Is Hotjar a marketing automation tool

Marketing automation

1. Personalized customer experience

Marketing automation can be used to analyze the behavior of potential customers. E.g. which pages on the homepage are of particular interest or which topics in the newsletter were clicked on very often. This bundling of valuable information means that marketing and sales can make suitable offers to this potential buyer at the right time. The probability of converting this prospect into a new customer increases - thanks to these technical possibilities.

2. Improved efficiency and creativity

Marketing and sales can concentrate much more on strategic, creative and sales-oriented tasks and have to invest fewer resources in simple, operational tasks. Because that is processed via marketing automation.

In addition, it is important that marketing and sales define the workflows in advance: If, for example, a prospect uses the product configurator on the company's website, the results could be compiled for them in an overview - provided that they have their email address leaves behind.

3. Improved customer loyalty creates brand loyalty

With the marketing automation tools, companies connect with potential buyers across multiple channels and provide them with meaningful content. If they combine this with a positive shopping experience, there is a high probability that they will remain loyal to the company and thus the brand. Provided that it fulfills the brand promise that the potential customer experiences. Therefore, the brand is increasingly becoming an important, very valuable anchor in the digital process for customers.