How do freelance graphic designers find clients

The path to becoming a successful freelancer

Opportunities to win new orders and customers

Graphic designers, web designers and translators often have one thing in common - many of them start their own business as freelancers. While this possibility at first glance looks like the dream of every employee and seems to bring advantages such as great flexibility, this type of employment harbors many challenges that have to be mastered in order to establish yourself as a successful freelancer.

The most important thing here is to get new orders, to convince customers of yourself and to win new projects. This is not very easy, especially at the beginning, when you do not have a permanent customer base. In the past, therefore, two main points were of great importance:

Networks as a starting point to win new orders

Networking is one of the key words in this context. And indeed: most jobs are placed through personal contacts. In addition to the tried and tested method that a friend knows someone who knows someone, who knows about someone who is currently placing an order, there are also new opportunities in the “digital world”. Networks such as Xing or LinkedIn make it easy to maintain professional contacts, but also to make new contacts with people who could advance you professionally.

Despite the relief provided by the Internet, the “analog aspect” should not be neglected: A visit to a trade fair where you can make new contacts face to face is still one of the best ways to make yourself known in the scene.
Internet presentation: Use websites sensibly for self-presentation.

Another essential point when gaining new orders is the internet presence. In order to be actually found by potential clients, your own website should be search engine optimized and give an impression of your own abilities in terms of content and layout as well as possible. Work samples or a portfolio also play a very important role, especially when a graphic designer is wanted.

Project platforms as a future-oriented method to win orders

A third, much newer, but very promising approach to the problem is represented by project platforms such as twago. The concept is very simple: customers publish projects, freelancers make offers and ultimately the right service provider is commissioned. Tasks, project goals and budget are stored on the platform. The advantage of this approach for freelancers is obvious: you have access to a wide variety of projects at any time via a portal. Thanks to the Internet, global collaboration is possible. Local restrictions no longer play a role here. In addition, twago offers, for example, an escrow service, which ensures the secure and confidential payment of the freelancer, and thus makes the platform even more attractive.

Project platforms are an interesting opportunity for all freelance workers to generate new orders. If you follow the above strategies in a sensible mix and deliver high quality work results, then nothing should stand in the way of life as a successful freelancer.

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