How can I make artisanal bread

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Posted on April 11, 2018 by Klaus Schröer

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We manufacture as a craft business and you can take that literally. Our skill starts with choosing the best ingredients. And our bread-making takes time and craftsmanship, because we prepare our bread by hand. Find out what makes artisan baked bread.

Taste takes time

Time is valuable. We give bread making the necessary time and you can taste it. In preparation for dough production, we make swelling, scalded or cooked pieces or sourdough from spelled, rye and wheat. Every day, part of the sourdough is set aside for use the next day: the right amount, which has to mature for 17 to 24 hours at the right temperature. This is the traditional way to bake sourdough bread.

Artisanal bread stays fresh longer

Fresh bread is a great treat. Of course you want bread to stay fresh for as long as possible. So why does bread get old? The starch in the bread slowly releases the bound water. In technical jargon, we bakers refer to this process as retrogradation. The more water that can be stored in the bread during the baking process, the longer it remains palatable.

Human hands bake better than machines

The ratio of water to grain in bread is called the dough yield. If it is large, the bread will stay fresh longer. Bakers achieve a high dough yield with manual skill. We work the bread by hand. It is our craftsmanship to increase the dough yield through correct kneading. Machines can't do this. You cannot work up flexibly.

Buying ingredients from the region

As with our other products, we strive to buy all ingredients from the region as far as possible when it comes to bread. The grain comes, for example, from the Hemelter Mühle in Rheine and from our purchasing cooperative in Münster.




At work every day for your daily bread

Our work starts very early: From two o'clock in the morning we, master baker Schröer and four journeymen and women work in the bakery. We bake around 18 types of bread, depending on the season.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We like to report on our bakery and the work as a baker.

Your team from master baker Schröer