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My favorite Sith: Count Dooku / Darth Tyranus
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If you were to start a poll about your favorite Sith, it would be Count Dooku who would take last place, while Vader probably wins because of his famous face and maybe even second place because of the closed voting of The Clone Wars fan block 2 is coming. However the podium places were awarded, Dooku would not be there.

The often very pathetic Count is not cool enough, but there are many things in his résumé that speak for him. Dooku was a Jedi master and was considered one of the greats of his generation. Even Yoda had a knack for training. Unlike Anakin Skywalker, Dooku never had any problems proving himself as a Jedi, he was first knighted without objection and a recognized Jedi master. He even trained Qui-Gon Jinn and as a Jedi master he outshone many others who, however, managed to get a seat on the high council.

Dooku was a hero and not a war hero like the later Darth Vader. Master Dooku had earned his rank and name as a peacekeeper and he recognized long before his lethargic friars what problems the republic was facing. In a way, Dooku recognized long before anyone else what mechanisms the Sith had set in motion to slowly destroy the Republic from within. And this realization is also inherent in Dooku's conviction that the republic can no longer be saved. When Dooku turned away from the Jedi Order, he did so in order to take up his worldly inheritance as Count of Serenno. The master became Count Dooku.

And as Max Weber wrote, a politician can only really do his job if he is financially independent. With his family's fortunes, Dooku undoubtedly had the best chance of becoming a political activist.

Count Dooku appears primarily as the arch villain in The Clone Wars, but Dooku is also seen a bit more human in the films. Similar to Anakin in Episode III (who howls after his Padawan massacre) you can see some frustration on Dooku that he is neither able to save his former Jedi colleagues nor to earn Obi-Wan Kenobi's recognition. The "grandson" doesn't want to know that Dooku has no other choice. Dooku does not act hesitantly, but like Anakin somehow also out of the conviction to only do what is necessary. In Dooku's case, the fight against the republic and the secession of innumerable potential rebel worlds is necessary.

We know little about Dooku's real canonical motives, especially since all previous sources were practically null and unexplained in the spring of 2014. However, it is quite conceivable that Dooku became Darth Tyranus because Sidious lied to him too. Perhaps Dooku believed in the victory of the separatists and the redemption of the galaxy through his separatist alliance to the last. But the grip on power had undoubtedly tainted him, much like Anakin had. And it should be noted, despite his once purer intentions and more perfect Jedi training, Dooku is more susceptible to the later Emperor's deceptions. Sidious promises Anakin to save his wife and has wrapped him up nicely as far as the purity of the Jedi Order is concerned, with Dooku he has to put in much less effort, for the rich political reasons.

What sometimes surprises you is the close connection between Darth Sidious and the separatists, but it fits. The Sepies believe Sidious would be on their side, the Republic does not influence Sidious in his Sith form. The republic is being manipulated by Chancellor Palpatine, who is constantly playing the wise and conciliatory leader. So one is not surprised if Dooku thinks it would be Sidiou's goal to let the separatists win, after all, he also constantly passes information from the republic to him.

Dooku is a fallen idealist. Not a flawless person, but someone who fought for something and was then completely corrupted by the power that had fallen to him.

I'm still hoping for a Dooku biography in the style of Darth Plagueis or Tarkin. A work from James Luceno's pen, which in principle would have already worked out the basis for Dooku's character and only had to put it on paper. Such a Dooku book would also have the advantage of being an official canon after 2015 and since there should hardly be a TCW revival or other major projects in the prequel era in the next 10 years, the Dooku novel would also be a reliable source and summary.

The Count is also one of the most powerful Sith and skilled lightsaber wingers in the entire saga. Dooku is only subject to Anakin Skywalker, because he takes advantage of his enormous anger. Dooku can no longer do anything against this enormous force, he is used to fighting against more emotionless controlled opponents, whom he can fend off with his superior technique. Dooku isn't a kind of gray character either. He used to have ideals, but during the war he betrayed everything. Dooku obviously uses the dark side because it gives him more power and is superior to his opponents. He works with goal and method, just as he wields his lightsaber.

Dooku defeated Anakin Skywalker several times, he trained Asajj Ventress, General Grievous and Savage Opress without ever being defeated by them. Jedi killers in their very own right. Dooku also defeated Obi-Wan Kenobi on more than one occasion. And why? Scissors stone paper! In the duel of the Jedi Knights and Sith Lords, "power" is not universal and while Obi-Wan can defeat Anakin because balance stings uncontrolled anger, he would not have lasted long against the Emperor. Only when Skywalker breaks the frame and starts to change sides does he become a pair of scissors that literally cut the paper Dooku.

