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In old age we get wrinkles. That is inevitable. Especially in the face - our figurehead - they are annoying, as they often make us appear older and tired, even though we are not. And one tiny part of the face causes problems for many men and women in particular: the glabella. The glabella is the area between the eyebrows above the bridge of the nose that is very susceptible to deep wrinkles. People with strong glabellar folds often look grouchy, angry or angry, which is why the fold is also known colloquially as anger fold. Glabellar wrinkles can be effectively smoothed out with botox or hyaluronic acid.

The term glabella is a Latin word and means something like smooth, hairless or bald. This usually applies to the skin area between the eyebrows. When one speaks of glabellar folds, one usually speaks of two folds that run parallel to each other vertically between the eyes. They can also be accompanied by small horizontal wrinkles on the bridge of the nose. They arise because one - mostly unconsciously - pulls the eyebrows together while concentrating or exerting themselves and thereby tensing certain muscles in the eye and forehead area. As the skin becomes less elastic with increasing age, wrinkles appear sooner or later as this facial expression can no longer be balanced.

Many sufferers are then looking for help because they want to get rid of their glabellar lines and the grim and worried expression. In the field of aesthetic medicine, two methods that are established in wrinkle treatment and are considered extremely effective are suitable for this: Botox and hyaluronic acid. While Botox inhibits nerve impulses and relaxes the muscles, hyaluronic acid smooths wrinkles by padding the furrows. Botox treatment causes frown lines to go away for about three to six months before the injection needs to be refreshed. The result after a hyaluronic acid treatment lasts for up to several years, depending on the filler and physical disposition or the rate of filler degradation.

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