Practical training is necessary for CS

Training to become a glider pilot


All flight instructors of the Solothurn gliding group teach you the art of flying on a voluntary basis. This means that you only incur costs due to aircraft rental, towing costs and landing tax. The most costly part of the training are the tow plows, since a sound training includes between 80-110 flights. From the experience of the SGS flight instructors, approximately the stated number of flights is required in order to be able to build up a wealth of experience, which allows safe control of the glider in all situations even after the training. That is why we train with different ones whenever possible (also not ideal) Weather conditions and different wind situations, which ultimately results in a training period of 1-2 seasons and, depending on individual progress, in around 100 tows.

Phase 140-50 flightsCHF 2500.- to CHF 3500.-
Phase 210-20 flightsCHF 1,000 to CHF 2,000
Phase 330-40 flightsCHF 1500 to CHF 2500

There are also the following one-off costs outside of the SG Solothurn:

Medical examination: approx. CHF 250.–
Theoretical training: approx. CHF 1000 *
Voice: approx. CHF 800 - 1000 .- **
Examination fees: Fr. 350.–

The expenses are spread over 2 years or as long as your individual training lasts.

Once you have completed your training, gliding will cost you significantly less than during the training phase, as you no longer have to do as many tows. This means that your hobby costs you between CHF 1,200 - 3,000.00 annually with a highly attractive aircraft fleet. If the costs are an obstacle for you, get in touch with us. We can advise you and give you tips on how you can still fulfill your dream.

* If there are enough students, a free theory course is usually organized by the SGS.

** If you have a good enough command of English, we offer a significantly cheaper individual voice course. (approx. CHF 300 - 400.-)

The gliding theory (excl. meteo and aviation law) can be downloaded free of charge from the website of the Swiss Glider Association SFVS. See the link below:



The soaring theory was compiled, edited and formulated in a gigantic piece of work by volunteer authors. The SFVS would therefore like to thank everyone who is able to transfer a voluntary donation to the following bank account:

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