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1 Holy Spirit St. Elisabeth Christmas 2010 A light breaks through the night. Hope is awakened. pastoral: Verbund H a ​​g e n - M i t t e

2 How to contact us Pastoral team Pastor Michael Kirmes Scharnhorststrasse 25, Hagen Tel, Deacon Herbert Hagedorn Tel / Parish officer Sabine Frye Tel / Parish officer Markus Ehrhardt Tel / Parish officer in the year of recognition Sonja Gutzeit Contact Parish Office Heilig Geist Willdestrasse 19 a; Hagen Tel / Fax / Secretary Veronika Weppler Mon + Wed 9-11 a.m.; do o'clock parish office St. Elisabeth Scharnhorststraße 25; Hagen Tel / Fax / Secretary Irene Erlemeyer Mon, Tue and Fri 9-11 a.m., Thu Heilig Geist Important information at a glance Sexton - Caretaker Regina Ryschka, Heilig Geist Klaus Enderle, St. Elisabeth Kindergarten Heilig Geist, Tel / Head: Alexandra Reichberg St. Elisabeth, Tel / Head: Katrin Sedelies Jugendtreff Heilig Geist Mon and Thu, Tuesday and Friday Head: Inga Weigelt, Tel Bücherei Heilig Geist, Willdestrasse 3 p.m., so after the family fair St. Elisabeth, Scharnhorststrasse 27 Head : Ursula Kranenberg Wed and Fri, Sun 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. St. Elisabeth's Wardrobe, Wed. Bank details Catholic parish Heilig Geist Account number Märkische Bank Hagen () Catholic parish St. Elisabeth Account number Sparkasse Hagen () Internet St. Elisabeth Our service for you In the middle of the new WIR 2010 we have stapled an annual calendar 2011 for you to tear out, from which you can see the new service times. Cover picture: Lichtgeburt, Beate Heinen, 2004 ars liturgica Buch- & Kunstverlag MARIA LAACH, no. We thank the publisher for the printing rights. Imprint: Publisher: Pastoralverbund Hagen-Mitte Scharnhorst str. 25, Hagen. Responsible: Pastor Michael Kirmes Editing: August Köneke, Rudolf Pesch, Rita Kubot, Bernd-D. Bec ker Typesetting and design: Text & mehr Redaktionsbüro, Patricia Benthien, Hagen Printing: Community letter printing, Groß Oesingen A friendly Advent greeting brings you on behalf of the communities of St. Elisabeth and Heilig-Geist:

3 Finally light comes on the matter! Such a saying is good for you, dear readers. Then we feel: the unclear, the diffuse, the indistinct and the insecure is over. It clears up, becomes obvious. Light is finally coming to the matter! If you let the year 2010 go by in your mind, you will notice exactly this: With you personally, among your friends, in our congregations, many an incident has come to light. The number of full-time professionals has also thinned out. Vicar Lambrecht took up his position in Wenden near Siegen at the beginning of August. This has led to changes in the duties within the pastoral team. If our pastoral team is to be expanded again with an Indian priest from the Order of the Discalced Carmelites from autumn 2010, we will certainly redefine our responsibilities. We are happy about the reinforcement and hope that we can work together with our congregations for the good news. This sheds more light on the matter. More light also illuminates the interaction in our two churches. Since the two parish councils, in coordination with the parish leadership, introduced the new order of holy masses on weekends, it has become noticeable that the participants in the service are more and more oriented towards the beginning times of holy masses and their special design (e.g. family-friendly). Even if many refer to St. Elisabeth and the Holy Spirit as their church in which they are located, they increasingly celebrate services in both churches. Since the parish festival and the church building festival in mid-September, we have been singing praise for God as well as from a new song book with new spiritual songs. The editorial team consisted of members from both communities. The exchange between the bodies of the parish council and the church council through the participation of a member of the other parish also sheds more light on the togetherness. Dear fellow Christians and those of other faiths: We do not celebrate Christmas that Jesus saw the light of day, but that he brought the light into the world, that he brings light, so to speak, into our affairs, in every relationship: personally, in our congregations, in Church and Society. A little more light has also fallen into our community structures: In St. Elisabeth the church tower was repainted, the rectory was newly protected against soil moisture and the kindergarten got new windows. In the Holy Spirit we are still enjoying the renovated church and - it was said at the community meeting in mid-July - we are on our way to get money for the Heinrich-König-Haus, which has been listed as a historical monument, by selling the youth club and the parsonage to modernize and rebuild according to our community requirements. The kindergarten will remain - according to the current status with a high probability - where it is and will also be adapted to the new spatial challenges. Dear readers, dear fellow Christians: The time of waiting for Advent is coming to an end and we are celebrating the light, CHRIST, OUR LIGHT! Later, as an adult, he said to us: You are the light of the world. He lets us participate in his radiance and shine. This strengthens our self-confidence as Christians. This strengthens our self-confidence in the proclamation of the light. That it will be more radiant in all of us and in those who are dear to us at Christmas, and that in the New Year 2011 Jesus will be proclaimed and experienced again as our light in us personally and in our two churches - that is what I wish all of us. I am happy about it every year and it is good to know that HE brings light into our affairs again! Blessed Christmas! Your Pastor Michael Kirmes 3

4 Vicar Mike Lambrecht: A look back After almost exactly four years, I unfortunately had to leave the pastoral association of Hagen - Mitte. It was a filled time and a good time. It would have happily continued, but the bishop sent me further to the southern Sauerland, to the Wendener Land. When the HR manager in Paderborn told me Hagen was the new place of work, I remembered the train journeys to my grandparents in Wuppertal, because the train always stopped a little longer in Hagen. Much already seemed strange and big to me back then. It was the same now. Large congregations and a new team, a large number of volunteers and different liturgies were waiting for me. Last but not least, my new official apartment in the Emster Castle! Everything was bigger than in my first job in the country. I have tried to meet everyone with openness and, above all, to explore, understand and adopt new things. The liveliness of the two congregations and the participation in shaping the pastoral work by many congregation members have motivated me strongly. I was impressed by the commitment to local communities, but also to projects in the Third World. Since ecumenism was already important to me during my studies, I found a meeting place here. The challenge of a new pastoral care, not only designed out of the lack of priests, was formative for me. I will take a lot with me and try to implement it in a new place. I will keep a heart for open youth work, because there are active youth here in Wenden too. Most important, however, were the human encounters that enriched and sustained me. Funerals, christenings, and weddings have connected me to many people. I will take many with me in my heart. Maybe I hurt one or the other too. Today I would like to apologize once again for this. I would like to thank everyone I have worked with and for the trust that has been placed in me. I will stay connected with the congregations in the pastoral network Hagen - Mitte. God bless you all! Your Mike Lambrecht 56 ​​4

