How can you monetize a messenger app?

Facebook Marketing: Messenger Ads - Advertising in the mailbox

The social network is now available to advertisers Facebook Messenger Ads at. The targeting can also be extended to private mailboxes and advertising messages can be sent via PM. The new feature will be made available worldwide to display advertisements between messages from friends.

Messenger Ads: Ads between private messages

The reach of Facebook advertisements extended by the new update. The feature is available to advertisers directly in the messenger app of the social media platform. According to the company, the app is used by 1.2 billion users a month to communicate.

Newsfeed Messenger Ads: monetization of the news

At the end of last year, Facebook had already started monetizing the news function. Through the Newsfeed Messenger Ads advertisements were shown to users in the newsfeed. After a click, a dialog opens in Messenger to interact with the brand.

The newsfeed messenger ads therefore require an active click by the user in order to display the advertisement in the app. Both Messenger Ads this is no longer necessary. Here the advertising campaigns are displayed in the home tab of the app. Between private messages from friends and family there is also one or the other advertising message.

Facebook Messenger Ads: Marketing in your private mailbox

Messenger ads will make Facebook targeting even more important in the future. After all, in a user's private environment there shouldn't be any Advertisements appear that he is not interested and bothered about. When a user clicks on the advertising campaign, they reach the destination specified in the creation of the ad - for example on the provider's website.

Create Facebook Messenger Ads

The Facebook Messenger Ads will be available in the Power Editor and Ads Manager. All advertisers who already have Create Facebook Ads, can choose the placement of their advertising message in Messenger as an additional option. The following options are available to increase the conversion:

  • Open conversations with users. The newsfeed Messenger Ad and Messenger Ad are available for selection.
  • Manage conversation via the messenger platform.
  • Focus on conversations through sponsored messages.

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Facebook Marketing via Messenger App

The large number of users of the Facebook Messenger app show how important the new form of advertising is for online marketing campaigns. By targeted targeting lucrative advertisements can be placed in the messenger app. A study by Accengage recently found a response rate of 35 percent. Push messages in particular quickly catch the eye and are clicked on in Facebook Messenger.

Facebook uses the new advertising format to increase its own sales and to further consolidate its supremacy in the social media area. At the same time, advertisers can address their own target group even more aggressively, but they also have to tighten the targeting options in order to exploit the full potential. Only the users shouldn't be left behind with all the new features.

It will be interesting to observe whether context targeting will also be possible in the future. Then could Ads based on keywords switched. What is questionable, however, is how Facebook stands with regard to data protection in such a case. I would be happy to advise you personally on Facebook Marketing: