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Video course with Alexander Holl

Format: Seminar / Webinar I online course

Do you want to learn SEO online? In our SEO online course you will receive concentrated knowledge of search engine optimization from Alexander Holl. In over 11 hours you will learn how to optimize your website in the best possible way and achieve valuable top positions in the long term. From a detailed SEO analysis to the keywording process, on-page and off-page optimization and technical search engine optimization, you will learn all the SEO basics that you need to optimize your website.

You learn on the basis of over 20 workshops know how to work with numerous SEO tools such as Sistrix, Searchmetrics, Ryte, SEMrush, the Google Search Console, Google Analytics or the ScreamingFrog in detail and get the SEO tools conveyed through practical examples.

Alexander was SEO from the very beginning, managing director of 121WATT and has already trained companies such as OTTO, Telekom, Burda, ADAC, Zeiss, the Süddeutsche Zeitung and Jochen Schweizer. He also heads the advisory board of SMX, Germany's largest conference for SEO and search engine advertising.

#What makes sense: Use the lockdown and do the closing SEO Professional!

Part of the online course series:
SEO I Google Analytics I Google Ads I Content Marketing I Social Media I Instagram Marketing

80% of all DAX companies are customers of 121WATT. Your employees learn the digital craft with us.

  • Basics: You will find out the enormous importance of SEO for companies, the demands placed on a search engine optimizer and the challenges that need to be overcome.
  • Search engines: You understand how a search engine works and why Google is actually so successful.
  • SEO analysis: Together with Alexander you will carry out a detailed status quo analysis and analyze, among other things, your visibility & your competitors - both with Sistrix and with Searchmetrics.
  • Keywording: You will learn keywording as the basis of search engine optimization, develop a keywording process step by step and learn how to categorize your keywords.
  • OnPage optimization: After this chapter you will know how to optimize the presentation of your snippets in the SERPs, what is important for your content and how you can improve your processes.
  • OffPage Optimization: You will learn what importance links have, how to carry out a status quo analysis of your links and what important strategies there are for off-page optimization.
  • Technical SEO: You will learn the technical background of search engine optimization, get to know typical SEO problems and how you can fix them.


Chapter 1: Getting Started with Search Engine Optimization

  • What does an SEO have to be able to do?
  • Why is SEO so important to businesses?
  • Challenges in Search Engine Optimization
  • Workshop I: Analysis of organic sessions in Google Analytics and Matomo
  • Workshop II: Analysis with Page Speed ​​Insights
  • Workshop III: Analyze mobile users in Google Analytics
  • Tools: Google Analytics, Matomo, Materal.io, Page Speed ​​Insights

Chapter 2: Background to Search Engines

  • Why is Google actually so successful?
  • Crawling and indexing. How does a search engine work?
  • 5 quality criteria of a search engine
  • BERT, Penguin and Panda: Important Google Updates & Concepts
  • The E-A-T concept: Relevance & quality on Google
  • The most important ranking signal "Awesomeness"

Chapter 3: SEO Analysis

  • Analyze the status quo with visibility tools
  • Definition of visibility index (Sistrix) and SEO visibility (Searchmetrics)
  • Visibility Pattern: Relaunch, Google Update and the "Schnitzel Effect" at Grandma Kleinmann
  • Detailed status quo analysis with Sistrix
  • Detailed status quo analysis with Searchmetrics
  • Workshop I: Analysis of visibility between Zalando and OTTO
  • Workshop II: A / B / C analysis of search terms in Sistrix with filters
  • Workshop III: Advanced competitor analysis at directory level in Sistrix
  • Workshop IV: Advanced filters in Sistrix to identify potential terms
  • Workshop V: Structural analysis in Searchmetrics
  • Workshop VI: Analyze content performance in Searchmetrics
  • Workshop VII: A / B / C analysis of search terms in Sistrix with filters

Chapter 4: Keywording as a basis

  • What is a keyword?
  • Between user intent and the E-A-T concept
  • Why is keywording so important?
  • Keyword strategies and a good keywording process
  • 7 + 7 keyword tools
  • Between Do-Know-Go and the AIDA: Categorize your keywords
  • Workshop I: Analyze mobile search terms in the Google Search Console
  • Workshop II: Categorize search terms with the Keyword Planner and Google Docs
  • Workshop III: Analyze keyword gaps with SEMrush
  • Workshop IV: Analyze user intent with Hypersuggest and Ubersuggest