5 Jörg Heinemann - A vocation story Put me in the foreground and challenge me. But how should I react to that? Then just become a priest, was my mother's answer, perhaps not very serious at the time, when I told her about my thoughts while washing up. Back in Freising, this conversation kept coming back to my mind until I finally had to say to myself: Why not? It began with a degree in molecular biotechnology at the University of Munich-Freising. One evening in the Heinrich-König-Haus, Jörg Heinemann told many parishioners what happened to him in order to finally choose a completely different career path. How did that happen? Below is the story! God does not exist, and if he does, he has nothing to do with us. These and similar statements by some of my fellow students - strange as it may sound - led me on my way to the seminary. That triggered a strange resistance in me. I was sure: Of course God plays a role in our lives. Of course you can also know something about him or at least guess something. But how can you put that into words? How to argue This question never left me. While my Munich studies dealt with undoubtedly important questions of (biological) life, I felt more and more violently that I was drawn to the biggest questions of all. My faith, which for years was a rather inconspicuous companion in my life, now shifted with I began to inform myself thoroughly, and step by step I became more and more aware: Priest - this is the profession I have always been looking for: Demanding for Head and heart, and incredibly exciting in every respect. Where else do you come into contact with people's whole lives and where can you follow God with them and their life stories? The final decision was soon made. I applied to the Paderborn seminar. My family was fully behind me - a precious gift for which I am very grateful. My old pastor also encouraged me. It was important to him not to see the emerging changes in the church as a paralyzing specter, but as a creative opportunity for a new form of church - an attitude that deeply impressed and inspired me. In the late summer of 2003 I began my studies in the Paderborn seminar. I spent eight months in Jerusalem. With the Benedictines in the Dormition Abbey, I opened up completely new perspectives on theology, church and faith, from which I still draw today. Now the training is over. Deep friendships and often brilliant mentors have accompanied me on my way. So strengthened, I am now ready, with God's help, to fully serve the church and - despite all its weaknesses - to help shape it on its expedition to the undiscovered land of its future. 5

6 Primary celebration by Jörg Heinemann on the day of Pentecost 2010 At the altar from left to right: Rev. i. R. Richard Rademacher, Dr. Joachim Negel, formerly Subsidiar in Emst and Dean of Studies in Jerusalem, Pastor Michael Kirmes, Rev. Georg Birwer, mentor during the diaconate time in Unna, Deacon Pascal Obermeier, a friend from university, Jörg Heinemann, Dr. Michael Menke-Peitzmeier, lecturer at the Theological Faculty and Dr. Rainer Hohmann, former Prefect at the Leokonvikt in Paderborn. 6 Lively and powerful and hotter - what? Is there anything like that in the Bible at all? - some people may have asked themselves while listening to the reading from the Letter to the Hebrews. What is being said here about the Word of God sounds like advertising: square, practically good. Perhaps you remember: The triad of lively and strong and sharper was the slogan of the Evangelical Church Congress in Catholic Cologne in 2007 and aroused both astonishment and curiosity at the time. And today it is, as it were, the motto of the first mass that Jörg Heinemann celebrates with us on Pentecost in the Holy Spirit Church. Because it has become his primary saying, that is, the guiding principle at the beginning of his priestly ministry: The word of God is alive, powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword. That is a word that really fits our new priest! Because there is one thing he doesn't want to be as a Christian and now as a priest: lifeless, limp and dull! Anyone who knows Jörg and experiences him personally knows that he is friendly and open, but also with a clear, audible claim - a claim that he did not come up with himself, but that he received. Excerpt from the primary sermon of Msgr. Michael Menke-Peitzmeyer, Paderborn

7 Dear Jörg, what distinguishes you as a new priest is the openness with which you approach your fellow men in the service of our common faith, and the steadfastness that you have gained through calling and studying. As a token of this, your home church gives you this cup. The cuppa signals your openness, the base of the goblet your steadfastness. May both accompany you throughout your priestly life and always remind you of your Emster congregation. Because that's exactly how I experienced the Holy Spirit Congregation: steadfast and persistent, but also open to new things, especially open to those who renew the face of the earth, the Holy Spirit. May he continue to accompany this congregation, and he also accompanies you, dear Jörg, on all your ways. From the address by Pastor Michael Kirmes They too were there with great joy: the parents Elisabeth and Bernhard Heinemann. 7th

8 Anniversary: ​​50 years at the organ Our honorary organist, Mr. Rudolf König, started his service in the Elisabeth congregation 50 years ago. For many years he led our church choir St. Elisabeth and enriched countless services with his sensitive and expressive organ playing, first with the Franciscans, then with Pastor Freitag and until today. The gaming table in the Holy Spirit is also no stranger to him. He tirelessly shows great commitment, also for many weddings. The newlyweds in particular appreciate it: Once they have chosen a special piece for the organ or should a singer be accompanied on the organ - this is not an issue for our old master. Whether it's Lent or Advent, whether it's a festive celebration at high feasts - Mr. König always finds the right note or the right register. So thank you from the bottom of my heart! Our wish: many more healthy years and joy in playing the organ! God reward him! Last message: A monastery in the parsonage will soon be a convent with probably four Indian fathers. In this context, Paderborn will assume all current and future renovation costs of the building. The church council of the Emster parish also approved the project at its last meeting. He sees this as an important basis for the considerations presented at the last community meeting to expand the Heinrich-König-Haus and improve the usage conditions. The decision was made at the end of October. The Archdiocese of Paderborn will rent the parsonage together with the vicariate of the Heilig-Geist-Gemeinde. There will soon be another community meeting on Willdestraße to provide information about specific planning intentions and to discuss them with one another. In the meantime, the first Indian priest, Yesudas Puthenvila, has started his ministry as a pastoral worker in our pastoral network. We warmly welcome Father Yesudas! 8th

