from / 6:00 p.m. and after tel. Agreement between insured person and German pension insurance company Wolfgang Ulrich, Emmersweilerstr. 180, Großrosseln Consultation hours on Wednesdays from am to pm in the former monastery in Großrosseln, Klosterplatz 3, 1st floor. Previous tel. Appointments can be made every working day from 12.00 a.m. at / Regionalverband Saarbrücken - Jugendamt Nathalie Fuchs, Völklingen, Stadionstr. 49, room / or 06 81 /, service no / Boris Maric / Jugendpfleger Großrosseln / or 01 60 /

3 Großrosseln 3 Issue 51-52 / / 2014 Events of the week Light from the darkness Shepherd's game in Karlsbrunn Mid-winter fire in St. Nikolaus to Christmas post office in St. Nikolaus New Year's Eve dinner at SV Karlsbrunn Ev. Women's Aid Karlsbrunn Lecture on foot care Mr. Erich Heintz, Dorf im Warndt, Rosenstraße 35, for the 81st birthday Ms. Irma Dibowski, Großrosseln, Zum Kesselbrunnen 2, for the 94th birthday Ms. Käthe Bennoit, Großrosseln, Im Großen Feld 8, for the 87th birthday Friday , Mrs. Lydia Röller, Karlsbrunn, Lauterbacher Straße 13, for her 89th birthday Mrs. Christa Oehrlein, Dorf im Warndt, Wilhelm-Leuschner-Straße 12, for her 84th birthday Sunday, Mr. Kurt Tost, Dorf im Warndt, Rosenstraße 28, for 87th birthday Tuesday, Ms. Gertrud Matheis, Großrosseln, An der Kaisereiche 16, for the 89th birthday Saturday, Ms. Eveline Hildinger, Karlsbrunn, Im Forstland 17, for the 80th birthday Ms. Ilse Recktenwald, Großrosseln, Rosenberg 66, for the 87th birthday. Birthday Mrs. Scholastika Hümbert, Großrosseln, Emmersweilerstr. 170, for the 82nd birthday Tuesday, for Mr. Albert Berndt, Großrosseln, in Blumerich 4, for the 86th birthday Wednesday, the Ms. Manuela Capaces Schmidt de Octubre, Großrosseln, Emmersweilerstraße 65, for the 85th birthday Thursday, for Mr. Egon Fath, Emmersweiler , Gensbacher Straße 77a, for the 82nd birthday Friday, Ms. Anna Keil, Großrosseln, Am Steffensberg 4, for the 100th birthday Ms. Katharina Dannenberg, Großrosseln, Kirchstraße 22, for the 90th birthday Saturday, Ms. Roswitha Majcen, Naßweiler, Bremerhof 67 , for the 86th birthday Ms. Olga Haas, Dorf im Warndt, Bertholdstraße 14, for the 91st birthday Tuesday, Ms. Gerda Schneider, Großrosseln, Ludweilerstraße 108, for the 84th birthday Ms. Margareta Howorka, Großrosseln, Am Schafbach 2, for the 93rd birthday Wednesday, Mrs. Margareta Zieder, St. Nikolaus, Im Spitzenfeld 8, for her 80th birthday Friday, Mrs. Hermine Köhler, Großrosseln, Im Große Feld 29, for her 80th birthday Mrs. Lucienne Hümbert, Großrosseln, Zum Kesselbrunnen 2 , on the 101st birthday Congratulations in January Birthdays Margareta Zieder, Im Spitzenfeld 8 80 years Erich Heintz, Rosenstraße Years Irma Dibowski, Zum Kesselbrunnen 2 94 years Käthe Bennoit, Im Großer Feld 8 87 years Lydia Röller, Lauterbacher Straße Years Christa Oehrlein, Wilhelm- Leuschner-Str years Kurt Tost, Rosenstrasse years Gertrud Matheis, An der Kaisereiche years Hermine Köhler, Im Grosse Feld years Lucienne Hümbert, Zum Kesselbrunnen years Erika Oberhauser, Tulpenstrasse 5 80 years Anna Lux, Goethestrasse 9 89 years Albert Müller, Karlsbrunner Strasse years Anita Kohlbach, Zum Kesselbrunnen 2 87 years Bertram Hammerschmidt, Brunnenstraße years Wilhelm Hauer, Emmersweilerstraße years Horst Loew, Am Hirtengraben years Irene Bayard, St. Nikolauser Straße years Rosmarie Schmeer, Nelkenstraße 4 81 years Bachir Rehrah, St.-Barbara-Straße years Erna Fischer , Schloßstraße 4 92 years old Paul Deimling, Fröbelweg 3 86 years old Wilhelm Weiler, Robert-Koch-Straße 2 91 years old Charlotte Oberhauser, Kirchstraße years Lydia Biewer, Zur Nachtweide years Hermann Degner, Am Hirtengraben years Willi Thinnes, Zur Nachtweide 7 81 years Gertrud Ganster, Schillerstraße 4 90 years Günter Deutsch, Robert-Koch-Straße 9 81 years Margarete Schlich, Gensbacher Straße years Irene Preissmann, Naßweilerstraße Years Anita Jung, Gensbacher Straße years Alois Trampert, Robert-Koch-Straße 8 92 years Karl Heinz Schmitt, St.-Barbara-Straße 4 81 years Kurt Reichert, Im Sommerflur 7 85 years Margretha Haser, Rübendell years Walter Schreiner, An der Kaisereiche Years Hannelore Ziegelmeier, To the oaks years Maria Müller, in the top field years Elisabeth Weiler, Robert-Koch-Straße 2 89 years

4 Großrosseln 4 Issue 51-52 / / Hedwig Schwarz, Kirchstraße years Günter Pfortner, Karlsbrunner Straße 73a 82 years Heinrich Pfortner, Merlebacher Straße years Medical emergency and on-call service Emergency number: 06898 / After changes to the doctors' emergency service regulations, the following emergency service times apply to patients in of the large community Großrosseln and the two Völklingen districts Ludweiler and Lauterbach: Monday, to Tuesday, 8:00 a.m., Tuesday, to Wednesday, 8:00 a.m., Wednesday, to Thursday, 8:00 a.m. Thursday, a.m. to Friday, 8:00 a.m., Friday, to Saturday , 8.00 a.m. on-call practice in the Knappschaftskrankenhaus, In der Humes 35, Püttlingen, Tel / On Saturdays from a.m. to a.m. of the following day On Sundays and public holidays from a.m. to a.m. of the following day Also on Rose Monday and on bridging days The emergency medical service for the Geislautern and Wehrden district can be reached under the number /. Other emergency numbers are 112 (fire brigade) or (central rescue control center). It should be noted that the emergency medical service only applies to emergencies. The pediatric emergency service can be obtained from Monday to Friday by calling the treating pediatrician. Pharmacies Liebfrauen-Apotheke, Pickardstrasse 17, Püttlingen, 06898/65244 Arndt-Apotheke, Mainzer Strasse 105, Saarbrücken, 0681 / Markt-Apotheke, Am Markt 5, Völklingen, 06898/22266 Markt-Apotheke, Marienstraße 6, Riegelsberg, 06806 / Sonnen -Apotheke, Völklinger Str. 47, VK-Ludweiler, 06898/41736 Johannis-Apotheke, Mainzer Strasse 38, Saarbrücken, 0681 / Lilien-Apotheke, Hauptstr. 22, Püttlingen-Köllerbach, 06806/2039 Sankt Oranna-Apotheke, Hauptstrasse 45, Überherrn, 06836 / Alpha-Apotheke, Poststrasse 28, Völklingen, 06898/23111 Rosen-Apotheke, Bachtalstr. 177 a, Schwalbach-Elm, 06834 / Rossel-Apotheke, Ludweilerstraße 3, Großrosseln, 06898/41338 Pharmacy in the EKC, Saarbrücker Straße 197, Bous, 06834 / Glückauf-Apotheke, Hauptstr. 213, SB-Gersweiler, 0681 / Gangolf pharmacy, Hauptstr. 2, Wadgassen-Differten, 06834 / pharmacy under the arcades, Rathausstr. 19, Völklingen, 06898/24057 Paracelsus pharmacy, Sulzbachstr. 22, Saarbrücken, 0681 / Apotheke am Markt, Am Marktplatz 26-28, Püttlingen, 06898 / Glocken-Apotheke, Französische Str. 23, Saarlouis, 06831 / Merkur-Apotheke, Bismarckstrasse 7, Völklingen, 06898/23010 Saar-Apotheke, Sankt Johanner Str. 37, Saarbrücken, 0681 / Rats-Apotheke, Hauptstrasse 38, SB-Klarenthal, 06898/31310 Marien-Apotheke, Kirchstrasse 9, Bous, 06834 / Warndt-Apotheke, Hauptstrasse 111, VK-Lauterbach, 06802/1212 Rathaus- Pharmacy, Pickardstrasse 2, Püttlingen, 06898 / Hütten-Apotheke, Bergstrasse 78, SB-Burbach, 0681 / Rosen-Apotheke, Kaiserstr. / Corner Wadgasser Str., Wadga.-Hostenbach, 06834 / Burg-Apotheke, Sprenger Str. 9, Püttlingen-Köllerbach, 06806/4301 Mathilden-Apotheke, Provinzialstrasse 4, Wadgassen, 06834 / Apotheke Klein, Pickardstrasse 36, Püttlingen, 06898/66204 Cristall-Apotheke, Kirchstrasse 28, Bous, 06834 / St. Barbara-Apotheke, Ludweilerstr. 