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Clixsense experiences: Every cleaning lady earns more per hour


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  • Has existed for many years
  • reliable payouts
  • earn money for free
  • earn money on the side, without further training (but with miserable earnings)


  • Work for less than $ 2 an hour

Most people do not want to earn 1000 € + a month on the Internet, but rather earn a few euros on the Internet for free. In our experience, Clixsense is not one of the most profitable methods on the Internet, unless you have too much time and pay an hourly rate satisfied with the equivalent of less than $ 3.

Clixksense experiences: Earning money on the internet with Clixsense

Clixsense belongs to the so-called Paid to Click (PTC) pages, which are still very popular at least among a part of the younger generation, although the concept is very old and it is enormously time-consuming to make a few $ with Clixsense. With Paid to Click, you get paid for clicking advertisements or websites. One of the largest providers in this area and since 2007 ClixSense is active. The company offers people from 16 years the opportunity to build up a small additional income on the Internet. However, only one account is allowed per household.

The English-speaking company with headquarters in the USA now has more than 3.7 million members who come from all over the world and are paid out via PayPal. The site operates its own forum where members can exchange ideas in their native language. Tips and tricks as well as help on various topics relating to ClixSense are discussed. So far, Clixsense has paid out a total of over $ 6.5 million to its members and is one of the most reliable providers in the paid click area.

What opportunities can you use to earn money at ClixSense?

The Clixsense portal used to be a pure paid to click provider who paid for clicking advertisements, but there are now 6 other ways to earn money with the website that I would like to introduce to you now.

1) Paid to Click (PTC)

With mostly 0.01 cents up to rarely and a maximum of 2 cents per click you are paid for clicking and viewing websites.

2) earn money with online surveys

The Surveys in German Online surveys enable members of ClixSense to earn some money, theoretically up to € 10. Essentially, these surveys ask questions about consumer behavior or products; sometimes the surveys are even in German, often in English. These surveys usually take 10-30 minutes, in our experience this is still the best way to earn money through Clixsense, even if the surveys are paid rather poorly.

3) Earnings through smaller tasks (micro jobs also called tasks)

Another way to earn money with ClixSense are tasks, i.e. small tasks that can be done quickly, usually you only have to go to a certain website and answer 2-3 questions about this website. Earnings vary, around $ 0.03 to $ 0.21 per task. It's not worth it. Clixsense is only worth recommending and this, too, is a laborious business. Our experiences speak volumes!


4) Money through "Offers" (paid promotions and offers)

Under "Offers" you can find the surveys already mentioned above, as well as various different categories of paid promotions.


  • TrialPay
  • RadiumOne
  • Peanut Labs
  • Matomy
  • SuperRewards
  • TokenAds
  • Revenue Universe
  • OfferToro
  • Adscend

Before you can take advantage of these offers, you have to confirm the important message "Important Message", which states, among other things, that apart from daily offers, you are not allowed to repeat the offer, that you get help with the support, which usually serves is posted in real time, but sometimes only after 60 days. "Each ClixCent equals $ 0.01, for example" 50 ClixCents "equals $ 0.50" - So each ClixCent equals one dollar cent, 50 ClixCents equals $ 0.50. Among the actions at Matomy are, for example, 1 ClixCent for watching a YouTube video, installation of the game of War 10 ClixCents, etc. Whoever goes shopping via ClixSense then sometimes gets several hundred ClixCents, at least that can be worthwhile if you are in one anyway Wanted to shop in the shop.

Also under SuperRewards there are points for creating accounts, shopping for a fee, surveys, etc. It is the same with the other categories, as a layperson you ask yourself what the subdivision into the categories is good for, but you can't complain about a lack of selection….

5) ClixGrid

The daily raffle at ClixSense is called ClixGrid, there are a total of 600 clickable fields and with each click there is the possibility of winning up to $ 10.


Every click means that you have to look at an advertisement for approx. 10 seconds, after the timer has expired you will find out whether you have won something or not. You can make a maximum of 30 clicks a day here.

6) Advertise Referrals

In my guessed research, I was wondering how some manage to earn $ 150 a month with ClixSense when there is only $ 0.001 per click on the advertisement. In addition to the above options, referrals are one of the biggest opportunities with ClixSense money to earn, but you really need a lot of referrals here. Before you advertise referrals, however, you should think about the paid premium membership of Clixsense in order to increase your income significantly.


7) The Daily Checklist Bonus

The last opportunity to earn money with ClixSense is to be given a gift as a hard-working member, because ClixSense gives a bonus of 5% to 12% (premium) for members, but you have to take some time for this, because the requirements are: Visit the forum once, take part in 2 surveys or complete 10 tasks, click on 10 advertisements and take part in the ClixGrid competition.


For whom is the paid Premium ClixSense membership worthwhile?

As a standard member you can earn good money at Clixsense. However, a premium membership is also offered, which costs $ 17 a year. Here you have to take a closer look whether the upgrade is really worthwhile for you:


Clixsense itself says that the membership upgrade is only worthwhile if you are very active or advertise a lot of referrals, because membership as a premium member costs $ 17 a year. Otherwise, the bonus as a premium is 12% instead of just% as a standard member. As a premium member, you earn from referrals up to the 7th level.

Clixsense is it worth it?

You will probably not earn more than $ 5-30 per month at that time, or only with considerable expenditure of time, where you would not even come to the equivalent of 5 € an hour. Clixsense is undoubtedly reputable, but there are so many other methods with which you can get a significantly better "hourly wage" or even build a very lucrative online business. Clixsense experience shows that Clixsense is most likely to pay off if you want to collect points by shopping. Clixsense is undoubtedly reputable and popular, but one of the worst paid ways to make money on the net, there are simply better ways.

If you are interested in ClixSense, you can register here for free.