Chapter 5: OnPage Optimization

  • Classification of the OnPage optimization
  • What does the perfect url look like?
  • Titles and Descriptions: Optimize the representation in the SERPs
  • Excursus: schema.org
  • Excursus: Analyze the representation of your brand on Google (Brand SERPs)
  • Between keyword density & WDF * IDF: Optimize your content
  • Optimize your processes
  • Workshop I: Analyze titles and descriptions (T & Ds) in Ryte
  • Workshop II: Analyze titles and descriptions in the ScreamingFrog
  • Workshop III: Analyze brand SERPs in the Google Search Console
  • Workshop IV: Find optimization potential for T & Ds in the Google Search Console
  • Workshop V: Analyze the perfect landing page with hypersuggest and thruuu
  • Workshop VI: Analyze optimization potentials for your content with Google Analytics, the ScreamingFrog or Ryte

Chapter 6: OffPage Optimization

  • From random to reasonable surfer
  • The importance of links and the concept of E-A-T
  • Link definitions and new link attributes (nofollow, ugc, sponsored)
  • Analyze the status quo of your links with suitable tools
  • Link audit: which links are spam?
  • OffPage Optimization Strategies
  • Workshop I: Check the link status with the Google Search Console
  • Workshop II: Competitor analysis in ahrefs
  • Workshop III: do a competitor link audit with advanced filters in ahrefs
  • Workshop IV: Analyze links in SEMrush
  • Workshop V: Analyze competition in ahrefs with Link-Intersect
  • Workshop VI: Analyze content inspirations in ahrefs and Sistrix
  • Workshop VII: Analyze internal links with the Google Search Console
  • Workshop VIII: Analyze the page structure and click paths in ScreamingFrog or in Ryte
  • Workshop IX: 404 error analysis in the Google Search Console and in Ryte

Chapter 7: Technical SEO

  • Technical background of search engine optimization
  • Crawling, indexing, interpretation and ranking
  • Control crawling with robots.txt
  • 200, 301 & 404: Important HTTP status codes for search engine optimizers
  • Noindex: Control the indexing of pages
  • Duplicate content and the rel = "canonical"
  • 301 or rel = "canonical": Typical SEO problems & their technical solution
  • Excursus: International sites and the ahreflang

Target groups & goals

Who is the SEO course for?

You want to get started now and Learn search engine optimization onlinewhen and where you want? Then Alexander's SEO online course is perfect for you.

  • For Beginnerswho want to learn the tools of the trade of search engine optimization from scratch.
  • To refreshingif you got involved with SEO some time ago.
  • You did the SEO beginners seminar with us and want to consolidate your knowledge.
  • You did the SEO seminar with us and would like to prepare for the advanced SEO seminar
  • For digital marketing teams who need a common understanding of search engine optimization.


No special prior knowledge is absolutely necessary. However, prior knowledge of online marketing is very helpful for optimal learning success.

Trainer Alexander Holl

Alexander Holl is the founder of 121WATT GmbH and has been in the industry for more than 20 years. As a former director at AltaVista and Yahoo he has known the search engine industry like no other in Germany since the beginning. Before he founded 121WATT, he was managing director of Kalaydo, the classifieds portal of the Ippen publishing group and the Rheinische Post. When he's not holding seminars, he heads the Advisory Board of Search Marketing Expo (SMX) - the European industry event for performance and search engine marketing. He advises and trains companies such as Telekom, Otto, Jochen Schweizer, Deutsche Bahn, Süddeutsche, Allianz and Holidaycheck, among others. Since 2020 he has been a guest speaker on the subject of data at the University of St. Gallen. Alexander is one of the faces of the German digital scene.

Alexander Holl - Our speaker for SEO & Google Analytics

The following information is also recorded for Alexander Holl

Current participants' opinions on the SEO online course

  1. Recommendations from top SEO industry experts on the course: Marcus Tandler

    Alexander's SEO course is for ambitious beginners and is therefore very precise and practice-oriented. Crawling, indexing, E-A-T, user intent, mobile first, panda, penguin and core update, all essential terms that determine everyday SEO are explained in detail and also classified in their practical meaning. In addition to the many tools in practical use, what I particularly like is the strategic classification of the measures. My conclusion on the online course: Top, highly recommended for everyone who needs a sound, strategic and operational introduction to the topic of SEO and who would like to learn how to work with many SEO tools. And this was presented in a didactically concentrated manner by Alexander, who has helped shape the SEO scene here in Germany over the past few years. Small suggestion for the SEO Part II course: I would find it totally interesting to go deeper into the topic of analyzing original data from the Google Search Console. The linking and detailed analysis of this original data from the Google Search Console with other tools (for example Ryte) is often done too seldom. "

    About Marcus Tandler: Marcus is one of the thought leaders when it comes to SEO and digital marketing. He is co-founder and chief evangelist of Ryte, an award-winning software for comprehensive quality management and sustainable search engine optimization of websites. Marcus loves SEO and has been active in the SEO field since 1998. When Google launched in Germany in 2001, he grew up with Google and its search algorithm. He is one of the top international speakers and speaks at conferences around the world, such as Online Marketing Rockstars, SMX, TEDx, LeWeb, The Next Web or SEOkomm.

    Industry expert Marcus Tandler, Co-Founder & Chief Evangelist, Ryte

    1. Trainer:
    2. Content:
  2. Recommendations from top SEO industry experts on the course: Eric Kubitz

    The SEO course is really concrete and practical - full of tips, tricks and tools. And, hey: I've also learned a lot. I think the course provides the current status quo of search engine optimization and thus exactly what the participants expect and need. The presentation is always pleasant and varied and the production is impressively professional. What I realized when I looked at it: I've also been "SEO" for umpteen years and yet we are both two sides of the same coin: You provide an incredible amount of tools and data, also to evaluate and improve content. My approach, on the other hand, is to make people so smart that they know what the user needs even without tools. So less focus on tools and more thought-crafting - which is of course due to my subjects “writing” and “creativity”. My summary: A lot of practice, absolutely exciting and perfect!

    About Eric Kubitz: Eric Kubitz is a trained journalist and worked in the management of CHIP Xonio Online GmbH before he worked as a freelance consultant for large publishers such as Burda, Motorpresse and Springer and finally founded the content manufacturer together with Elisabeth Matejka. He often passes on his knowledge in lectures and training courses, e.g. for SMX, SEOkomm, 121WATT, Salzburg University, or for the German Book Trade Association. He is on the advisory board of SEOkomm, one of the leading SEO conferences in German-speaking countries.

    Industry expert Eric Kubitz, Managing director, content manufacturer

    1. Trainer:
    2. Content:
  3. Great speaker, exciting seminar

    Content well prepared, very up-to-date and informative. I feel ready for SEO :)

    Nicole Bianga, Online Marketing, SIGNAL IDUNA Asset Management

    1. Trainer:
    2. Content:
  4. Absolutely recommendable! Case studies, practical orientation & tools

    The SEO for advanced seminar in Munich is highly recommended. Small groups make it possible to explicitly address each individual participant and questions. Practice-oriented examples also convey the content more clearly and understandably to the participants. The integration of case studies, which were then worked out and presented in smaller groups, was very good. A very good seminar with a speaker who won't let boredom arise.

    Markus Gold, Digital Marketing Manager, Carl Zeiss Vision International GmbH

    1. Trainer:
    2. Content:

You can buy our SEO course in two versions:

  • Version 1: Do you want to first see if the online course is for you? Or do you really not need all the chapters? Then buy the part that interests you.
  • Variant 2: Would you like to see the entire SEO course? Then buy all two parts of the course worth over 11 hours as a complete package.


Why should I buy this online SEO course?

Your trainer Alexander is one of the most experienced German SEO experts. He has been involved in search engine optimization since 2000 and has worked at AltaVista and Yahoo among others. He also heads the advisory board of SMX, the largest German conference for search engine marketing. Alexander advises and trains companies such as OTTO, Zeiss, Conrad Electronic or the Holtzbrinck publishing group on search engine optimization and Google Analytics.

What is the difference between the course and a seminar?

You can start immediately with the SEO course. And you are independent of time and place. If you didn't understand a topic right away, you can repeat the chapter at any time for 12 months. In our SEO seminar you are live on site. In the seminar, your questions can be answered immediately and we have a large number of workshops. You can only do the course, but you can also do the course first and decide on the seminar later, and of course vice versa.

I have already attended the 121WATT SEO seminar, does your SEO course make sense then?

In terms of content, the SEO course is based on our open seminar format. But especially if you want to take a closer look at the craft with the SEO tools, the SEO course is the perfect complement to our live seminar format. In the SEO course, Alexander shows you in more than 20 workshops how you can do a detailed SEO analysis with Sistrix, Searchmetrics or SEMrush. You will learn again at your own pace how to use the Google Search Console, Ryte.com, the ScreamingFrog or keywording tools correctly for planning your SEO measures.

How long do I have access to the course?

The SEO online course is available to you for 12 months after purchase.

Are there any special technical requirements to view the course?

No, you can simply view the course in your browser. For a smooth process, it is best to use the Chrome browser.

What is the best playback quality for the video?

The videos are displayed in a very low quality by default. However, you can increase the quality of the video as you wish by clicking on the gear symbol in the video player.