9 Our new songbook For many years, the Schwerter songbook has provided faithful service in the children's and family masses of our pastoral association. After two years of preparatory work, it was replaced by our own new songbook last September, just in time for the parish and church building festival. The joint editorial team from Heilig Geist and St. Elisabeth managed to achieve a good mix: All the favorite songs of both communities are combined in the new book, and it also offers numerous new catchy tunes for lively church services with young and old. The varied and complex work steps have paid off: In the appealing, easy-to-read layout with photos from both parishes, the new song collection appeals to many people not only musically! Songbook of the parishes Heilig Geist and St. Elisabeth 141 songs for our church services Pages, with 36 b / w illustrations, bound (10.5 x 14.8 cm), ribbon bookmark. Available in our parish offices for a donation of 10 euros or more! Many parishioners bought the new songbook at the church building festival of the Holy Spirit parish. To get to know the new songs, both parishes finally invited to sing-along evenings in October and November. In one or more voices it became clear: Whoever sings prays twice! In the holy masses at o'clock the new songbook is now used regularly, also in combination with the praise of God! 9

10 Ecumenism on Emst Bissingheim tent service For many years there has been an active ecumenical cooperation between the parishes on Emst. The regular common prayers for peace, the world days of prayer for women, Bible weeks in Lent, but also the happy gathering at church building festivals - all of these are now integral parts of a hopeful community in faith. The ecumenical tent service on the occasion of the Bissingheim settler festival is also part of this good tradition. With the best summer weather on June 13th, the marquee filled with over a hundred emsters of both denominations. Wonderfully contagious: Faith, hope, love was the topic on the button that everyone received at the beginning of the service. Are these three old divine virtues still worth anything, do they still infect people today?Yes, but! The participants in the marquee let themselves be infected by the lively service, the Bible texts, songs and prayers and the short sermons that lay preacher Wolfram Regeniter and deacon Herbert Hagedorn considered the main theme. Herbert Hagedorn: The 2nd Ecumenical Church Congress in Munich made it clear that there is no alternative to the ecumenical movement. Only together can Christians make a difference and be wonderfully contagious through their faith, hope and love. Joint school service in the Boloh school such as police hats, bicycle helmets, peaked hats or birets, which are supposed to protect or identify us, but for God's hat. Deacon Herbert Hagedorn said in his sermon that the Christian faith is like a hat that grows with you and changes with people's thoughts and questions. Man should always feel protected by God. Through us Christians, however, God's hat must also be made specifically visible in families, schools, the district and in society as a whole. Another example of hopeful ecumenism on Emst was the service that deacon Herbert Hagedorn celebrated together with the third and fourth grade students in the Boloh School. The subject was in God's hat. It wasn't just about hats. The Christian faith would invite you to be something like an angel for life, guardian angel or guardian angel in the world. At the end of the service, the students handed all participants self-folded hats with the words God protect you. 10

11 Café Contact An ecumenical project As in every year, the Ecumenical Working Group prepared joint divine services for the New Year, the Day of Repentance and Prayer and the Ecumenical Bible Days in the week before Pentecost in 2009 and 2010 and invited to them. With the annual motto 2010 John 14.1: Jesus Christ says: Do not be alarmed! Believe in God and believe in me! we started the year looking for the security and hope that faith can give us. In autumn 2008, in the presbytery of the Evangelical St. Matthew Congregation and in the Ecumenical Working Group of Matthew and the Catholic St. Elisabeth Congregation, the desire arose to create a meeting place. The Cafe Contact opened its doors for the first time on April 20th. During the Ecumenical Bible Days we have tried for years to do the good preparatory work of the Ecumenical Bible Week Team of the Biblical Works of the Ev. and Catholic Church in Germany. There were lively discussions that anyone who was not there is to be regretted. After having been disappointed with the low attendance for a number of years, we tried a topic in 2010 that we believed touched many: Why does the good God make us suffer. We discussed texts from Luke 13. On the 2nd day of Pentecost we were able to look forward to a well-designed and well-attended closing service. The two previous evening discussions were very lively again, but the attendance was again low. We are still looking for a way to get both congregations interested in the first and most important creed of Christianity, the Bible, once a year. Since April 2009, Café Contact has been a well-attended meeting place for both communities. A report was published in Our Church in No. 36 of, of which excerpts are reproduced here: Opened in 2009. The team of employees consists of 18 Protestant and Catholic Christians and is proud of the good contact with each other. They are especially happy when someone finds their way to them from beyond the community boundaries. It is important to the team that cakes and waffles are always baked themselves and that the coffee comes from fair trade. The income generated by selling coffee and cake is also well invested: Part of it is needed to cover costs, 3/4 goes as a donation to the joint project to support a state nursing home in Klimovichi (Belarus). A donation of 1,800 euros was made, which can be used to buy food, bed linen or medication for the residents of the house. The Cafe Contact in the Matthäus-Gemeindehaus, Lützowstraße 113 is open on Mondays: 3pm to 5pm. Walter stable master 11

12 The Pope is right: the Church is young! If you want to see this with your own eyes, you could come to an event organized by Junge Kirche: Junge Kirche has found a place in the chapel of St. Elisabeth for over a year, but continues to offer offers in various parishes and at various locations in ours Dean's offices. Young people from all parts of the city attend church services, concerts and events, which are also expressly aimed at anyone else who is interested. The next events Do you see the light ?, Recital at o'clock in the St. Elisabeth Church, Franziskanerstraße Do you want to get well ?, Hospital priest Günter Faust shows us his hospital. With parts of the Bible on at 7 p.m. in St. Johannes-Hospital Only love counts !, St. Valentine's Day service at 6 p.m. in the Young Church Further information and current news about the Young Church of the Deanery Hagen-Witten is also available on the Internet under Blind-Dates and intensive days: Confirmation in St. Elisabeth When looking for blind date partners at the latest, many people know what it is about: Confirmation is in St. Elisabeth. As in previous years, 60 young people, women and men from St. Elisabeth agreed to meet a young company applicant. It's exciting to get into conversation with someone about life, the church and the faith that you didn't know before! Then the intensive days of the 60 company applicants took place in Olpe. Working in small groups, but also praying, eating and celebrating together, the young people dealt with the topic of creating a Christian life in different ways. During a joint visit to Zimmer frei am in St. Meinolf (based on the WDR show of the same name), Auxiliary Bishop König was able to get to know a humane and happy side even before confirmation. The confirmation ceremony will take place this year on Sunday at 6 p.m. in St. Elisabeth. All blind date partners and parishioners are cordially invited to this celebration! 12th

