Why did facebook questions never start

Not all Facebook Live is the same as Facebook Live - it all depends on the app!

We admit it, although we have already reported extensively on Facebook Live, we have hardly gotten around to using the function ourselves. Only research for a current topic led us to shed light on the function in more detail. We noticed that Facebook Live is not just Facebook Live, but that the range of functions depends crucially on the app used.

The results

So we annoyed our friends and acquaintances a little with test videos in order to be able to put together a small table for you:

Which functions are important?

We would like to briefly explain a few of the points listed:

Schedule video: This function is still reserved for external streaming apps. Live videos scheduled via the page cannot be started in any of the Facebook apps.

Privacy settings: The settings for the visibility of a video are also available for live streaming. However, only if you go live in a private environment, i.e. with your own account. Anyone who uses the page manager or who has connected the mentions app to a page always goes live publicly.
The visibility of Pages can be restricted to certain locations via the Facebook app.

HD upload: The live video quality depends on the internet connection during the stream. Afterwards, however, the recorded stream can be uploaded again in HD quality. Facebook will then replace the live video material. However, this is not possible in the page manager.

Prevent auto post: A live stream is no longer automatically published on the site after the stream is completed. The admin must explicitly confirm the post and can also delete the video directly from the mobile phone.

Live in groups & events: Yes, you can also go live in groups and events. With the Facebook app and thus as a personal profile, that's no problem at all. With the page manager app you can only go live in events on your own page. With the Mentions app, however, it is not possible at all.

Comments visible: For us, the main reason not to use the Facebook Pages app for live streaming. You can see who from your own circle of friends is currently watching or sharing the video, but not which comments are made under the video. This means that any “ask us your questions” call for action is no longer valid.


After this test, we would always choose the “normal” Facebook app. This currently seems to offer the greatest flexibility and the best range of functions. We have hardly found a function that does not exist there. But we are very curious to see what the future of the Mentions app will look like. We can hardly discern their former advantages at the moment.

We carried out our tests on a current iPhone running iOS 10.3 and with the current versions of the Facebook app, the page manager and the Mentions app. So it may be that you notice a few deviations from this on Android. You are welcome to let us know in the comments.

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Image credits: Live.fb.com