How can I open a generic agency?

Founding a company - from founding to marketing

The company name of your new company can later make a significant contribution to recognition. Many companies do not advertise with their full name, but the relationship between your brand and the company name should be clear. Some companies also have to comply with certain legal requirements that already dictate the name. For example, in a company under civil law (GbR), the shareholders must be named in the name, but they can also be supplemented by other brand names or the like.

The company name should be universal and memorable, but also match the industry if possible. Think, for example, of the Apple company, which is known as Apple computer Founded. First of all, Apple is a very generic name, which in the case of this company was later used for various other products. The addition computer reflected in the founding year 1976 which division should be served. This addition was only dropped in 2007, as the company significantly expanded its portfolio with the product categories of smartphones (iPhone), portable music players (iPod) and set-top boxes (Apple TV).

Even if not every new company can become the next Apple, it makes sense to think about the name in advance. Last but not least, you should try to build a trustworthy brand with your company - a catchy name will help.