13 Do you see the light? Advent, Advent, a little light is burning. First one, then two, then three: at four on Saturday night we sing! Manuela Cyganek, Markus Ehrhardt, Linda and Christian Hoge invite you to the pre-Christmas song recital this year on December 18th at the St. Elisabeth Church. Well-known and new expectant songs let the moods and yearnings of Advent resound. Afterwards, drinks, mulled wine and cookies await the concert-goers in the community hall. Free entry, door collections requested. Family-friendly church services We don't come: People always look angry when the little one is restless ... Dear families, dear single parents, dear children, dear grandparents and relatives: You are welcome! We cordially invite you (but also all other worshipers) to the Uhr Mass after Holy Spirit and St. Elisabeth! We look forward to you! With a mixture of tradition and modernity, we design these services in such a way that everyone can feel addressed. And if your child is really too restless, both churches have the option of listening to the service through a loudspeaker in the chapel. Welcome to the church! Hagener Straße 153, Hagen Telephone Fax SANITÄTSHAUS ORTHOPEDIC TECHNOLOGY ORTHOPEDIC SHOE TECHNOLOGY REHA-TECHNOLOGY 13

14 Back! Dear Congregations, I am sure that many of you are familiar with my face by now and I have met many personally. I would now like to briefly introduce myself to all of you again: My name is Sonja Gutzeit, I am 30 years old. I was born in Hamburg and grew up in tranquil Brilon (Sauerland). After graduating from high school, I spent almost a year in Dubai and then studied media systems in Weimar. At the end of 2006 I moved to Paderborn to study religious education at the Catholic University. During my studies, I was already an intern in the pastoral network Hagen-Mitte and felt very comfortable here. At that time, I had the opportunity for five weeks, parallel to my studies, to get a taste of the practice and to gain experience in the work of the community officer. Within the last 2 ½ years I have continued to study and finally this year in July I graduated as a religious educator B.A. made. This completes the theoretical part of the training to become a parish officer and I am now in the so-called recognition or practical year, which, to my great joy, has brought me back to the pastoral association of Hagen-Mitte. Markus Ehrhardt, community officer in the Hagen-Mitte pastoral association, and the employees of the Emster children's and youth library at the Emst youth club recently demonstrated that dealing with the topic of children's rights does not have to be a dry matter. For one day it was about the question of what a child needs. There was talk, singing, painting, handicrafts and games. In the group entitled The Right to Food, the children put together a food pyramid and tried a blind tasting. The second 14 My area of ​​activity during this one year is divided: I work 50% in the Heilig Geist and St. Elisabeth congregations and the other 50% of my working hours in the Karl-Ernst-Osthaus elementary school to study religion teaching. I look forward to a common journey, to learning a lot in the time ahead and especially to meeting you. Best regards, Sonja Gutzeit, If I were King of Germany! Children's rights - a topic in the Emst Group dealt with the right to free development of personality and participation. The children recorded in collages what the world should look like if they were King of Germany. Not only were wishes expressed such as more toys and more zoos, but everyone should also have a job, less beauty, enough meadows and forests or more environmentally friendly cars. It would be nice if the politically responsible kept these wishes in mind. The joint was also a lot of fun

15 Singing with Markus Ehrhardt, who wrote beautiful songs on the subject of children's rights. During a slide show, the participants learned from the example of Indian children how children live in poorer countries, that child labor is still the rule there, that not every child is allowed to go to school and that school there usually has to take place in the open air. In the afternoon, people rummaged through the library on the subject of the right to education. Participating in the library quiz was also fun. The right to religious group considered: This is how I imagine heaven and prepare for the family mass the following day. The results were presented in an impressive service in which employees from the organizations Unicef ​​and Terre des hommes also took part. Conclusion: Even in a rich country like Germany you have to think about whether all children get what they need in life and: It is also worthwhile for adults to listen to the children more often! Carmen Fliss 15

16 Bible = Life and Faith Under this title, an annual course on the Bible, more precisely on the New Testament, took place this year. In four units - each unit consists of three evenings - we dealt with topics such as: The Gospel of John, the Passion of Jesus, Luke as the evangelist of everyday life and the childhood story of Jesus. Everyone is welcome to take part in the Bible course, you don't need to have any previous knowledge. Of course, those who have already dealt with Bible exegesis are also invited, e.g. at the Ecumenical Bible Weeks. At each meeting, we first ask the respective biblical text about its place in life, i.e. the time, place and situation in which it was created. We look at the language of the text and its literary location. In a second very important step we turn to the text as a source for our faith. How does the text enrich our faith? Where does he question us? Where does he call us to make changes in life and action? In the letter to the church in Colossae we read: Let the message of Christ unfold in you all its riches. Help one another understand and enjoy it. The Bible course would like to contribute to this: Read the Bible with joy, understand its texts better so that they can enrich our lives and our faith. For the next year we want to study the Old Testament. This often seems strange and difficult to understand, but it is the foundation on which our Christian faith rests. The exact dates for the four units in 2011 will be announced in December. A warm invitation to do so now! Sabine Frye, Community Officer You can find us at Zehlendorfer Str Hagen 16

