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NBA star in BamS interview | Schröder: "I was insulted as a child"

BILD am SONNTAG: Mr. Schröder, you regularly delight your followers with unusual outfits on your Instagram account. Who will pick them out for you?

DENNIS SCHRÖDER (25): My wife and I buy these together. We have a specific website that we always order from. I won't reveal how much money I spend on it - just this much: It's not really a lot, it's still in the good range.

You almost always have different shoes on. Do you know how many sneakers you own?

No, I haven't counted them yet. But there are definitely over 70 pairs ...

You were just talking about your wife.

I've known Ellen since I was 14. She's in my brother's Cheyassin age group, that's how I met her. We got closer one summer in Braunschweig, and then we kept talking on the phone and writing when I was back in the USA. She visited me once or twice, after which we spent the whole summer in Braunschweig and then decided that she would come to Oklahoma with us.

When is the wedding?

It takes place in mid-July, there are 300 to 350 guests. We are currently busy with the planning, but we have everything under control.

What else do you do when you are in Braunschweig?

With my son! I can enjoy the time with him and my wife, that wasn't possible in Oklahoma during the season. A baby is really the best there is. I enjoy every second. When I come home after a stressful day and he smiles at me - great! My brother, who has two children, raved about it to me. But I couldn't imagine that until I became a father myself. I definitely want three or four children!

What else do you do at home?

I take care of "Golden Patch", my management agency for footballers and basketball players. We are looking for partners for my fashion line and are currently in talks. I also do real estate business in Hamburg and Braunschweig. I just bought a lake house for my family here. Two more properties will soon be added, one with 24 apartments, the other with 22.

And you can often be found on the skateboard court ...

Yes, skating is my hobby. I started because of my brother when I was six or seven years old. Every now and then he took me with him, but actually he wanted to be alone with his friends. They were older than me. Still, he showed me a lot. Later he even became German champion, and it became a hobby for me.

Does your club, the Oklahoma City Thunder, not mind?

They know that I'm very good at it. They just tell me to watch out. And I do that too. I don't try tricks that have a high risk of injuring myself - only the things that I can really do. Should club representatives come to me at some point and forbid me to do so, I would of course stick to it.

And what about smoking a water pipe? After all, our interview takes place in a shisha bar ...

I have 82 games in six months in the regular season alone. Plus the play-offs. I have to come down during the breaks, like now. I really only smoke during the summer, not during the season.

Do you still have your camouflage Lamborghini?

I gave in some of my cars. I only have a Mercedes G-Class in white and a Lamborghini in black with gold accents.

Let's get sporty for a moment. Were you surprised by Dirk Nowitzki's resignation?

Yes, I thought he would do another year. But he's an old man now too (laughs). What Dirk has achieved is unique. He was champion, MVP, changed basketball, for me he's the best European of all time.

He says of himself that he has never voted. Where did you mark your cross in the European elections?

I've never voted either. But that will change in the next few years, I would like to influence politics.

In what way?

My brother and I are already talking to two or three parties that we really like. I won't tell you which ones they are. We can imagine getting involved with one. For the topics that are important to us.

Which are they?

We know what it is like to grow up as a member of a minority in Germany. That is why we want to help the weak in society above all, to stand up for them.

Have you personally experienced racism?

Even in kindergarten I had to listen to sayings about the color of my skin, was called a “negro” or asked whether my skin was dirty. Terrible sayings. Again and again I had to feel that other people see me as inferior. But today I thank everyone for these sayings! The insults made me stronger. In the meantime, of course, the insults have decreased, and through basketball people have learned to respect me.

Are you now getting the respect you deserve in Germany?

This is of course difficult because of the time difference, hardly anyone sees my games here. But that's why I'm in Germany every summer and play for the national team, even though I could go on vacation. So that people have a face in front of their eyes and see what I am doing for my country.

As a Muslim, how do you feel about Ramadan?

It's very difficult for a competitive athlete. I'm just starting training again. Big respect to Enes Kanter, who played with Portland in the play-offs and at the same time held Ramadan! If one cannot fast, then one should help as many people as possible, says the Koran. And that's what I try, for example with the homeless.

Do you drink alcohol?

I never have and I probably won't either. I used to tell my brother that I would have a drink with him if I made the NBA. I didn't do that. Then I promised to have a toast with him when I sign my first major contract. I didn't do that either. I'm not in there and don't have to start anymore.

Who do you keep your fingers crossed for in the NBA final between Golden State and Toronto?

I would have indulged Milwaukee, who unfortunately failed in the semi-finals at Toronto. My ex-trainer Mike Budenholzer is coach there. We are still in contact. It's a shame that they were eliminated. Now I'm a little more in favor of Toronto because Golden State has four or five superstars on the team. That's unfair.