It is also Dooku's much-vaunted technique that allowed Ventress and Grievous to strike down even Jedi Masters and councilors. And it was based on the Lightsaber Shape II aka Makashi. Like so much in Star Wars, that sounds deliberately a bit Japanese. Makashi was a seldom practiced technique and that is what makes it so deadly in Dooku's case. What is hardly trained and mastered quickly gives you an advantage. In addition, Form II was a relic from ancient times, when sword against sword was often wielded. Dooku's technique was therefore purely designed to survive in a light saber vs. lightsaber combat, while other forms such as Kenobi's Form III Soresu were geared towards taking action against blaster carriers. This makes the Jedi immensely efficient in the fight against battle droids and clone troops, but does not help them in duels.

Dooku's advantage as a fighter was also that, like Darth Maul, he was selected and trained by Sidious because he would be a perfect Jedi killer. However, if Maul was a mere weapon, Dooku served several purposes in the grand scheme. In the 10 years between Dooku's departure from the Jedi Order and his return as a Sith Lord, he practiced long and hard training. Dooku was trained to kill other Jedi and to wound the opponent as efficiently as possible with the lightsaber in a duel and to kill was a long forgotten art at the beginning of the Clone Wars, only the Sith undoubtedly still had it in their training program. Dooku's talent for duels certainly comes from the fact that, as a nobleman, he would have had experience and knowledge in fencing anyway.

At least in earlier representations, Dooku was also a diplomat and it explains how he managed to convince a dozen organizations such as the banking clan, the trade federation or the Techno Union to support and promote his separatist movement. Practically no down payment? Dooku is recognizable in Episode II as someone who should have wrapped up these high-ranking officials and managers before they got to Geonosis. After all, the meeting on Geonosis is practically just the signing of the contract, the rest has already been done. After episode II one would have assumed that it is, Dooku has big corporations on his side and the republic does not.

The Clone Wars allows us a more nuanced look at the politician and diplomat Dooku. Thanks to Sidiou's manipulations, Dooku has probably only drawn a few individual managers and functionaries on his side, the large organizations in turn behave neutrally in the war and do not have to fear intrusions from the republic or the separatists. The prospect of being a war profiteer on both sides of the cake and not having to fear the vengeance of the possible winner allows the corporations to act rather carelessly, as in the last few decades. But corporate carelessness is just another Sith deception, as both the Chancellor and Dooku could take action against them at any time. After the end of the Clone Wars, Palpatine was even likely to crack down on the war profiteers in the name of revanchism and clean-up campaigns and to pour the spoils of war on to his personally loyal supporters. So the Sienars and Tagges are likely to get their monopoly in the empire.

But in addition to the corporations, Dooku also has his own supposedly clean Senate under control, as seen in The Clone Wars. And there are hardly any more opportunists and corrupt among the senators than in the republican counterpart, but the separatist ideals are presented much more vehemently. But aren't you significantly more corrupt than the republic, since you have the big corporations more directly on your side? Probably, but that's just a symptom of Dooku's increasing corruption and Sidiou's manipulation. He has to do what he thinks he has to do. Maybe Sidious even told him his intention of how to deal with the war profiteers after the war. But as so often the Sith like to play with half-truths and so Sidious leaves it open that it is not Dooku but himself who wants to lead the winning side.

Dooku as a Sith would also be forced to try to overthrow his master. And that is what we experience in the arc surrounding Asajj Ventress' banishment. She has already been recruited and trained as a potential student by Dooku. She is also a fallen Jedi, although she was trained by a stranded Jedi master. Her hatred and anger at the Jedi were fed by the fact that neither her nor her master had ever come to the aid of a Jedi. Dooku tries to find ways to overthrow Sidious, after all, this is the only way his separatists could win. Sidious helped Dooku to found the Separatists and yet Dooku lives in the knowledge that he may only achieve victory by killing Sidious. What he of course does not expect is Sidiou's willingness to replace his student with a more powerful one.

Is Anakin Skywalker more powerful than Dooku? Yes, at least on a personal level. Anakin is younger, stronger, and angrier. His approach to the dark side is far more emotional than Dookus, who fights for more abstract goals. Anakin is also less important politically and is easier to control from Sidious. Sidious problem with Dooku is that he is becoming increasingly difficult to control. When Dooku kidnapped Palpatine, it might even have been the student's break with the master. Of course, we don't know how this event is interpreted in the new canon, but TCW does point in the direction of a will to win Dooku, who may even have been completely clueless about Sidiou's true identity. Even if Dooku knew about Palpatine, the kidnapping could have been intended as a test and had Dooku defeated Skywalker and Kenobi, he might also have killed the Chancellor.

Like Maul, Dooku could have been so much more. And Darth Maul got his revenge. He became a central figure in two seasons of The Clone Wars, got his own comic and, as a cyborg mouth, has become the master of a revitalized fan base. Only Dooku is dead. What Dooku might need is a story similar to Maul, from underdog to leader of the separatists. The only danger is that this Dooku story could be viewed as a bad copy because of the similarity to Mauls.

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