17 Annual excursion of the kfd women The most important destination for the 54 women from the Holy Spirit community this time was the Coptic Monastery of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Höxter-Brenkhausen, one of the two monasteries that the Coptic Orthodox Church maintains in Germany. The second German monastery is dedicated to Saint Anthony and is located in Waldsolms-Kröffelbach near Wetzlar. The monastery in Höxter-Brenkhausen has a checkered history, was initially a Cistercian monastery in the Middle Ages, later a Benedictine monastery. In 1803 the monastery was secularized, then had various secular owners and finally came into state ownership. In 1994 the Coptic Church under Abbot-Bishop Abba Damian bought the monastery from the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia for a price of DM 1. Today it is a Coptic Orthodox male monastery and the seat of the Bishop General of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Germany. The Copts, a Christian ancient oriental church that has its roots in Egypt, have found a worthy home in the German Weser Uplands. Bishop Damian personally greeted the Emster ladies and led them through the monastery complex. During a prayer in the chapel, he provided information about the life, beliefs and history of the Copts. Everyone was impressed by the lively and very clear information. After a tour of the city of Höxter with the beautiful old half-timbered houses in the old town, a visit to the Fürstenberg Porcelain Manufactory followed with a wealth of knowledge about the history and technology of porcelain production. This very beautiful and instructive excursion ended with a joint dinner in Bad Sassendorf. Brigitte Studzenski 17

18 New Year's reception for volunteers Something new in the pastoral network - the volunteer meeting! In January they came together on Emst, the many committed parishioners from St. Elisabeth and Heilig-Geist. At the Eucharistic celebration organized by the St. Elisabeth church choir, Pastor Kirmes spoke warm words of thanks. He encouraged participants to continue to bring in the gifts God had given. Everyone can help and find out what their thing is. In this way the church can remain exciting and diverse. The subsequent get-together in the Heinrich-König-Haus was a happy one. Above all, the cabaret artist Anja Geuecke from Attendorn strained the laughing muscles of the participants. Obviously she had prepared herself thoroughly and made a sweeping blow with accurate punch lines in the matter of the Hagen-Mitte pastoral network. The full-time employees were not spared either. Your advice at the end: Don't sign any lists of participants at events! In no time you have an honorary position. The volunteer meeting ended in the late afternoon with canapés, drinks and good conversations. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the success! 18th

19 Paths to Community of Faith The shining sun and the warmth have done good. They attracted almost 400 believers from our two congregations on Corpus Christi day to celebrate the Eucharist in the open air in the school yard of the Boloh School. But it wasn't just the sun that was good. As is so often the case, it was encouraging how many people publicly professed their faith and set out to celebrate their center, Christ. That strengthens our community, that strengthens us because we have hope. Deacon Hagedorn preached on this topic and impressively recalled the Ecumenical Church Congress in Munich. The many First Communion children and the altar boys were signs of hope for the future. Thanks go to everyone who stood up for this common festival, not least during the subsequent get-together with a delicious soup and refreshing drinks. 19th

20 kfd St. Elisabeth As every year, the education day is one of the high points of the annual program of the kfd. We experienced a special kind of education day in March with the speaker Marianne Haas. The theme of the day was: Jesus' Way of the Cross as hope for us The encounters between Jesus and the people on the edge of his Way of the Cross are profound testimonies to God's message to us: Even in suffering, failure, hopelessness and powerlessness, we are looked at and perceived , may let us fall into the sheltering space of God's love, who meets us as human beings and shares the whole burden of human beings with us. Held and comforted in this way, we can meet each other in suffering, experience inner change and find new ways to enjoy life and confidence. Encounters under the cross Consolation, change and departure We experienced a very special meditation on the Way of the Cross with Marianne Haas, who performed her own texts and songs on the guitar, which touched our hearts and led to the Easter joy of the resurrection.If we have piqued your interest, please visit us. In St. Elisabeth you will regularly find offers for women. Every 3rd Thursday of the month we meet for a celebration of the Word of God at 3 p.m. in the chapel. Afterwards we drink coffee together in the parish hall. The afternoon lecture begins around 4 p.m. and ends around 6 p.m. All women in the community, including non-kfd members, are cordially invited. Angelika Jamin Ecumenical Prayer for Peace For some, the ecumenical prayer for peace may have been forgotten by now. For around 20 years now, Christians from the Emmaus and Holy Spirit congregations have been meeting once a month alternately in the Redeemer and the Holy Spirit Church. It started when the war was raging in the Balkans. There is still no peace on earth. Let's think of Afghanistan, Palestine, Somalia or the Congo! Unfortunately, there are no longer many who follow the appeal for peace prayer. But it should also be important to us in the future. Please pay attention to the dates in the parish news! 20th

21 ... good health! Elisabeth-Apotheke Martin Thomsen Tel / Haldener Straße Hagen 21

22 Parish Council Heilig Geist Andreas Brück Chairman Markus Hoppe Deputy. Chairman / Contact to KV Sebastian Zorn Minutes / Contact to KJG Sylvia Niewöhner Contact Kindergarten & Youth Meeting Monika Durst Contact Ecumenism, AK & Coordination Circle Marina Groening Contact Youth Meeting Daniel Schmidt Coordination Group Sabina Frye Community Officer Herbert Hagedorn Deacon Arno Lohmann Church Council Alexandra Reichberg Representing Employees 22

23 Parish Council St. Elisabeth Meinolf Willeke Chairman Member of the Management Board Reinhard Lüdicke Member of the Management Board Markus Erhardt Community Officer Member of the Management Board Michael Kirmes Pastor Katrin Sedelies Employee Representative Anke Dollberg Christina Holiday Nicole Gert Tim Sendler Silvia Stücker Martina Weeke-Schmidt 23

24 Lots of exercise in the St. Elisabeth kindergarten! Katholischer In the spring, the renovation work began on our outdoor area, after we had already conquered the newly designed playhouse in the hall with our children last autumn. The redesign took place in cooperation with a movement workshop. Now a low ropes course with an integrated swing, a new climbing tower and another slide invite our children to play and have fun outdoors. The renovation work itself was an exciting thing. Our children would have liked to help the workers. But this was seldom possible due to the heavy equipment. On the day of the inauguration, many families in the community had the opportunity to take a look at our newly designed outdoor area. Pastor Michael Kirmes blessed the new playground equipment. Despite the many blessing waters from above, we experienced a wonderful festival that we fondly remember. Katrin Sedelies 24

