Why doesn't Dhoni have more fans?

IPL 2021: MS Dhoni fans enthusiastic about CSK Skipper after training in the UAE | IPL 13

Be it Australia, England or the United Arab Emirates - MS Dhoni has a fan base that cannot stand in contrast to other participants in the world. Regardless of the pandemic, numerous supporters gathered outside the stadium to take a look at Dhoni. Additional learning - IPL 2021: Harbhajan Singh's deputy? CSK CEO Kasi Viswanathan reacts

And when they saw Dhoni waving to the devotees, they shouted 'Dhoni, Dhoni'. It's amazing to see the shape of the fan base he's still enjoying, regardless of the fact that he hasn't done a recovery in 18 months. Additional learning - IPL 2021: Suresh Raina needs MS Dhoni to come in third for CSK in the UAE

Right here is the video that goes viral: Learn More - IPL 2021: Harbhajan Singh's good friend reveals why the UAE CSK spinner dropped out of the event

? ️ #ThalaDhoni தரிசனம் # Thala # Csk # Gelbpic.twitter.com/9d7yscVqCz

- Saravanan Hari ??? (@CricSuperFan) September 4, 2021

The love and fan base for this wonderful person @msdhoni incredible # whistlepodu pic.twitter.com/7VBfCwgJDt

- Russell (@russcsk) September 4, 2021

Previously, we saw devotees breach security and hit the ground to touch Dhoni's foot.

Dhoni looked relaxed on the nets as he faced Ravindra Jadeja and Piyush Chawla. Eyes might be dated on the 39 year old to see how good he is nonetheless, having launched his worldwide retirement not so long ago and impressing his followers.

In the meantime, Harbhajan Singh has also withdrawn from the event after Suresh Raina and cited "private reasons". CSK - as a franchise company, has lost a ton over the past week - from gamers optimistically testing for COVID to gamblers who are pulling out. It will be fascinating to see them get back on their feet and start the brand new season.

IPL 13 is slated to begin on September 19, but BCCI is slated to announce the games. Three venues can be used for the event to minimize player travel due to security concerns amid the pandemic.

CSK has taken over the permanent workforce to start coaching. Two weeks until the start of the event.