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The "Computer Science" course at the state "Uni Bonn" has a standard period of 4 semesters and ends with the "Master of Science" degree. The location of the study is Bonn. The course is offered as a full-time course. Overall, the course has been rated twice so far. It received an average of 4.4 stars and is thus above the university's average rating (3.7 stars, 1214 ratings in the rating). The categories of study content, courses and equipment were rated particularly well.

Full-time study

4 semesters

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When you think of computer specialists, the first thing that comes to mind is the image of a lonely person wearing glasses and a checked shirt? Or maybe that of a hoodie-wearing teenager who sits inside a darkened room and lets his fingers slide over the keys at breathtaking speed? Good news: these are all just clichés!

On the contrary: IT specialists often work closely together and exchange ideas about their specialist areas via the Internet. Would you like to contribute your interest in computers to this huge community and at the same time work in one of the most important industries of our time? Then take a look at the Computer Science degree today.

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2 reviews from students

very good

Computer Science

Teachers are friendly. lectures are combining theory and practicality. campus is beautiful. lectures including modern and sophisticated subjects like machine learning, deep learning, cyber security, neural networks, sensor data fusion and etc. my favorite point about uni Bonn is that, in my faculty there is no mandatory subjects to take, every lecture you take completely depends on you.

How is your university reacting to the corona crisis? Online lectures and online exams

Interesting course of study, wide range of options

Computer Science

On the whole, I am very satisfied with the course. It is not as demanding as my previous degree (Physics, completed with a B.Sc.), which may also be due to the fact that Computer Science / Computer Science simply covers my area of ​​interest. There are 4 areas of focus and a large selection of modules that can be taken freely. There are no compulsory modules, you just have to choose a focus in the course of your studies in which you ... Read more of the experience report

How is your university reacting to the corona crisis? All courses will only take place online via Zoom or BigBlueButton. The organization of (most) modules takes place via our central electronic system eCampus. Lecture slides, in some cases also lecture recordings, exercise sheets, etc. are uploaded here, and exercises are also submitted here. Before Corona, this system was also used by modules, but not yet to the same extent. The fact that now (unfortunately only almost) everything runs through one system makes your own organization much easier and you can stay that way.
I find the organization of the exams a bit confused and in need of improvement. The type of exam will only be announced at very short notice and will vary from module to module. Some exams are carried out "normally" on site, while others hold the actually planned written exam as an oral exam or an online project is graded instead of a normal exam. The university could organize itself better here, especially for the winter semester it was already clear that Corona would still be an issue.

Masters in Computer Science

Computer Science

It was great to study computer science here at the University of Bonn. I got to meet one of the great minds. I was able to improve myself in terms of research and scientific studies. They offer great sports and extracurricular activities.
Most of all you don't have to get some loan and work your whole life to pay it back.

Very bad campus life

Computer Science

I have been trying to complete my MS in computer science from uni bonn from last 2 years. I find studying in the university of Bonn very boring which never happened to me before in my educational career. There is no campus life. There are two departments situated in different corners of the city. Lecturers seems to not care about the students. Some people are studying normally there but for me ... Continue reading the experience report