25 crawling group? In the youth club on Willdestrasse, the Heilig-Geist-Gemeinde would like to set up a room for crawling groups again. We are thinking of children under three years of age. However, the need should be inquired about beforehand. If you are interested in meeting other mothers or fathers there, exchanging ideas and letting the children play together, please contact Alexandra Reichberg at 02331/57714 or at our An der Egge kindergarten. Reading fun in the youth center of the Heilig-Geist-Gemeinde Reading aloud for the little ones - is that still in? They have so many options in kindergarten! In April 2010 eight women (some of them already grandmothers) met in the youth club and started a new project for the age group 4-6 years. It was about reading lessons for children. Karola Siebers helped to find suitable texts in our children's library in advance. The little ones should be supervised for an hour with reading, but also with games, gymnastics, painting or pottery. This way they can get to know the youth club and their mothers have an hour of free time every Tuesday. This offer is now doing very well. The children meet in the tea room and are all ears when one of the volunteers reads exciting stories. At 6 p.m. the little ones will be taken back into parental care and will definitely look forward to next Tuesday again. The offer is of course free of charge. Every child can come without registering. Inge Lüdicke 25

26 children help children: First communion children hand over donation for the soup kasper In June, the first communion children of the Catholic parish of St. Elisabeth visited the multi-generation house A house for children of the local association of children in Hagen e.v. together with their catechists. in Potthofstrasse. There they presented a check for 2,443.38 euros. This great sum came together at the collection and the thanksgiving offering of the First Communion children on White Sunday. During the preparation time for the First 26th Holy Communion, the idea of ​​the catechists to support a local project was very well received. With the proceeds, the children wanted to say thank you for the beautiful day of First Communion and to share this joy: with other children who are less well off. The money is intended for the receipt of the soup kasper, the free lunch for children and their parents in Ein Haus für Kinder. After the check had been handed over, there was a guided tour of the multigenerational house. In this way, the First Communion children could see with their own eyes which project is being supported with their money. Stefanie Kubot

27 Baptism Dates 2011 in the Pastoral Association We invite all parents in the Pastoral Association who would like to have their child baptized to a new form of baptism preparation. Before the baptism there will be two discussion evenings (8 p.m.). On the first evening, questions about the sacrament of baptism and the religious upbringing of a child will be discussed. This evening is organized by members of the community who raise children themselves. On the second evening, the baptism ceremony is prepared and the meaning of the various signs of a baptism is discussed. The priest or deacon who will preside over the baptism is present. The discussion evenings take place in the St. Elisabeth parish hall, Scharnhorststraße 27. The baptism is in the odd months in St. Elisabeth and in the even months in Holy Spirit. Parents who would like to have their child baptized should contact the parish office of their parish. January 22nd, St. Elisabeth baptism celebration Baptism talks: January 12th and 19th February 27th, Holy Spirit baptism celebration baptism talks: February 16 and 23rd March 20, St. Elisabeth baptism celebration in the family service Baptism talks: April 9th ​​and 16th March 24th April, p.m. baptism of the Holy Spirit (Easter Sunday) Baptism talks: 13 and 20 April 29 May, p.m. baptism St. Elisabeth baptism talks: 18 and 25 May 19 June, p.m. baptism of the Holy Spirit in the family service Baptism talks: 8 and June 24th July 24th, christening ceremony St. Elisabeth Baptism talks: July 13th and 20th, August 28th, christening ceremony Holy Spirit Baptism talks: August 17th and 24th September 18th, christening ceremony St. Elisabeth christening talks: 7th and 14th September Sat., 22nd October, baptism celebration of the Holy Spirit Baptism talks: 12th and 19 October 27th November, pm baptism celebration St. Elisabeth (1st Advent) Baptism talks: 16 and 23 November 18. December, p.m. Baptism celebration of the Holy Spirit (4th Advent) Baptism talks: 7th and 14th December 27th

28 Church services at Christmas and New Year's Eve / New Year in the pastoral network on Christmas Eve (Friday, December 24, 2010) Holy Spirit p.m. Infant service St. Elisabeth p.m. Toddler service Holy Spirit p.m. Family Christ mass St. Elisabeth p.m. Family Christ mass Holy Spirit p.m. Christmas mass (with Schola) St. Elisabeth p.m. Christmas mass Celebration of the Birth of the Lord (Saturday, December 25, 2010) St. Elisabeth 9.00 a.m. Festhochamt Claraheim 9.30 a.m. Festive Mass Holy Spirit a.m. Festive Mass Feast of the Holy Family (Sunday, December 26, 2010) Holy Spirit 9.00 a.m. Hochamt Franziskusheim 9.30 a.m. Festive Mass St. . Elisabeth o'clock Festhochamt (church choir) Holy Spirit o'clock Stories and songs at the manger St. New Year's Eve, Pope (Friday, December 31, 2010) Franziskusheim o'clock year-end mass St. Elisabeth o'clock thanks mass at the end of the year Holy Spirit o'clock thanks mass at the end of the year (with Schola) St. Elisabeth Uhr Spiritual impulses at the turn of the year New Years (Saturday, January 1st 2011) St. Elis abeth 9.00 a.m. High Mass Claraheim a.m. Holy Mass Holy Spirit p.m. Holy Mass at the beginning of the year St. Elisabeth p.m. Ecumenical service Sunday, January 2, 2011 St. Elisabeth 9.00 a.m. High Mass Holy Spirit p.m. Holy Mass 28

29 Welcome to the divine services Divine services during the week St. Elisabeth Tuesday am Holy Spirit Wednesday 9.00 am Franziskusheim Thursday am St. Elisabeth Friday am Church services on weekends in odd calendar weeks St. Elisabeth Saturday am St. Elisabeth Sunday 9.00 am Holy Spirit Sunday am evenly Calendar weeks Holy Spirit Saturday o'clock Holy Spirit Sunday 9.00 o'clock St. Elisabeth Sunday o'clock Eucharistic adoration: House Communion: Every Sacred Heart Friday (= 1st Friday of the month) after evening mass Every Sacred Heart Friday (= 1st Friday of the month ) for the sick and handicapped people Our service for you In the middle of the new WIR 2010 we have attached an annual calendar 2011 for you to tear out, from which you can see the new church service times. Carol singers in the Holy Spirit Traditionally, at the beginning of the new year, the carol singers return to the homes of the Holy Spirit community. Weekend 8./9. January 2011 the girls and boys make their way through the streets. They are collecting again for the Brazilian campaign AVICRES, which looks after street children in Brazil and tries to give them accommodation and new opportunities in life. Please give the carol singers a friendly welcome! 29

