Do shooting stars have a spiritual meaning?

Dream interpretation falling star

Shooting stars are small meteors that penetrate the earth's atmosphere and burn up there. The glow can be seen from afar, and every now and then a real falling star rain falls. Many people believe that when someone sees a falling star, they can make a wish. He has to close his eyes and formulate his heart's desire in his mind. Above all, he must not tell anyone about it, otherwise the wish will not come true.

A shooting star is also often associated with the star of Bethlehem, the three kings star. According to the story of Matthew in the Bible, this heavenly phenomenon is said to have shown the magicians the way to Jesus Christ's birthplace.

Someone who dreams of a falling star is probably a passionate romantic. Because mostly one brings cosmic phenomena in connection with love and happiness. Perhaps the dreaming also has a very sober interest in astronomy. In order to correctly interpret a dream with this dream symbol, it is important to find out what wishes and needs the dreaming has and how he assesses his current situation.

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Dream symbol "falling star" - the general interpretation

In the dream interpretation, a falling star is a Lucky symbol. A long-cherished wish could soon come true. Often, however, the dream symbol also heralds a completely unexpected happy event. If the shooting star falls on the dreaming himself in the dream, developments will result in love that one has been hoping for for quite a while.

If the cosmic glow goes down in the distance, it can also under certain circumstances Uncomfortable announce, maybe even the end of a relationship. The dream interpretation depends here strongly on the individual living conditions of the dreaming.

The night stands in the dream interpretation for secrets and uncertainties that can cause difficulties for the dreaming in real life. The falling star illuminates the darkness, if only for a brief moment, and throws in Spotlight on the things which disturb the dreaming deep inside. The dream can direct the view to that which occupies the dreaming, and help him to react to it.

Anyone who observes shooting stars through a telescope in an observatory in their dream will probably soon find out some secrets in their surroundings.

Dream symbol "falling star" - the psychological interpretation

On a psychological level, the dream symbol "shooting star" in the dream interpretation points to the from understanding controlled part of the personality. The meteor is a briefly flashing light in the night, correspondingly the thought illuminates the unconscious lying in the dark.

The dream of the shooting star encourages the dreaming to meet his hidden fears and wishes with clear reason. Perhaps he also needs to free himself from stressful emotions and feelings of guilt. The appearance of the dream symbol indicates that the falling star breaks through the night as a symbol for the subconscious and one as an anticipated dawn New beginning brings about.

Dream symbol "falling star" - the spiritual interpretation

In the dream interpretation, the night is a symbol of the darkness that precedes enlightenment. The appearance of the dream symbol "falling star" in the darkness heralds the collapse, which Rebirth and initiation only made possible on a spiritual level.