How blind people learn advanced math


Tonight I was blind for an hour (by Fanny Fiala)

It started with washing my hair, so I always close my eyes. Even hairdressing was difficult and it hurt because I couldn't see where I was brushing. With the hair dryer, I didn't know where the switch was and could hardly turn it on. The blow-drying itself wasn't much different than usual. After that I had to go into the living room because there was dinner! I walked slowly and felt my way along the wall and the doors. I also used the noises as a guide - my dad was on the phone and I felt my way to him. Finding the armchair and sitting down were not that easy either! Eating was easier for me than drinking, luckily there were egg dumplings that I didn't have to cut. But finding your mouth with the glass was really difficult. Then I felt my way around the apartment a bit, but I didn't go into my room because there are sometimes things on the floor there when I haven't tidied up. Finally, my dad gave me 4 different things to eat: a bunch of grapes, which I recognized by its shape. Then a piece of chocolate, which I had to recognize by chewing and tasting. Third came a pistachio that I almost spat out because it felt weird. And finally a strawberry, it was really slippery and at first I didn't want it either. It wasn't until I tasted what it was that it was good. In music education we had to write a text whether we would prefer to be blind or deaf. At that time, I chose blind because I thought that being blind was easier. Now I'm not sure if this is the right choice, I'm really happy to see something again!

Being blind for an hour (by Daniel Hierzer)

The meal was served to me blindfolded. At first I felt hot steam on my face. I could smell the good smell of fried potatoes with my nose. Now I knew immediately that it was my beloved fried potatoes. According to the motto: "A Jedi doesn't need an eye to see young padawan", I explored our living room. I felt good, but had a queasy feeling at the beginning. I slowly got used to the darkness and by feeling some objects were familiar to me. I was able to orientate myself in the room by the beeping sounds of my guinea pigs because I knew that the enclosure was by the window by the stairs. When climbing the stairs I noticed that it is very difficult to keep my balance and I always had to hold on to the wall. All in all, it was a good experience to be blind for once and to perceive the environment by means of noises and touching objects.

Taste and Senses (by Judith Satzinger)

I tried to eat blindly. It worked very well with the starter (soup), but when I tried to put the plate in the dishwasher, I came across a sharp edge. When the main course came on the table, I didn't know what it was until after the third time. It was very easy to walk around the apartment. I felt very insecure every time I tried blindly. I almost tripped over an edge. Hopping blindly on one leg was also very difficult. I could never have done it without a wall.

Be blind (by Hannah Bögl)

I painted these pictures with my eyes closed. It took me about 5 minutes to do this. I can paint much better with my eyes open. It wasn't very difficult. But it's not very nice, it's different to draw blindly, because when you stop you don't know where to start again.

What I can do with my eyes closed (Elena Kracker)

I played W. A. ​​Mozart's "Turkish March" on the piano. It was actually easy because I immediately heard if I hit the wrong key. It was only difficult with the chords because if I lost my way I didn't know exactly which tone was wrong.

Report on "brief blindness" (by Magdalena Morent)

First I took a piece of paper. With my eyes closed I wrote my name and "Hello!" I would be happy if I had written on the sheet of paper. Instead it was on the table! After I "blindly" walked through my room and ran against my loft bed, the tour of the apartment began. Because I know her well, it went pretty well. Except that I “wanted” to go into the rabbit cage. I wouldn't like to be really blind because it was very uncomfortable not to see anything and to feel my way along the wall. And I don't know if I could ever read Braille.

The tried out blindness (by Manuel Hochreiter)

A few days ago I tied a handkerchief around my eyes to find out how blind people are doing. I went down the stairs to the anteroom and sat blind in the hammock. The difficult thing was to estimate where which object is. It's nowhere near as dangerous in the home as it is outside of the home and on the street. Because the place of obstacles on the road is constantly changing. Blindness creates insecurity in life. Nor can they see much that is beautiful.

Blind brushing your teeth (by Emilia Hollmann)

To try out what it feels like to be blind, I locked myself in the dark in the bathroom. I tried to brush my teeth there. When, after a long search, I felt my toothpaste, I opened the cap. When I picked up the toothbrush (which I had prepared for myself), I tried several times in vain to put the “paste sausage” on the brush. I put the toothbrush in my mouth and found there was no paste on it. Finally, I moved on to squeezing the paste straight into my mouth. I didn't notice any difference when brushing my teeth. When I turned on the light I realized that everything was messed up.

When I was blind ... (by Barbara Karall)

I tried to go home blind once, and my mother supported me (she was careful not to hurt myself). I went home from the Jesuit meadow. It was a strange feeling to just walk across the street without looking. The noise of the cars confused me so much that I didn't even know where I was, even though I know this track well. The traffic lights that are located there “knock”, but it is very difficult to just concentrate on your ears. I tried it, but I also knew that I can open my eyes at any time - a blind person cannot do that. That's why I find these people admirable. People who treat the blind like outsiders and are therefore rude to them should think “he couldn't choose” or “imagine I was blind and needed help”. I hope you guys are always nice to the blind.

Make something blind (by Max König)

I tried blindly to get ready for bed. The first thing I did was brush my teeth. I accidentally spat the toothpaste next to the sink. After that, I went to bed, but slammed the door. So I opened my eyes again, then closed again and fell asleep.

Blind date with my shoes (by Phillippe Schieder)

I have decided to blindly tie my shoes. This worked very well. It wasn't difficult for me and it was funny too. Unfortunately, it took a while to find my shoes.

Blind (by Valentin Hellebart)

I tried two things: get the snack out of my school bag and eat it - and then guess what's in the bread. The second was: I went blind in the front door, hung up my jacket and put on my pajamas. I found both very easy. So next time I should do something more difficult, e.g. write blindly.

Blind (by Raphael Harassin)

I tried to eat blindly. Most of the time I “attacked” myself. It was very difficult and I didn't feel so safe. I didn't know what to eat. When I had the food in my mouth, it tasted much tastier. After dinner, I was thirsty and took a glass of water. I wanted to drink, but I always poured it out. After that I also wrote a little blindly.