16a, Großrosseln, 06898 / Bergmanns-Apotheke, Saarbrücker Str. 17, Heusweiler, 06806 / Liebfrauen-Apotheke, Pickardstrasse 17, Püttlingen, 06898/65244 Die Neue Apotheke, Berliner Promenade 17-19, Saarbrücken, 0681 / Josef-Apotheke, Ludweilerstr . 147, VK-Geislautern, 06898 / Markt-Apotheke, Marienstraße 6, Riegelsberg, 06806 / Green Pharmacy, Breite Straße 35, SB-Burbach, 0681 / Abtei-Apotheke, Lindenstraße 73, Wadgassen, 06834 / Lilien-Apotheke, Hauptstr. 22, Püttlingen-Köllerbach, 06806/2039 Römer-Apotheke, Am Kieselhumes 42c, Saarbrücken, 0681 / Barbara-Apotheke, Alleestraße 40, SB-Altenkessel, 06898/80055 Europa-Apotheke, Alleestraße 1, Überherrn, 06836/5781 Pediatricians Dr. med. Thomas Greff, Rathausstraße 15, Völklingen, 06898/22450 Dr. med. Michael Breitenmoser, Lebacher Strasse 33, Saarlouis- Fraulautern, 06831 / Andreas Dutka, Pickardstrasse 36, Püttlingen, 06898 / Dr. med. Oliver Hartmann, Im Mees 3, Losheim, 06872 / Dr. med. Uwe Spaniol, Bahnhofstr, Saarwellingen, 06838/92592 Dr. med. Said Bonakdar, Kräwigstrasse 2-6, Wadern, 06871 / Dr. med. H.-J. Connette, Donatuszentrum-Schulstr.e, SLS-Roden, 06831/80677 Dr. med. Jürgen Lauenstein, Saarbrücker Str. 15, Lebach, 06881 / Dr. med. Thomas Albrecht, Trierer Str. 21, Heusweiler, 06806/77455 Dr. med. Maria-Rita Schwarz, Odilienplatz 3, Dillingen, 06831 / Dr. med. Thomas Dewald, Vaubanstraße 27, Saarlouis, 06831 / Dr. med. Peter Treitz, Am Marktplatz 26-28, Püttlingen, 06898/66208 Dr. med. Michael Lagemann, Poststrasse 53, Merzig, 06861 / Dr. med. Andreas Niethammer, Marktstr. 5, Völklingen, 06898 / Dr. med. Ute Messerle, Marienstrasse 8, Riegelsberg, 06806 / Dr. med. Schahin Aliani, Lisdorfer Strasse 19, Saarlouis, 06831 / Dr. med. Miriam Clüsserath, Kirchstrasse 9, Bous, 06834/1817 Dr. med. Sigird Bitsch, Poststrasse 21, Merzig, 06861 / Wolfgang Marion, Lindenstrasse 75, Wadgassen, 06834/41478 Dr. med. Peter Meyer, Zur Stadthalle 2, Merzig, 06861 / Dr. med. Sybille Cotta, Odilienplatz 2, Dillingen, 06831 / Dr. med. Andreas Niethammer, Marktstr. 5, Völklingen, 06898/26450 Dr. med. Thomas Dewald, Vaubanstraße 27, Saarlouis, 06831 / Dr. med. Peter Treitz, Am Marktplatz 26-28, Püttlingen, 06898/66208 Dr. med. Michael Lagemann, Poststraße 53, Merzig, 06861/3175 ophthalmologists 21./ Dr. Ralph Maria Alles, Zeughausstraße 7 b, Saarlouis, 06831/1500 Christoph Kohler, Am Markt 6, Sulzbach, 06897 / Dr. Radu-Horia Bisorca, Elsässer Str. 14, Kleinblittersdorf, 06805 / Dr. Ralph Maria Alles, Zeughausstraße 7 b, Saarlouis, 06831/1500

5 Großrosseln 5 Issue 51-52 / / Dr. Markus Strauss, Saargemünder Str. 127, Saarbrücken, 0681 / Dr. Ralph Maria Alles, Zeughausstraße 7 b, Saarlouis, 06831 / Dr. Markus Strauss, Saargemünder Str. 127, Saarbrücken, 0681 / Dr. Susanne Hausknecht, Bibelstrasse 2, Saarlouis, 06831 / Bernd Eckert, Heinitzer Strasse 1a, Friedrichsthal, 06897 / Dr. Susanne Hausknecht, Bibelstrasse 2, Saarlouis, 06831 / Dr. Markus Strauss, Saargemünder Str. 127, Saarbrücken, 0681 / Dr. Gerd Diny, Silberherzstraße 20, Saarlouis, 06831 / / Dr. Markus Strauss, Saargemünder Str. 127, Saarbrücken, 0681 / Dr. Josef Schäfer, Bahnhofstrasse 3, Losheim, 06872 / Dr. Bastian Junker, Saargemünder Str. 153, SB-Bübingen, 06805 / Dr. Klaus Metzger, Poststrasse 21, Merzig, 06861 / Dr. Bastian Junker, Saargemünder Str. 153, SB-Bübingen, 06805 / Dr. Reinhold Manderscheid, Poststrasse 12, Lebach, 06881 / Dr. Tanja Krevet, Poststrasse 21, Völklingen, 06898/28111 Dr. Bastian Junker, Saargemünder Str. 153, SB-Bübingen, 06805 / / Dr. Mechthild Baldauf, Am Marktplatz 8, Püttlingen, 06898/63085 Dr. Joachim Emmrich, St. Johanner Str. 37, Saarbrücken, 0681/44455 ENT doctors 21./ Rainer Hoffmann, Dudweilerstraße 2a, Saarbrücken, 0681 / Dr. Holger Dewes, Lisdorfer Strasse 8, Saarlouis, 06831 / /24./25./ Medical Care Center Bernhard Kiefer, Friedrichstrasse 38, Heusweiler, 06806/77377 Dr. Ralph Hartung, Viktoriastraße 21, Saarbrücken, 0681 / /28./ Dr. Ralph Hartung, Viktoriastraße 21, Saarbrücken, 0681/34875 Dr. Matthias Heinze, Odilienplatz 3, Dillingen, 06831 / / 31.12., Dr. Manfred Just, Rheinstrasse 35, Saarbrücken, 0681 / Dr. Dirk Breyer, Großer Markt 8, Saarlouis, 06831 / / Dr. Manfred Just, Rheinstrasse 35, Saarbrücken, 0681 / Praxis Rübsteck / Irina Firsov, Poststrasse 33, Merzig, 06861/5777 Dentists 21./ Dr. Michael Hirtz, Püttlingen, 06898/62604 Dr. Axel Schenkel, Saarbrücken-Eschberg, 0681 / Thomas Huber, Riegelsberg, 06806 / Dr. Anja Blaes-Salz, Saarlouis, 06831 / Dr. Michael Dörzapf, Saarbrücken-Klarenthal, 06898/39577 Mathias Ecker, Saarbrücken-St. Arnual, 0681 / Dr. Barbara Meiser, Saarbrücken-Burbach, 0681/44240 Dr. Michael Henzler, Bous, 06834 / Dr. Marius Bugger, Völklingen, 06898 / Dr. Martin Dahlem, Saarbrücken, 0681/32677 and 0170 / Further dental emergency services were not available at the time of going to press, see under Veterinarians 21./22.12 Veterinarian Schillo, Mathiasstraße 2, Heusweiler, 06806/12157 Veterinarian Dr. Hausmann, Auf Dalen 7, Rehlingen, 06835 / Veterinarian Dr. May, Lothringer Strasse 3, Großrosseln, 06809 / Tierklinik Scholz, Oststrasse 74, St. Ingbert, 06894 / Veterinarians Dr. Marholdt, Zum Lattersberg 2, Wadgassen, 06834 / Veterinarian Dr. Paulus, Am Langfeld 5, Saarbrücken, 0681 / / Veterinarian Döbbeler, Straße des 13. Januar 352, VK-Luisenthal, 06898/80700 Animal Clinic Köllertal, In den Siefen 3-5, Püttl.-Köllerbach, 06806 / Veterinarian Borchardt, Hauptstraße 157 , Schwalbach, 0170 / Veterinarians Ehrmanntraut, Walsheimer Str. 14, Gersheim, 06843 / / Veterinarian Schmitt, Mühlenweg 2c, SB-Bübingen, 06805 / Veterinarian Dr. Schygulla, Metzer Straße 41, Saarlouis, 06831/2574 Official Announcements Announcement Contrary to the usual opening times, the administration of the community Großrosseln is closed on, and. The registry office is on duty on and during the time from 12 a.m. to 6 a.m. for the certification of deaths. At the same time, the building authority is also on duty to regulate cemetery matters.Großrosseln, The Mayor: Dreistadt PUBLIC NOTICE The WasserZweckVerband Warndt increases the monthly basic fees. The fee statute, Article 1, 2nd section, point is stipulated as follows: The monthly basic fees for a connection width uro up to 8 = Qn 2.5 8.56 up to 1 ¼ = Qn 6.0 13.55 up to 1 ½ = Qn 10.0 18.54 up to 2 = Qn 15.0 24.52 up to 100 mm = Qn 60 60.69 up to 150 mm = Qn, 96 up to 200 mm = Qn, 14 The consumption fee of 1 .35 / cbm remains constant. Völklingen, the signed Dreistadt Association Chairman Public announcement The mayor of the district of Karlsbrunn Petra Fretter will be represented by the deputy mayor Burkhard Desgranges, Fröbelweg 2, from up to and including. Großrosseln, the Mayor Jörg Dreistadt announcement change of the collection of the yellow bags at Christmas Due to the public holiday, the yellow bags are already left on. Please pay attention to Großrosseln, the Mayor Jörg Dreistadt informs the Saar disposal association: Changed collection day for the organic waste bin in the Christmas week in Großrosseln Due to the Christmas holidays, organic waste collection in Großrosseln will be from Tuesday, December 24th to Monday, December 23rd.