30 First Communion 2011 Heilig Geist St. Elisabeth Hannah Aust, Patrick Banczyk, Michelle Bartocha, Aimee Berwe, Kristina Bittner, Mats Endt-Knauer, Nicolas Eulenstein, Sophie Flamme, David Gonsior, Sebastian Holubowski, David Honarpisheh, Evi Hülsenbeck, Florian Jeksties, Lara Kepp, Jessica Klingenberg, Leon Knoche, Maria Könning, Nils Kroh, David Lelo, Florian Löwen, Lisa Oleschko, Florian Piepenstock, Sarina Pulverenti, Sina Rohleder, Ferdinand Scheele, Christoffer Schulte Romero, Jenny Sigiol, Nick Joshua Spilker, Thyra Steinke, Sonja Talenberg, Piet Wassel, Ann-Kathrin Wißer, Lance Maximilian Wriedt, Vanessa Zaborek, Celestina Zimmermann. First Communion on June 2, 2011 Samira Fernandez Perabad, Leo Figge, Maria-Michaela Fink, Felix Göbel, Matthias Göpfert, Jakob Grüner, Justine Jankowski, Jonathan Jänsch, Vanessa Kasprzak, Justus Kick, Lisa-Maria Klein, Antonia Krasowski, Nick Lanver, Ulf Lietz, Yannik Mendes-Palma, Dominik Patek, Jan Rafflenbeul, Diego Rosado vom Wege, Sophia Schiffbauer, Dominik Schmitz, Talisa Schweitzer, Anna Sophia Steinke, Marilena Stracke, Antonia Thomas, Till Tornberg, Leonie Weik, Emily Werner. First communion on May 1st, 2011 Welcome! Cunostr. 46a Hagen Phone 02331/56442 Fax 02331/57337 Opening times: Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri: am, Wed, Sat: am For health and recovery! 30th

31 Calendar 2011 January February March HG = Holy Spirit E = St. Elisabeth Sa New Year 9 E / 17 HG ​​Tue Tue 1 Sun 9 E / 11 HG Wed Wed 2 Mon 1st Week Thu 3 Tue Fri 4 Wed Sat 18 HG Sat. 18 HG 5 Thu Hl. Drei Könige Sun 9 HG / 11 E Sun 9 HG / 11 E 6 Fri Mon 6 week Mon Rose Monday 10 week 7 Sat 18 HG Tue Tue Carnival 8 Sun HG / 11 E Wed Wed Ash Wednesday E / HG 9 Mon 2nd week Thu Thu 10 Tue Fri Fri 11 Wed Sat 18 E Sa 18 E 12 Thu Sun 9 E / 11 HG Sun 9 E / 11 HG 13 Fri Mon Valentine's Day 7th week Mon 11 week 14 Sat 18 E Tue Tue 15 Sun 9 E / 11 HG Wed Wed 16 Mon 3rd week Thurs Thu 17 Tue Fri Fri 18 Wed Sat 18 HG Sat 18 HG 19 Thu Sun 9 HG / 11 E Sun 9 HG / 11 E 20 Fri Mon 8 week Mon 12 Week 21 Sat 18 HG Tue Tue 22 Sun 9 HG / 11 E Wed 23 Mon 4th week Thu Thu 24 Tue Fri 25 Wed Sat 18 E Sat Spring beginning 18 E 26 Thu 9 E / 11 HG Sun 9 E / 11 HG 27 Fri Mon 9th week Mon 13th week 28 Sat 18 E Tue 29 Sun 9 E / 11 HG Wed 30 Mon 5th week Thu 31 31st

32 Calendar 2011 April May June HG = Holy Spirit E = St. Elisabeth 1 Fri Sun Labor Day 9 HG / 10 E Wed 18 HG 2 Sat 18 HG Mon 18th week Thu Ascension Day 9 E / 10 HG 3 Sun 9 HG / 11 E Tue Fri 4 Mon 14th week Wed Sat 18 E 5 Tue Thu Sun 9 E / 11 HG 6 Wed Fri Mon 23, week 7 Thu Sat 18 E Tue 8 Fri Sun Mother's Day 9 E / 11 HG Wed 9 Sat 18 E Mon 19th week Thu 10 Sun 9 E / 11 HG Tue Fri 11 Mon 15th week Wed Sat 18 HG 12 Tue Thu Sun Whit Sunday 9 HG / 11 E 13 Wed Fri Mon Whit Monday 9 E 24th week 14 Thu Sat 18 HG Tue 15 Fr Sun 9 HG / 11 E Wed 16 Sat 18 HG Mon 20th week Thu 17 Sun Palm Sunday HG / 11 E Tue Fri 18 Mon 16th week Wed Sat 18 E 19 Tue Thu Sun 9 E / 11 HG 20 Wed Fri Mon 25 week 21 Thurs Maundy Thursday 20 E / 20 HG Sat 18 E Tue 22 Fri Good Friday 15 E / 15 HG Sun 9 E / 11 HG Wed 18 HG 23 Sat 21 HG Mon 21st week Thu Corpus Christi Boloh 24 Sun Easter Sunday E / 11 HG Tue Fri 25 Mon Easter Monday 9 E / 11 HG 17th week Wed Sat 18 HG 26 Tue Thu Sun 9 HG / 11 E 27 Wed Fri Mon 26th week 28 Thu Sat 18 HG Tue 29 Fri Sun 9 HG / 11 E Wed 30 Sat 18 HG Mon 22. KW Thu 31 Tu 32

