Which is the famous festival of Assam

6 famous harvest festivals in India

India is famous for various things like yoga, scenic beauty, temples, spices and Bollywood. Not to forget, the country is also known for its various festivals. Here is a list of several Harvest festivals in India which are celebrated with enthusiasm and enthusiasm across the country on the occasion of the main harvests of the year.

Makar Sankranti

Makar Sankranti is one of the few Indian festivals that is celebrated on January 14th every year. In the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat, you can see the sky with beautiful, colorful kites as it is also known as a kite flying festival. Often times on this day people donate clothes, blankets, food, etc. to the underprivileged.


The Pongal Festival is celebrated over a period of four days. People buy new clothes and household items and exchange gifts with each other during this festival. There are traditional dances and buffalo-taming competitions. Cooking an authentic pongal dish on the second day is a major event of the festival.


Lohri is considered an important harvest festival in northern India. The main celebration includes lighting a fire, followed by traditional Punjabi songs and dances. Most people eat the delicious Sarson ka saag & Makki ki roti that day. People also remember Dulha Bhatti - a famous legendary hero who helped the poor by robbing the rich.

Magh Bihu

Magh Bihu or Bhogali Bihu is the Assam State harvest festival and is observed in the Assamese month of Magh (January). It is a two day festival dedicated to Lord Agni, the Hindu god of fire. Spread over three days, people perform various rituals and eat authentic delicacies such as pithas (sweet rice cake), chira (rice flakes), chunga pitha (rice cake in bamboo tubes) and various other sweets. Buffalo fights are also organized during the festival in Assam.


The Kerala Harvest Festival, Onam is a time for sports, festivals and ritual celebrations in Kerala. Onam is celebrated over 4 days; Thiruvonam is the 2nd day and the most important day of the festival. On this day you will experience the world famous Snake Boat Races, singing and dancing, lots of good food and as much exoticism as you can.


Baisakhi is a major Punjab harvest festival as it marks the beginning of the solar year. People in northern India, especially Punjab, thank God for a good harvest. Baisakhi processions are known as "Nagar Kirtans" and legendary Gurdwaras appearances in Punjab are the highlights of the day. Bhangra and Gidda performances take place all over the state.

Become a part of the celebrations and enjoy the colors of the different ones Harvest festivals in India.