6 Großrosseln 6 Issue 51-52 / / 2014 December moved forward. The opening times of the EVS facilities also change during Christmas week. The Velsen waste recycling plant, the Neunkirchen waste thermal power station and the EVS Ormesheim, Illingen and Fitten landfills are open until 1 p.m. on December 24th and 31st. The special waste interim storage facility of the EVS (Illingen landfill) will be closed from December 23rd to 31st. The Saar Disposal Association's customer service center will be closed on December 24th and 31st. On December 27th and 30th, the customer service center can be reached from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (). The EVS recycling center in Ensdorf / Bous / Schwalbach will be closed from December 23rd to 31st. The holiday regulations for all EVS recycling centers can be found under the publication dates of the official announcement sheet of the community Großrosseln at the turn of the year Please note: The last edition of the official announcement sheet of the community Großrosseln in 2013 is No. 51/2013 on The first edition is in 2014 issue no. 2/2014, which will be published on. Issues no. 52/2013 on and 1/2014 on are no longer applicable. Note from the publisher: Please make sure that the photos submitted with your contributions are at least 300 dpi with an image width of at least 10 cm. The photos are to be delivered in * .jpg or * .pdf format. Photos that are smaller and do not adhere to the above dimensions may, under certain circumstances, be not be published. Broadband expansion in the community of Großrosseln Naßweiler finally online to a large extent! The Intersaar company installed and commissioned an antenna on the tower of the Catholic Church in Naßweiler, which means that all households with a clear view of this tower can now be supplied with very high bandwidths. The expansion is now being gradually continued. As soon as new antennas are in operation, the population is informed immediately. More information: Heinrich-Barth-Str. 23, Saarbrücken, Phone 0681 /, Fax 0681 / M A L T I Z Nature experience and forest education e.v. Light from the darkness Christmas ambience in Karlsbrunn Atmospheric shepherd's game in the torchlight and firelight For many years, MALTIZ - Naturerlebnis & Waldpädagogik e.v. his living nativity scene at various Christmas markets in the region. In addition, a richly costumed shepherd's game with the MALTIZ animals was staged with part of the group Les Enfants du Charbon - The Children of Coal in previous years and presented at pre-Christmas events on both sides of the Saarland-Lorraine border. Now, for the first time, an atmospheric shepherd's game is taking place in the idyllic Karlsbrunn by torchlight and firelight: a lantern and torch parade leads visitors and guests from the Karlsbrunn Wildlife Park through the floodplain to the Karlsbrunn hunting lodge. On the way, the shepherd's game is presented at several stations, which finally ends in the inner courtyard of the hunting lodge at the living crib. The event should deliberately offer a counterpoint to the hectic pre-Christmas season and usher in the Christmas party in a contemplative and relaxing way. The shepherds' parade starts on Saturday, December 21, 2013 at the parking lot of the wildlife park in Karlsbrunn. At the opening, the Ludweiler trombone choir will frame the greeting of the mayor of Großrosseln, Jörg Dreistadt, in a musically atmospheric way. And the lantern and torch parade can start soon. Lanterns and torches are welcome, but a certain number of torches can also be purchased at the parking lot. Maria and Joseph set off to Bethlehem and lead the pack with their donkey. For several years now, a richly costumed shepherd's game with the MALTIZ animals has been staged with part of the group Les Enfants du Charbon - The Children of Coal. This jeu de crèche was presented in the past on the Schloßberg in Forbach, in the old town of Hombourg-Haut, in Wadgassen and in other places. The originally German shepherd's game was initially translated into French, this year it was rehearsed in Platt for better understanding for visitors on both sides of the Saarland-Lorraine border. The parade soon encounters a group of shepherds with their sheep near the Tannenhof at the entrance to the wildlife park, the eeriness of the night is soothed by the appearance of angels and their preaching. So the shepherds, guided by the angels, set out to seek the Lord of the world. At the village fountain, tired from the hike, three kings stand, they too go looking for the child with their llamas. At the entrance to the castle they meet Herod, who, however, wants to kill the child. In the end, the kings arrive at their destination in the courtyard of the hunting lodge and can present their gifts to the child. Accompanied by the sound of a guitar, a hallelujah is sung together: Now the children in particular have the opportunity to marvel at the living nativity scene in the historical setting of the hunting lodge with the sheep, donkeys and llamas and to stroke the animals. Now you can start your way home, because Christmas is just around the corner! Date: Saturday, December 21, 2013, start at 6 p.m. Location: Parking lot / kiosk at the Wildlife Park, Karlsbrunn Schlossstrasse L 276, Großrosseln-Karlsbrunn Shepherd's parade: Kiosk Wildlife Park (entrance) Dorfplatz - Jagdschloss Costs: Torches: free entry Torches can be started at the parking lot Equipment: Warm, weatherproof clothing!