33 Calendar 2011 July August September HG = Holy Spirit E = St. Elisabeth Fri Mon 31st week Thu 1 Sat 18 E Tue Fri 2 Sun 9 E / 11 HG Wed Sat 18 HG 3 Mon 27th week Thu Sun 9 HG / 11 E 4 Tue Fri Mon 36. Week 5 Wed Sat 18 HG Tue 6 Thu Sun 9 HG / 11 E Wed 7 Fri Mon 32. Week Thu 8 Sat 18 HG Tue Fri 9 Sun 9 HG / 11 E Wed Sat 18 E 10 Mon 28. CW Thu Sun 9 E / 11 HG 11 Tue Fri Mon 37. CW 12 Wed Sat 18 E Tue 13 Thu Sun 9 E / 11 HG Wed 14 Fri Mon Assumption Day 33. CW Thu 15 Sat 18 E Tue Fri 16 Sun 9 E / 11 HG Wed Sat 18 HG 17 Mon 29th week Thu Sun 9 HG / 11 E 18 Tue Fri Mon 38. Week 19 Wed Sat 18 HG Tue 20 Th Sun 9 HG / 11 E Wed 21 Fri Mon 34. Week Thu 22 Sat 18 HG Tue Fri 23 Sun 9 HG / 11 E Wed Sat 18 E 24 Mon 30th week Thu Sun 9 E / 11 HG 25 Tue Fri Mon 39th week 26 Wed Sat 18 E Tue 27 Thu Sun 9 E / 11 HG Wed 28 Fri Mon 35th week Thu 29 Sat 18 E Tue Fri 30 Sun 9 E / 11 HG Wed 31 33

34 Calendar 2011 October November December HG = Holy Spirit E = St. Elisabeth 1 Sat 18 HG Tue All Saints 9 HG / 11 E Thu 2 Sun Thanksgiving Day 9 HG / 11 E Wed All Souls 18 E / 18 HG Fri 3 Mon day d. Deu. Unit 40th week Thu Sat 18 E 4 Tue Fri Sun 2nd Advent 9 E / 11 HG 5 Wed Sat 18 E Mon 49. week 6 Thu Sun 9 E / 11 HG Tue Nikolaus 7 Fri Mon 45. week Wed 8 Sat 18 E Tue Thu 9 Sun 9 E / 11 HG Wed Fri 10 Mon 41st week Thu Sat 18 HG 11 Tue Fri Sun 3rd Advent 9 HG / 11 E 12 Wed Sat 18 HG Mon 50. week 13 Thu Sun Memorial Day 9 HG / 11 E Tue 14 Fri Mon 46th week Wed 15 Sat 18 HG Tue Thu 16 Sun 9 HG / 11 E Wed penance and prayer day Fri 17 Mon 42nd week Thu Sat 18 E 18 Tue Fri Sun 4th Advent 9 E / 11 HG 19 Wed Sat 18 E Mon 51 week 20 Thurs Sun Dead Sunday 9 E / 11 HG Tue 21 Fri Mon 47 week Wed 22 Sat 18 E Tue Thu 23 Sun 9 E / 11 HG Wed Fri 24 Mon 43 week Thu Sat Christmas Eve HG / E 25 Tue Fri Sun 1st Christmas 9 HG / 11 E 26 Wed Sat 18 HG Mon 2nd Christmas 9 E / 11 HG 52nd week 27 Th Sun 1st Advent 9 HG / 11 E Tue 28 Fri Mon 48th week Wed 29 Sat. Beginning of autumn 18 HG Tue Thu 30 Sun 9 HG / 11 E Wed Fri 31 Mon Reformation Day 44th week Sat New Year's Eve 17 E / 18 HG 34

35 Dreikönigssingen 2011 Children show strength Children show strength This is the motto of the upcoming Dreikönigssingen campaign. With this motto, the subject of disability and the example of Cambodia, we focus on children who show strength in their own way. Children who, despite serious war injuries and despite being handicapped by missing limbs, regained courage to master daily tasks and work. Like Tola on the poster of the caroling campaign. Born without hands or legs, he still manages almost everything he has set out to do without outside help. The carol singers from St. Elisabeth also show strength when they take part in the Dreikönigssingen campaign and campaign for children in Cambodia, Brazil and all over the world. From January 7th to 9th, 2011, they will bring God's blessings for the new year to the families, single people, the elderly and the sick in our church and collect for disabled children so that they do not have to lead a life of exclusion and poverty. God's Spirit accompanies the carol singers on their way and makes them strong so that they can work for the good and help build a more just and peaceful world. During the upcoming caroling campaign, our carolers will come to you on January 7th and 8th, 2011 (Friday / Saturday) as usual in the afternoon (from clock). On Sunday (January 9th, 2011) they are out and about after the family church service (also over lunchtime!). We would be delighted if you would kindly welcome our carolers again. Please refer to the following list on which day they will come to you. Get involved - become strong kids as carol singers or companions! First preparatory meeting: Mon., December 13th, p.m.; Second preparatory meeting: Wed., January 5th, at the parish hall. Rita Kubot Friday, January 7th (from clock): Arndtstraße, Blücherstraße, Bülowstraße, Funckestraße, Haldener Straße to No. 81/82, Heinitzstraße to No. 42, Holbeinstraße, Kammannstraße, Leiblstraße, Lützowstraße to No. 97, Rubensstraße, Schillstraße , Yorckstrasse, Zehlendorferstrasse, Zietenstrasse Saturday, January 8th (from clock): Asternstrasse, Beethovenstrasse, Brahmsstrasse, Brucknerstrasse, Dahlienstrasse, Erikastrasse, Feithstrasse (between Rosenstrasse and Lützowstrasse), Geranienweg, Rechtsstrasse, Gluckstrasse, Handelstrasse, Haldener Strasse from 83 / 84 to No. 215, Hardenbergstraße, Heinrich-Zille-Straße, Käthe-Kollwitz-Straße, Lilienstraße, Lortzingstraße, Lützowstraße from No. 98 to No. 138, Max-Beckmann-Straße, Nelkenstraße, Regerstraße, Rosenstraße, Scharnhorststraße, Tulpenstraße, Veilchenstraße Sunday, January 9th (from clock!): Am Höing, Am Sportpark, Aschenbergstraße, Bredelle, Eduard-Müller-Straße, Fahrenbecke, Feithstraße (between Lützow- and Fleyer Straße), Fleyer Straße, Gneisenaustraße, Goebens street, Heinitzstraße from No. 45, Hönnestraße, Humpertstraße, Kantstraße, Karl-Halle-Straße, Klosterstraße, Kreishausstraße, Rheinstraße, Steubenstraße, Zur Wiesche 35