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Butterfly Effect

Action by Butterfly Effect

Evan Treborn (Ashton Kutcher) has lost track of time. Even in his childhood, decisive moments of his life disappeared in the black hole of his forgetfulness. His youth was marked by several terrible events that he can no longer remember. Only ghostly scraps of memories remain - and failed existences around him: his former sandpit friends Kayleigh (Amy Smart), Lenny (Elden Henson) and Tommy (William Lee Scott). Even as a child, Evan was constantly treated by a psychologist who kept him in a diary to record everyday events. Evan is now studying, and when he is leafing through one of his old diaries, he suddenly inexplicably returns to the past. He realizes that the notebooks under his bed are a kind of time machine with which he can travel into his past and retrieve his memories. But by dealing with the incidents at the time, Evan now feels responsible for the failure of his friends. This applies above all to his childhood friend Kayleigh, whom he continues to love as an adult. Evan decides to finally do what he was not able to do back then: He consciously travels into the past, whereby his current mind is in his child's body at that time. He wants to rewrite history and spare his friends the traumatic experiences. By changing course in the course of events, Evan hopes for a corresponding change in the present. But every time Evan changes something in the past, he finds that his actions in the present have unexpected and catastrophic effects. Whatever he tries to do, obviously there is no way of creating a new reality in which he and Kayleigh can 'live happily ever after'.

DISC 2 bonus material:
- Interactive menus
- Chapter selection
- Alternative endings
- The entire film in the Director's Cut (Engl. OV with German subtitles)
- Audio commentary from the directors and scriptwriters
- documentation
- Missed scenes
- picture gallery
- trailer