7 Großrosseln 7 Issue 51-52 / / 2014

8 Großrosseln 8 Issue 51-52 / / 2014 EVS Recycling Center The EVS Recycling Centers offer convenient and, with few exceptions, free disposal options for numerous recyclables. There is now a dense network of EVS recycling centers in Saarland, which can be used by all Saarlanders. The EVS recycling center in Ensdorf, Bous, Schwalbach Am Schwalbacher Berg 159, Ensdorf Tel .: (during opening times) / (mornings) Winter opening times: Mon, Wed, Fri: 12 a.m. / Tue, Thu: 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. / Sa: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Summer opening times: Mo, We, Fr: a.m. / Tu, Th: 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. / Sa: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. The addresses and opening times of all EVS recycling centers can be found under In Völklingen is the Recycling center of the Waste Management Association Völklingen (EZV) Hans-Großwendt-Ring 6, Gewerbepark Ost, Völklingen-Fürstenhausen, Telephone: Opening times: Wednesday and Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m., Saturday: 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Bolivia- Clothing collection in the Saarbrücken regional association Saturday, September 20, collection company ARGE Becker, Adam, Hero, info phone (Becker) yellow sack info / complaint company Paulus, info phone The Saar disposal association informs: This is how we leave Großrosseln in 2014! Residual waste bin (please make available by 6 a.m. on the day of collection at the latest) Großrosseln total Tuesday, uneven calendar week Organic bin (please provide on collection day by 6 a.m. at the latest) Großrosseln total Tuesday, even calendar week Large waste containers (liters) Large waste containers with weekly emptying are always on Tuesdays, those with 14 days Emptying on the same day of the week as the residual waste bins emptied. Private hazardous waste (Öko-Mobil) Karlsbrunn Kirmesplatz, Lauterbacher Straße / 08.04./08.07./: 35 12:35 p.m. Dorf im Warndt Forststraße, opposite the water tower, container space / 08.04./08.07./: 40-1340 p.m. Großrosseln German -Französischer Platz / 04/08/08/07/: 45-3: 00 p.m. Emmersweiler turning area at the school, sports field / 04-08-07-07 /: 35-4: 20 p.m. Naßweiler Platz behind the village community center / 04-08-07-07 / : 25-17: 10 o'clock St. Nikolaus Im Spitzfeld, in front of the old school building / 08.04./08.07./: 15-18: 00 hrs Yellow Sack collection dates (please have them ready by 6 a.m. on the day of collection at the latest) Großrosseln all Wednesday, calendar week in particular Wehrführer: Friedrich Schido Tel .: 06809/18136 Press spokesman: Thomas Tomczyk Tel .: 06809/6720 Community youth supervisor Dietmar Ehrenpreis Tel .: 06898/42762 Extinguishing District East (Großrosseln) Extinguishing District Leader: Wendelin Reichert Tel .: 06898 / Active exercise: Tuesday 19: 30-21: 30, youth exercise: Thurs. 6: 00-7: 30pm, extinguishing district West (Dorf im Warndt and Karls Brunn) Fire-fighting district leader: Lars Molter Tel .: 06809 / Exercise active: Tues. 7: 00-21: 00 pm Exercise youth: Thursday 17: 00-19: 00 h Fire-fighting district south (Emmersweiler, Naßweiler and St. Nikolaus) Fire-fighting district leader: Jörg Biehl Tel .: 06809/6961 Active exercise: Mon. 6.30pm-8.30pm Youth exercise: Wed. 6.00pm-7.30pm Christmas greetings from the fire brigade The management of the Großrosseln fire brigade wishes all comrades in the fire fighting districts as well their families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. In the past year, all assignments and tasks were successfully completed. The year 2013 in particular was marked by a comprehensive change in the structure of the fire service organization. This challenge was mastered with flying colors at all levels and in all fire fighting areas. Thus the course has been set for a future-proof fire brigade in our community.

9 Großrosseln 9 Issue 51-52 / / 2014 We would like to thank all fire service members and their family members for this commitment, without whose support none of this could be achieved. We wish everyone a peaceful Christmas. Your fire department of the community Großrosseln. Honor to God, fight your neighbor Thomas Tomczyk, press spokesman for the LB Süd Association As in the previous editions, a lot has changed in the area of ​​the Guard South in the past few months. The move into the new fire station in the Hirschelheck industrial area is imminent. This means a lot of work for all members of the extinguishing district. Here, too, there is again the possibility of providing active support as a non-member of the fire brigade as part of a membership in the development association. On January 5, 2014, the general meeting of the new development association of the Guard South will take place at 5 p.m. in the village community center in Naßweiler. All interested parties are invited. You can find more information in the sections of the respective districts (Naßweiler, Emmersweiler and St.Nikolaus). Thomas Tomczyk, press spokesman for the support association of the Herz Mariä day care center elects the new board of motion construction site, pocket wagons, magic show, support at parties and celebrations Without the support association, many things that are beautiful and important for the children in the kindergarten in Dorf im Warndt would be difficult to do. The association ensures that the children are able to do things that the porter cannot do alone. On October 23, the previous board members passed the baton to a new board. Jasmin Becker was elected as the first chairman. A development association is not only kept alive by the board of directors, the work stands or falls with the members. Unfortunately, the numbers here have decreased significantly in recent years. The friends' association and kindergarten would be very happy if more parents would again agree to become members and contribute their ideas and here and there with a little time. Everyone is welcome! Office hours of the school managements primary school of the community Großrosseln School management deputy principal Annette Bühring consultation hours: Tuesday only after tel. Agreement in the administrative location Großrosseln Main location Großrosseln, Klosterplatz 4 Tel / 40546, Fax: 06898/40567 Dependance St. Nikolaus, Schulstraße 35 Tel / 819, Fax: 06809 / all-day care Pfiffikus of the primary school of the community Großrosseln School daily from until o'clock Head Ms. Ellen Laggai, care Großrosseln, phone 06898 /, deputy head Ms. Rita Leinenbach, St. Nikolaus care, phone 06809 / Robert-Schuman-Schule Großrosseln Community School / Extended Realschule Schulhaus Emmersweiler, In den Kreuzlängten 12a (grades 8, 9, 10 and secretary, secretary Christine Naumann) Phone: 06809 / / Fax: 06809 / Großrosseln school building, Wilhelm-Heinrich-Weg (grades 5,6,7) Phone: 06898 / Fax: 06898 / Head of school: Mr. Rüdiger Sander, Rector of an ERS representative: Ms. Jeanette Quirin, Deputy Head Office hours: Schoolworker Ulrich Becker after tel. Agreement on Mondays and Thursdays Service cell phone: 0160 / Friends of the schools in Großrosseln Chair: Robert Schuman School: Hans Joachim Kempf, Tel / Bank details: Account no, Sparkasse Saarbrücken, BLZ Förderverein Pfiffikus Dorf im Warndt Ellen Laggai, Tel / Primary School of the community Großrosseln Kerstin Sahner-Frey, Tel / Ms. Claudia Jochum, Tel / 43753 Bank details: Account no, Sparkasse Saarbrücken, BLZ Parish Community Warndt for the parishes of St. Wendalinus Großrosseln, St. Barbara Emmersweiler and Herz Mariä Dorf im Warndt Großrosseln, Kirchstr. 3 Tel .: 06898/4825, Fax: 06898 / Address: Homepage: Opening times of our parish office Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Thursday: 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Changed opening times: From December 23rd 2013 up to and including January 1st, 2014 and on January 3rd, 2014 the parish office is closed. From Monday, January 6th, 2014 the usual opening times will apply again. Parish community Warndt Saturday, December 21st, 4th Advent 17:00 Wehrden-St.Hed. Confessional opportunity 5:15 p.m. Wehrden-St.Hed. Rosary 5:45 pm Wehrden-St.Hed. Holy Mass 2.JG Hans Mörsdorf, for a deceased, for all deceased. d. Fam. Leyendecker 17:30 Geislautern Holy Mass Adolf Jungfleisch 17:30 Großrosseln Spiritual introduction to Advent 18:00 Großrosseln Holy Mass Marga Genevaux, Margaretha-Olga Haser, Klaus Schwinn, Rev. Konrad Pissarsky, Georg Bauernfeind, Ehel. Anna and Friedrich Becker, marriage. Maria and Balduin Backes, marriage. Johann and Maria Fuchs, marriage. Johann and Aurelia Pacem, marriage. Erna and Leonhardt Scholz, marriage. Albert and Maria Zimmer, marriage. Bernhard and Hildegard Zimmer, marriage. Alfred and Klara Koch, marriage. Edmund and Elisabeth Schwarz, marriage. Philipp and Maria Ehlen and son Edwald, LV d. Fam. Hares-Malter, LV d. Fam. Helfen-Himbert, LV d. Fam. Emmrich-Thiel Sunday, December 22nd 4th Advent 9:00 am Dorf im Warndt Holy Mass 2nd STA Hermann Huber, LV d. Fam. Alwin Seyler-Hermann 9:30 am Wehrden-St.Jos. Holy Mass 10:30 in Emmersweiler Holy Mass Nikolaus Buttermann, Lena Buttermann, Ilse Tilly, Richard Tilly, Alice Knorr, Luci Haag, Arno Krach, Hans Kölsch, LV d. Fam. Kalweit-Bayard-Bohlender

10 Großrosseln 10 Issue 51-52 / /: 45 Lauterbach Holy Mass 1st STA for a deceased, 2nd STA Amanda Lallemand 16:00 Lauterbach Musical preparation for Christmas with the general choir of the men's choir 17:00 Großrosseln penance service followed by the opportunity to confess 18: 00 Ludweiler Holy Mass died by the altar boys 2. STA Elisabeth Ruffing, 2. STA Gisela Ulrich, 2. JG Peter Schmitt, 3.JG Apollonia Klein Monday, 23 December 9:00 am Großrosseln Laudesmesse in the rectory 7:00 p.m. Ludweiler penitential service Tuesday, December 24th Christmas Eve Adveniatkollekte 10:00 Ludweiler Holy Mass in derawo 15:00 Geislautern Crèche party co-gest. von der Kinderschola 15:00 Naßweiler prayer at the crib 16:00 Großrosseln Children's crib party 16:00 Karlsbrunn Cura Med 16:00 Wehrden-St.Hed. Musical introduction 4:30 p.m. Wehrden-St.Hed. Family Christian Mass 4:30 p.m. Lauterbach Family Christian Mass co-gest. v. Church choir 6:00 p.m. St. Nicholas mass on Christmas Eve, transmission of the light of peace 6:15 p.m. Geislautern family christmette co-gest. v. Church choir and TonLage JG Willi Daub and extended relatives, Jeannot Spies, Karlar and Reinhold Reichert 6:30 p.m. Wehrden-St.Jos. Christmas mass 10 p.m. Ludweiler Christmas mass 11 p.m. Village im Warndt v. Church choir, transmission of the light of peace Wednesday, December 25th Christmas - Adveniatkollekte Solemnity of the birth of the Lord 9:00 Emmersweiler Holy Mass at Christmas, transmission of the peace light 10:30 Großrosseln Holy Mass at Christmas. from the church choir, broadcast of the peace light 10:45 Geislautern Holy Mass for Christmas Ursula-Maria and Hans-Georg Petry and extended relatives 10:45 Wehrden-St.Hed. Holy Mass at Christmas Thursday, December 26th 9:00 am Dorf im Warndt Holy Mass at Christmas 9:30 am Wehrden-St.Jos. Holy Mass at Christmas 1.JG Alfio Pecorino, Nunziata Pecorino, for the deceased d. Fam. Richter, Gertraud Frick, Maria Meyer 10:30 Großrosseln Holy Mass at Christmas Alfred Broschart, Ernst Rössler, Gisela Loth, Dirk and Bernd Rupp, Ehel. Johann and Maria Broschart, marriage. Johann and Clara Zapp, marriage. Walter and Hermine Altmeier 10:45 am Lauterbach Holy Mass at Christmas. from the plucked orchestra Lauterbach and the church choir Ehel. Elfriede and Rudi Marien, Regina Kindel and sta.Relatives 18:00 Ludweiler Holy Mass at Christmas. from the church choir Friday, December 27th 6:00 pm Naßweiler Holy Mass with blessing of children Gerhard and Stefanie Woll (Stiftsm.), 1.JG Elfriede Momper, Ursula Einsweiler and ++ d. Fam. Einsweiler, LV d. Fam. Klein-Zucker-Haag, for the ++ of the years Saturday, December 28th 5:30 pm Geislautern Holy Mass 2nd STA Irmgard Kannengießer, 2nd STA Willibald Dorr and Verst. d. Fam. Dorr-Tabellion 18:00 Großrosseln Holy Mass 1.JG Josef Feid, Hans Koitzsch, Arno Pabst, Herbert Beckinger, Ehel. Maria, Willi and Alfred Hammerschmidt, marriage. Wilhelm and Elisabeth Kreuzer, marriage. Albert and Maria Zimmer, family Anton and Maria Grün, family Johann and Katharina Beckinger, LV d. Fam. Biesen-Kreuzer, LV d. Fam. Pabst-Haser-Becker, LV d. Year 31/32, LV d. Fam. Dernbecher-Kindel-Koitzsch 19:00 Wehrden-St.Jos. Holy Mass Sunday, December 29th 9:00 am Dorf im Warndt Holy Mass 10:30 am Emmersweiler Holy Mass 10:45 am Lauterbach Holy Mass 2nd STA Josef Schuh 10:45 Wehrden-St.Hed. Holy Mass 6:00 pm Ludweiler Holy Mass Monday, December 30th 9:00 am Großrosseln Laudes Mass in the rectory Tuesday, December 31st 4:30 pm Geislautern End-of-year mass co-organized v. Church choir Johanna and Josef Mayer, LV d. Fam. Mayer-Schmadel 5:30 p.m. Dorf im Warndt Year-end fair 5:45 p.m. Wehrden-St.Hed. Year-end fair with Te Deum and blessing 18:00 Ludweiler year-end fair co-gest. v. Church choir Otmar Hümbert 19:00 St. Nikolaus year-end mass 19:00 Wehrden-St.Jos. Year-end mass with Te Deum and blessing Wednesday, January 1st 10:45 am Lauterbach Holy Mass for the New Year 10:45 am Wehrden-St.Hed. Holy Mass 11:00 Großrosseln Holy Mass for the New Year Thursday, January 2nd 17:45 Großrosseln Silent Adoration 18:30 Großrosseln Holy Mass Else Malter 18:00 Püttlingen Heilig Kreuz Holy Mass with adoration and confession Friday, 03. January 9:00 am Dorf im Warndt broadcasting service idkirche Saturday, January 4th 8:45 am Naßweiler broadcasting blessing i. Dorfgh. 9:00 St. Nikolaus broadcast blessing adkirche 9:00 Emmersweiler broadcast service idkirche 10:00 Großrosseln broadcast service idkirche 17:30 Geislautern Holy Mass as the final service of the carol singers Anneliese Rupp Großrosseln Holy Mass 2. STA Franz Ternig, 2nd STA Adelheid Glock, 14.JG Otmar Haser, 16.JG Dieter Weiler, Anny Reinhard, Ehel. Johann and Erna Sauder, marriage. Josef and Katharina Jacob, marriage. Hans and Maria Morgenstern, LV d. Fam. Haser-Rolinger, LV d. Fam. Rolinger-Lang, in a special opinion 19:00 Wehrden-St.Jos. Holy Mass 3.JG Saverio Alberti, Mariannina Alberti, Domenica Rizzo, Beatrica Gallichio, Steven Deffland Sunday, January 5th 9:00 am Dorf im Warndt Holy Mass Mathilde Klemm, according to opinion 10:30 Emmersweiler Holy Mass 7.JG Bernd Rupp 10:45 am Lauterbach Holy Mass with singing singers 10:45 Wehrden-St.Hed. Holy Mass with carol singers Edmund Fröhlich, Verst. Peter and Wolfgang Weber and all courses by the d. Fam. Weber-Schäfer 6:00 p.m. Ludweiler Holy Mass with carol singers broadcast 2. STA Sigfried Metzer Monday, January 6th Apparition of the Lord 9:00 am Großrosseln Laudes Mass in the rectory Tuesday, January 7th St. Valentin / St. Raimund v. Penafort 9:00 am Ludweiler Holy Mass 5:45 pm Village in Warndt Silent Adoration 6:30 pm Village in Warndt Holy Mass 4.JG Erika Huwig Wednesday, January 8th St. Severin 8:30 am Wehrden-St.Jos. Holy Mass 10:00 Ludweiler Holy Mass in the nursing home Thursday, January 9th 8:30 am Wehrden-St.Hed. Holy Mass 17:45 Großrosseln Silent Adoration 18:00 Lauterbach Holy Mass (monthly gods of women) Collection for training e. Missionaries

11 Großrosseln 11 Issue 51-52 / / 2014 LV d. Frauengemeinschaft, as well as Amanda Lallemand (best.v.fg) 6:30 p.m. Großrosseln Holy Mass Friday, January 10th 9:00 a.m. Geislautern Holy Mass Collection: share 3:25 p.m. Großrosseln 6th church service of the 1st KOKI group up to approx. 4:25 p.m. 3:45 p.m. Wehrden Holy Mass in Haus Emilie 5:45 p.m. Emmersweiler Silent Adoration 6:30 p.m. Emmersweiler Holy Mass For the ++ of the years Saturday, January 11th 3:00 p.m. Großrosseln 6th church service of the 2nd KOKI group until approx. 4:00 p.m. 4:30 p.m. Geislautern church tour of the Kokis 5:30 p.m. Geislautern Holy Mass with the communion children 2nd STA Artur Deutsch 5:00 p.m. Wehrden-St.Hed. Confessional opportunity 5:15 p.m. Wehrden-St.Hed. Rosary 5:45 pm Wehrden-St.Hed. Holy Mass 2.JG Marianne Rust, Anni Sauerbrey, Toni Flick and Verst. d. Fam., Exp. Joachim and Lothar Rust and Verst. d. Fam. Britz 18:00 Großrosseln Holy Mass 2nd STA Sophie Hauer, 25.JG Maria Schuler, Ehel. Felix and Maria Grubich and son Hubert, married. Johann and Maria Fuchs, LV d. Fam. Emmrich-Thiel, LV d. Fam. Schuler-Enkler Sunday, January 12th 9:00 am Dorf im Warndt Holy Mass 10.JG Theo Lessel, LV d. Fam. Sauer-Lessel, LV d. Fam. Zieder-Glock 9:30 am Wehrden-St.Jos. Holy Mass 9:45 am Lauterbach Church tour of the Kokis 10:45 am Lauterbach Holy Mass with the communion children with baptism of the child Mena Lara Gutensohn 10:30 St. Nikolaus Holy Mass 1.JG Dieter Hektor, 1.JG Cäcilia Haag, 3. JG Anna Glock née Kessler, 4th year old Peter Weber, 15th year old Josef Eiloff, Richard Gerecke, Ralf Weber, Viktor Bernhard, Erna Schneider nee Bayard and parents, married couple. Stefanie and Gerhard Woll, marriage. Luzie and Franz Kuschnierz, marriage. Anna and Josef Eiloff, LV d. Fam. Thiel-Mank-Haser 17:00 Ludweiler church tour of the Kokis 18:00 Ludweiler Holy Mass with the communion children 1.JG Vinzenz Seyler, Horst Husselstein, Gerhard and Martha Wisczorek, Alois and Paula Müller House Communion January 2014 Pastor Lothar Stoffel Monday, January 6th, Naßweiler and St. Nikolaus Deacon Karl-Heinz Schindeldecker Friday, January 3rd, Karlsbrunnerstrasse and secondary roads GR Monday, January 6th, Emmersweiler, Community officer Mr. Andreas Folloni Tuesday, January 7th, Dorf im Warndt Tuesday, January 14th, Emmersweilerstrasse, GR Pastor Axel-Maria Kraus Wednesday, January 22nd Kirchstrasse and secondary roads GR Thursday, January 23rd Warndtstrasse and secondary roads GR Friday, January 24th Ludweilerstrasse GR Spiritual impulses Meeting of the Vespers group January 5th, 2014 at 5:30 p.m. in the rectory Großrosseln, Leader Pastor Lothar Stoffel In Conversation about God and with God Faith Conversation for Adults Leader: Rev. Lothar Stoffel When: Thursday, January 9th, 2014 Where: in the St. Barbara parish home Emmersweiler around 7.30 p.m. Evangelical Church Community Völklingen-Warndt, Karlsbrunn area Our on-site office in Karlsbrunn can be reached as follows: 06809/813 or 06809 / services on Saturday, service in Ludweiler Sunday, family service with Christmas play in Naßweiler O'clock Church service in Fürstenhausen Christmas Eve o'clock crawling service in Karlsbrunn o'clock family Church service in Naßweiler o'clock family Church service in Fürstenhausen o'clock family Church service in Ludweiler o'clock Christ Vespers in Karlsbrunn o'clock Christ Vespers in Wehrden o'clock Christmas mass in Ludweiler Christmas Day, o'clock central Church service with Last Supper in Karlsbrunn House in the senior citizens' home Warndt Großrosseln on Christmas Day, o'clock central service with last supper in Wehrden Sunday, o'clock central service in Ludweiler Old Year's Eve, o'clock service with last supper in Karlsbrunn o'clock service in Ludweiler Saturday, o'clock service in Karlsbrunn Sunday, o'clock central Church service with Last Supper in Wehrden, followed by a New Year's reception on Saturday, children's service in Fürstenhausen Sunday, Church service in Naßweiler, followed by a New Year's reception at 9.15 a.m. Service in Ludweiler, children's service in the Karlsbrunn parish hall. The Huguenot Church in Ludweiler is open for reflection, inspection and visit. From 6:00 p.m. joint singing of Advent and Christmas carols with Anja Biehl 2:00 p.m. rehearsal family service in the Ev. Naßweiler Church Sunday, Advent concert in the Ev. Karlsbrunn Church with the Nauwieser Boys' Choir. Admission is free Monday, p.m. Rehearsal Singkreis Troubadix in Karlsbrunn Tuesday, p.m. ecumenical Children's meeting in St. Wendalinus Großrosseln for children from 6-12 years Wednesday, no youth club in Karlsbrunn will be canceled from January p.m. Women's Aid in Karlsbrunn Lecture on pedicure Thursday, p.m. Children's club in Karlsbrunn for children aged 5-12 years. Ecumenical Advent windows The time has come, the Advent season is approaching, the time to wait for Christmas has begun. The Ev. Völklingen-Warndt parish and the Warndt Catholic Parish Community would like to invite you to a special event in Warndt this year: Ecumenical Advent windows In the often hectic Advent season, we quickly forget how beautiful this time actually is. And so people from our congregations have agreed to design a window on their house as an Advent window on a certain topic. We are all invited to open these windows together, to hear stories, to sing, to tell and to relax a little and to experience the Advent season more consciously. Over a cup of tea and biscuits, we can talk to each other and let the small celebration end. The meeting point is always at o'clock. Most of the dates take place in the

12 Großrosseln 12 Issue 51-52 / / 2014 outdoors. Please bring a cup with you to make things easier for the hosts. A flashlight is also recommended to make singing from the song sheet easier. You will find the dates below: Date of the event, host Thu, Karlsbrunn, Zum Steinberg 5, parish hall, youth area Fri, Großrosseln, Am Markt 5, curtains Neumann Mon, Emmersweiler, Gensbacher Str. 14, Angela Börger Catholic Youth St. Wendalinus, Großrosseln, Catholic parish home, Klosterplatz 5 Ecumenical children's meeting place Großrosseln for children from 6-12 years, Tuesdays, clock in the Catholic parish home at Klosterplatz Contact person Ms. Cornelia Wernet, Tel .: 06898/40897 and Mr. Thomas Diederich, Tel .: 06834 / Deutsches Jugendrotkreuz in the DRK local association Großrosseln, group rooms: Emmersweilerstraße 154 crawling group / play group: Tuesday 9.30 a.m. Discussion group for mothers with children of baby and preschool age: Wednesday until a.m. Children's group (from elementary school age): Thursday a.m. Youth group: Friday until a.m. Tel / 43760 Rosseler Jugendtreff, Großrosseln, Klosterplatz 3 open Mondays and Wednesdays from p.m., Fridays from p.m. Contact: Andreas Wiesen, 1st chairman 0170 / Marvin Biewer, 2nd chairman Karlsbrunn youth club of the Protestant parish Ecumenical children's club Großrosseln for children from 6-12 years, Tuesdays at the Catholic parish hall on Klosterplatz Children's club Karlsbrunn for children from 5-12 years , Thursdays, clock in the Karlsbrunn parish hall Info: Thomas Diederich, Tel .: 06834 / Jugendrotkreuz Dorf im Warndt, An der Friedenseiche 22 open Wednesdays from clock, Tel / 43324 CDU Community Association Großrosseln How miracles happened in the cold winter air. Everywhere a waft of strong pine scent. The Christmas messengers rush through the country, inspired to distribute blessings and gifts of all kinds. Elisabeth Kolbe () The CDU community association Großrosseln sincerely wishes all citizens a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. CDU Frauen Union Großrosseln If I were in Bethlehem, you Christ child, I would run to the crib oh how fast! Inside you lie on hay, on hard straw, look at us so faithfully, so dearly and happy! And whoever really loves you, big or small, is never sad again, should always be happy. If I can't go to you, to the crèche, if you like to come to me, you can see me here. Look into my heart, whether s really loves you, be with all might, surrender to you. (Wilhelm Hey) The CDU Frauen Union Großrosseln wishes all citizens a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. CDU Junge Union Großrosseln One more Christmas, the rest is getting smaller and smaller, but if I take the sum, all degrees, everything crooked, everything wrong, everything right, everything good, everything bad, a real life pays off from all the booze out. And being able to do this is probably the best thing about this Christmas party. (Theodor Fontane) The Junge Union Großrosseln sincerely wishes all citizens a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. SPD parliamentary group in Großrosseln local council and SPD local authority association Großrosseln The SPD parliamentary group in Großrosseln local council and the SPD local authority association Großrosseln wish the citizens of Großrosseln a merry Christmas and good health, happiness and all the best in 2014. Interest group Warndtund Rosseltalbahn e.v. (IGWRB) If you want to be happy and happy, contribute to other happiness because the joy that we give returns to your own heart! Popular wisdom We wish you and your families a merry, peaceful Christmas and a happy, successful and, above all, healthy 2014! Association for Warndt Tourism e.v. (VFWT) Being ready is a lot, being able to wait is more, but seizing the right moment is everything! Arthur Schnitzler We wish you and your families a merry, peaceful Christmas and a happy, successful and, above all, healthy 2014! Yoga-Verein-Warndt Without a doubt, Christmas takes first place in the customs and in the minds of the people. We call it the festival of love. It is the festival of love. And who could live without love? (Nobody!) That is why B. Pascal ascribes her highest value. He says: A drop of love is more than an ocean of will and understanding. We wish this (special) drop to all of our members and all people for the festival of love, so that the days will be blessed. The board of the Missionswerk Großrosseln Christmas and New Years greetings On behalf of our two missionaries, Sister Deodata Hayo and Father Alfons Müller, the Missionswerk Großrosseln wishes all supporters and friends of the mission a peaceful and blessed Christmas. We wish you a peaceful turn of the year and all the best and God's blessings for the coming year.

13 Großrosseln 13 Issue 51-52 / / 2014 Förderverein Freiwillige Feuerwehr Großrosseln Lösch district Süd 2013 e.v. General meeting The board of directors invites all members to the general meeting in 2014. The appointment is Sunday,, o'clock. DANGER!! We do not meet in the new fire station at Am Hirschelheck as previously published. Unfortunately, the new guard is not available to us on this day. New venue: village community center in Naßweiler. On this day, the first ordinary board of the newly founded association is to be elected. The agenda for this is as follows: 1. Welcome 2. Honor of the dead 3. Establishment and approval of the agenda 4. Annual report of the founding board for discussion on the report 6. Report of the treasurer 7. Election of a meeting chairman 8. Election of the 1st chairman 9. Election of the 2. Chairperson 10. Election of a cashier 11. Election of a secretary 12. Election of the assessors 13. Election of the auditor 14. Miscellaneous We ask all members to note this date and keep it. The Board of Directors of the Voluntary Fire Brigade Großrosseln Fire Department South 2013 e.v. wishes all citizens, members, friends and patrons of the association a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Wolfgang Walle, 1st chairman SaarLandFrauen e.v. Local association Warndt Am led us by the dipl. Vitalogist ADV Werner H. Fuchs successfully treat spinal problems and tension in the evening. What does vitalogy mean? Everything about our body is controlled by the brain. Information reaches the organs from the brain through the spine via the nerves exiting between the vertebrae. The organs send back to the brain via separate nerve lines. Vital information is constantly flowing through the spine. Even a slight shift in the vertebrae puts pressure on the nerve tracts and thereby hinders the transmission of messages. This ultimately leads to illness. Vitalogy causes pressed or pinched nerves to be released and nerve signals to flow freely again. The self-healing powers and the immune system optimize each other. Spinal problems and tension are treated successfully. Using display boards and a skeleton, Mr. Fuchs explained the anatomy of the spine and the possible consequences of shifting the vertebrae. This evening was very educational and exciting. that's what you want. (Author unknown) The CDU local association Dorf im Warndt wishes all citizens a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. SPD Dorf im Warndt Merry Christmas 2013 Dear fellow citizens, The SPD Dorf im Warndt wishes you a Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year, happiness, satisfaction and good health. Our traditional Christmas stand will take place in front of the butcher's shop from 9 a.m. We cordially invite you to linger a while with a cup of coffee at our stand. Greetings, your SPD village in the Warndt Bifi end-of-year tour 2013 Dear Bifi members and Bifi friends, The board of directors will personally deliver the invitations to the end of the year to each household on. We wish everyone a nice and peaceful rest of Advent, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. AWO village in Warndt. We wish our members, friends and all of our fellow citizens a Merry and Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year 2014, but especially good luck and health. We would like to point out that our meeting place will be closed after the Christmas party up to and including January 7th. The Board of Trimmclub Dorf im Warndt Christmas market On Saturday, a small but very nice Christmas market took place in the school yard in the village of Warndt from 3:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.The trim club was also represented with a stand and spoiled visitors with potato noodles and many beautiful decorative items. Our department head Sonja thanks all the helpers who were on duty. Last training Our last training this year will take place on Friday as usual. For the physical well is taken care of. Christmas party This year's Christmas party will take place on Saturday from 5:00 p.m. in the multi-purpose hall Dorf im Warndt. Dragon boat team Kollmann Express Since Sunday the winter training in the weight room of the KCV started again. Like last year, the Christmas and winter bacon will be fought on Sundays from 10:30. As a reminder, winter festival at Horst am in Spichern. Your secretary, Dorf im Warndt, Mayor Werner Hektor, An der Friedenseiche 21, Tel / 1321 Office hours: Wednesdays until noon in the parish hall Blumenstrasse 2 (Tel / 77 59) CDU local association Dorf im Warndt Plätzenduft moves through the house Some cupboards are blocked, Christmas is coming, you know your way around And the presents are well sorted You look forward to the children's laughter On days off - calm and quiet Make others happy, Association of miners and smelters Warndt ev Dorf im Warndt Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year We wish all our members, friends and sponsors a peaceful and peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year. We wish you all the best for 2014, but above all health. Kindly Glückauf, the board of directors. Obst- und Gartenbauverein Dorf im Warndt We wish all members and fellow citizens a reflective and peaceful Christmas and all the best, good luck and, above all, health in the new year for the upcoming turn of the year. The board of directors

14 Großrosseln 14 Issue 51-52 / / 2014 Fördergemeinschaft FC DIW The Fördergemeinschaft of FC Dorf im Warndt wishes all members and their families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. FC Dorf im Warndt The year is drawing to a close, a good opportunity I would like to thank all the volunteers who have so energetically supported us at the numerous events over the course of the year. We wish all members of our youth, senior and active departments as well as their families and all friends of the Warnddörfer footballers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The board of the sponsoring association FC Dorf im Warndt Important date to note: New Year's reception on Sunday, January 5th, 2014, in the Warndtschenke clubhouse. We wish all members and their families as well as all friends, sponsors and sponsors a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Gymnastics Club 1972 Dorf im Warndt e.v. We wish the active and inactive members of our women's gymnastics Fit & Vital, children's gymnastics, table tennis, FlexiBar, step aerobics, back gymnastics and fitness club departments a peaceful Christmas holidays and, above all, good health in the New Year 2014. The board E-Jugend SG Warndt (village in Warndt, St. Nikolaus, Emmersweiler, Naßweiler) Christmas party E-Jugend dismantled everything. A special thank you goes to everyone who supported us financially and materially. Only in this way was it possible for us to keep costs low and still organize a successful Christmas party. Many thanks to all helpers. Finally, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Your trainer team E-Jugend SG Dorf im Warndt. The social association VdK Großrosseln / Dorf im Warndt informs! In the fully occupied bus we started in a good mood for the Christmas market in Bad Wimpfen. To take a photo of the Christmas market, which is really worth seeing, was simply forgotten. However, a snapshot in the bus surprised one or the other. The board wishes all members, friends and patrons a merry Christmas and a happy new year after 2014. German Red Cross Local Association Dorf im Warndt The German Red Cross Local Association Dorf im Warndt wishes all its active helpers and their families and the population of Dorf im Warndt a merry Christmas, a happy New Year and all the best for the coming year 2014 especially health and the desired success. Schützenverein Gut Schuss e.v. For those interested our website: This year the E-Youth's Christmas party took place for the first time in the clubhouse in Dorf im Warndt. Starting in the morning, with the help of a great team of helpers, everything was set up and prepared within a short time. Fir trees were decorated and the club house and tents were decorated for Christmas. Punctually at o'clock it started comfortably with cake and cookies. Of course, Heike, Ulli and their team of helpers provided enough drinks. After a speech by the youth leader, the celebration was officially opened and all guests were also welcomed by the 1st chairman of FC Dorf im Warndt and the mayor. Most importantly for the children, however, was that St. Nicholas came afterwards and distributed a Christmas present to everyone. Before that, of course, Santa Claus was sung with full devotion and appropriate volume. Justin and his sister Charleen also recited a poem. On the whole, Nicholas and the trainers were very satisfied with the team, the cooperation with the parents and those responsible. That was once again praised. The evening was successfully rounded off with a delicious dinner with homemade salads, warm meat loaf and baguette. After the cozy get-together, one or the other stayed a little longer to celebrate. When dismantling the next late morning it became clear again how well we are supported by our parents and the local clubs. Because Rucki-Zucki was again- The Schützenverein Gut-Schuss wishes its rifle sisters and brothers, friends and patrons, as well as the local population a merry Christmas and a happy year. Shot info to all rifle sisters and rifle brothers. We celebrate our traditional Dengelt day (New Year) on Sunday, starting at our rifle house. We would also like to warmly welcome our formerly active members to this relaxed event.

15 Großrosseln 15 Issue 51-52 / / 2014 Sixth round in the air pistol season 2013/2014 Oberliga: St. Ingbert: Dorf im Warndt 1: 1417: 1429 With a complete team performance, our 1st Lupi team was able to score 2 points again in the Oberliga take home. Here are the results in detail: Hans Heimer: 354 rings Carmelo Fazio: 353 rings Heiner Kausch: 367 rings Thomas Holzer: 355 rings Ute Decker: 347 rings District League South: Dorf im Warndt 2: Herrensohr 1: 1357: 1281 See after the sixth round it looks like our second team will make a breakthrough. As in the previous rounds, they were unbeatable again. Here are the results in detail. Alexander Heinrich: 354 rings Heike Schmeer: ​​337 rings Adem Kalyoncu: 340 rings Siggi Schmeer: ​​326 rings District class A: Ludweiler 2: Dorf im Warndt 3: 1417: 1290 Despite an increase in performance of 30 rings compared to the last round, our third air pistol team had against the Protect from Ludweiler no chance. Here are the results in detail: Günter Hauser: 346 rings Roland Wollbold: 346 rings Robert Wagner: 285 rings Frank Reimsbach: 307 rings Silke Ziegler: 291 rings District class: Dorf im Warndt 4: Ludweiler3: 1269: 1264 A narrow lead of 5 rings was enough the opposing team from Ludweiler for a victory over our fourth air pistol team. It is to be hoped that the Christmas break will provide enough relaxation so that our fourth air pistol team will be able to successfully complete a round fight in the new year. Sonja Engel: 319 rings Günter German: 328 rings Wolfgang Weber: 305 rings Christine Wagner: 312 rings Kerstin Fellinger: 269 rings Congratulations for the great achievements and a lot of patience and perseverance for those who did not work out so well. I wish everyone happy, relaxing holidays and a good start into the new year. Handgun area sports pistol Landesliga Dorf im Warndt 1 against Bexbach: 1,628 At the beginning of the second half of the season we had a lot planned to get rid of the relegation place from the Landesliga. But unfortunately our table neighbor did that too and in the end we unfortunately had the worse cards. Although Volker Heintz braced himself against the opponent with a very good 560 rings this season, but in the end it wasn't enough to win. Carmelo Fazio scored a meager 532 rings. Heiner Kausch came up with only 517 rings. With this renewed loss of points, we are in last place in the table and are the first candidate for relegation. Sportpistole Bezirksliga Süd Bischmisheim 1 against Dorf im Warndt: 1,553 The situation in the Bezirksliga Süd was completely different, with another win in the second half of the season. As expected, it was a close decision, but in the end the points were on our account. The guarantee for this victory was once again Heike Schmeer, who was the winner of the day with an excellent 542 rings. Siggi Schmeer scored 506 rings. Close behind was Hans Heimer, who came into the ranking with a good 505 rings. Günter Deutsch scored exactly 500 rings. Emmersweiler Mayor Hans Georg Schneider, In den Kreuzlängten 22, Tel / 7169 Office hours: Wednesdays in the old school, Lothringer Straße 1 Tel / 7772, until 6:00 p.m. or by appointment. Just see how golden light breaks on the delicate balls. Merry Christmas it sounds softly and a star is on its way. Shines brightly from the sky - down to the whole world. (Author unknown) The CDU local association Emmerweiler wishes all citizens a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. SPD local association Emmersweiler wishes There is a fulfilled life despite many unfulfilled wishes. Dietrich Bonhöffer We wish all fellow citizens a merry and reflective Christmas and a peaceful and stress-free New Year. Your and your SPD in Emmersweiler Bifi annual closing tour 2013 Dear Bifi members and Bifi friends, The board of directors will personally deliver invitations to the annual accounts to each household on. We wish everyone a nice and peaceful rest of Advent, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Sports club Emmersweiler e.v. Christmas greetings The sports club wishes all its members and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. DRK Emmersweiler We wish all our members and citizens of our community a Merry Christmas and all the best for the coming year 2014 AWO Emmersweiler Christmas Wishes We wish all members and friends of the AWO a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We wish all sick people a speedy recovery. Our meeting place remains closed until. We are back for you on. Interest group village beautification Emmersweiler / Warndt e.v. (IG DEW) F r i e d e n You can only have it if you give it! Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach We wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a happy, successful and, above all, a healthy New Year 2014! Rifle club Hubertus Emmersweiler Round combat results Air pistol St. Nikolaus 1: Emmersweiler: 1400 rings

16 Großrosseln 16 Issue 51-52 / / 2014 The words of one of our shooting friends in St Nikolaus last weekend at the time of the evening could not have phrased it more aptly (probably in a different context) than he said that the sun was rising over Emmersweiler . Strong 1400 rings in the team of team captain Markus Haßlach at the end of the handgun rounds in 2013 once again made the faces of the Emmersweiler Hubertusschützen look bright and happy and the two plus points were gladly taken with them as pre-Christmas presents as a reward for the competition efforts. Before that happened, however, the targets that had been shot first had to be evaluated, which, thanks to an electronic display board, could be followed by all those present at the same time, accompanied by sometimes very smug comments. Our youngster Justus Scholz, who started with a 98 series, came up with a brilliant 365 rings. Captain Markus Haßlach achieved a solid 352 rings, our returnee Bruno Biesel a good 343 rings, Thomas Allard 340 rings and Wolfgang Butcher as the fifth man 339 rings. Axel Müller was chosen to shoot out of competition that evening; he left it at a total of 311 rings. Our hosts not only showed themselves to be a fair runner-up in this game, but also ensured a culinary, sociable feel-good atmosphere with an extremely delicious meal. Our riflemen were happy to be beaten, at least at the table. Emmersweiler 2: Altenkessel: 1188 rings The second Emmersweiler air pistol team also said goodbye to the short winter break with a more than clear victory. However, the quintet from Cem Schmidt did not expect such a pre-Christmas present in the form of two plus points; The result of the Altenkesseler in the preliminary round was clearly better at the district class level. This time, however, the two results were almost worlds apart in favor of the Ernmersweiler Schützen, which ultimately led to the deserved point win of our team. A look at the list of results shows the individual results, which are nicely closed together: Thomas Laval 324 rings, Matthias Roth 323 rings, Cem Schmidt 320 rings, Gerhard Schmidt 315 rings and Peter Quinten 309 rings. The shooting club Hubertus Emmersweiler e.v. wishes all members, friends and patrons as well as all citizens a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. Above all else, we wish our active athletes a steady hand for the round competitions and championships in 2014 and always good shot Großrosseln Mayor Jörg Steuer, Johannisstraße 15, Tel./Fax 06898/43094, office hours: Thursdays until 12 a.m. in the office, Klosterplatz 3, 1. OG CDU local association Großrosseln Now the Christmas candles light up again and awaken joy in all hearts. Dear parents, these days what should we sing, what should we say? We want to wish you the most beautiful of the beautiful and the best of the good for the holy feast! We want to thank you for all your gifts and we still want to love you better. (Gustav Falke) The CDU local association Grossrosseln sincerely wishes all citizens a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. SPD local association Großrosseln Giving means giving something to someone else that one would like to keep for oneself. Selma Lagerlöf () We wish all fellow citizens a merry and reflective Christmas and a peaceful and stress-free New Year. Your and your SPD in Großrosseln. Rifle Club Falke Großrosseln e.v. Dear Schützengemeinde, dear fellow citizens. The time of contemplation is just around the corner. A year of work and stress goes by. There is not much time left for family and hobbies. That is why we have to stick together in a comradely manner during this time and we are now experiencing this comradeship with our rifle sisters and brothers in Karlsbrunn, for which we are very grateful. Because without you we could no longer do our sport. If everyone has a little more personal responsibility and recognizes the work of the other, then things are much better and it is also really fun. It is becoming more and more difficult to find people who decide to volunteer and take on it with all their energy. The variety of clubs in the whole community of Großrosseln is simply part of the cultural framework. A little more joy and less argument, a little more kindness and less envy, a little more love and less hate, a little more truth, that would be something! Instead of so much restlessness a little rest, instead of always just me, a little more you, instead of fear and inhibition a little more courage and strength to act, that would be good. No sadness and darkness, a little more light, no agonizing desire, a happy renunciation, and many more flowers as long as possible, not first on graves, because then they bloom too late. By Peter Rosegger With this in mind, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Your chairwoman Edelgard Denis. The Großrosseln pensioner and death benefit association informs! ... the Christ Child is already at the door ... We are not giving you all possible gifts today. We only wish you what most do not have: We wish you time. Time to think - that is the source of strength. Time to discover - that is the foundation of knowledge. Time for your friends - this is the source of happiness. Time to laugh - this is the music for the soul We wish you: To have time - to live. Take your time ... We wish you that in the hectic days before Christmas you can find peace and time to relax and enjoy yourself. We wish you warmth, security ... time to pamper and be pampered. Many beautiful moments with loved ones and good luck and health for the New Year. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.The board of directors Die Linke Großrosseln We wish all our fellow citizens a peaceful and reflective Christmas and all the best, good luck and, above all, health in the new year for the upcoming turn of the year. Catholic church choir Cäcilia Grossrosseln The anniversary year of the church choir is drawing to a close. With chants from the Christmas festival circle, we will contribute to the design of the festival mass on Christmas Day at 6:00 p.m. in St. Wendalinus. We welcome the New Year 2014 with the Breve No. 7 aux chapelles by Charles Gounot on January 1st at o'clock in our parish church in Grossrosseln. Since we want to rehearse a new mass, we meet on January 9th, 2014 at o'clock in the parish hall. We wish our members and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Rossler Advent Meeting 2013 For the fourth time, the Rossler Advent Meeting took place on the 1st Sunday in Advent. Rossler traders, Rossler organizations and Rossler associations created one on the forecourt of the Rosseltalhalle