What is the correct placement of the tie clip

Tie pins and tie clips worn properly

Not everyone is familiar with the difference between tie pins and tie clips, but the tie pin is an invention of the Biedermeier period in the 19th century and was widely used as a piece of jewelry on the previous model of the tie, as a scarf pin. Tie clips did not come onto the market until the middle of the last century and have enjoyed enormous popularity, especially in recent years. The elegant man is well-groomed and wears a classic shirt and suit. This also includes classic jewelry accessories that really round off the equipment. In the following we explain what the tie pin and tie clip still make up today, for which occasions which are worn and the advantages of using them.

The history of the tiepin

A beautiful suit made of the finest material, perhaps also tailor-made and it happened at the first business meeting in the restaurant, the tie ends up in the soup plate. The right tailor or salesman in the men's fashion store could have saved you from that, because the people in the trade know how to wear a suit and how to keep the tie from the soup: no customer leaves the store in a suit without a matching tie pin or tie clip. Fixing the fabric on the shirt prevents the "flag in the wind" and thus many mishaps. With the invention of the tie clip in the 1950s, the tie pin was replaced by its practical task. In some cases, the tie pin is used as a bearer of coats of arms, club logos or the like, which are attached to the decorative head of the tie pin and thus indicate affiliation or connection with the respective club on the lapel. Using the classic needle runs the risk of ruining silk ties through the puncture hole. However, as jewelry on the lapel is still popular. The tie clip was invented before the tie even existed, men in the Biedermeier period wore necklaces and the tie pin was to be regarded as pure jewelry at that time. Only with the invention of the plastron around 1860, the forerunner of the tie, were these fastened with tie pins and subsequently indispensable.

Tie pins as jewelry

The tie clip is more familiar to the modern man. As a functional design object, tie clips are made from high quality materials. Silver, gold or stainless steel, the choice is huge. Matt or glossy, decorated or reduced in design - every taste will find the right tie clip. 925 silver is popular as a material, noble but reserved and therefore suitable for almost everything. But apart from the tie that goes with it, the other accessories should of course also be coordinated with one another. On special occasions such as weddings or simply, if Mr. The worn jewelry in turn, of course, to the rest of the fashionable ensemble. Ideal when the buttons of the jacket, belt and the watch you are wearing harmonize with the material of the tie pins. The right size of the tie clip is also easy to determine: As a rule of thumb, the length of the tie bar should not exceed three quarters of the tie width. To find out where the tie clip is to be fixed, simply count the shirt buttons along the line: at the height between the third and fourth shirt button, simply clip the tie to the button placket of the shirt. The filigree tie pins are ideal for narrow ties. Tie pins are attached vertically approximately at the level of the breastbone by carefully fixing the fabric to the shirt.

Gold or silver

Whether you prefer to wear tie pins made of 925 silver, gold or set with stones depends on the personal preferences of the wearer. But here, too, you can follow a few rules of thumb in order to wear the right jewelry, in our case tie pins or tie clips, for the right occasion. Just the right combination of shape, color and material shows the fashionable talents and decides how much you should reach into the paint pot. The judgment on one's own fashionable abilities to combine parts correctly also decides on the possibilities to venture into new fashionable territory or to stay true to the skillful. In any case, you can still go to the specialist you trust and get advice. If a fashionably secure appearance takes precedence over extravagance, for example because there is no time to visit the shop, then it is better to use a tie clip made of 925 silver, titanium or the like. The color gray or silver goes well with everything, does not catch the eye of the other person and still gives the appearance seriousness. Those who prefer it fashionably playful are also welcome to put on tie clips in funnier designs. The fashion houses meanwhile bring a variety in the range, there you can find everything from mini glasses to funny monocles. Of course, these more humorous versions are more intended for everyday use, although now you can laugh at weddings too, so why not provide something to talk about and wear a mini meat cleaver as a tie clip. You will thank us later.

"Sleek or Bling-bling"

For the wealthy among us or those who at least like bling-bling, the golden option should be taken - a guarantee for a remarkable appearance. Here, too, there are endless options - glossy, matt, set with rhinestones or even real gemstones. Anything goes if you have the right attitude - but here too, as a reminder, when it comes to business appointments or the like, a minimum of fashionable restraint is required; the more conspicuous the outfit, the more likely it is to distract from the content of the conversation. But sometimes a good bluff is half the deal: clothing has long been used as a means of communication. An extravagant appearance has already put many opponents on the run. But a tie pin alone doesn't make the outfit complete, of course, this includes matching accessories, such as matching cufflinks. A rule of thumb is to orientate yourself by the color you have chosen. That means with a gold tie pin or gold tie clip, choose the rest of the accessories in the same color. An absolute no-go is, for example, a gold tie clip and silver cufflinks or vice versa. If we chose silver, the color should run through the whole outfit.

Thumbs up tie clip

But back to the hard facts that are necessary for the right choice of tie clips: Whether a business meeting, dinner with the family or in everyday life - tie clips are always appropriate and can be easily integrated into the outfit using the rules mentioned above. The only thing that is optically preferable to the tails in the opera is the tie pin, and that's traditionally the right thing to do. Apart from that, the accessories are wearable for every occasion and simply enhance the look. There is not too much to consider here - a certain harmony should be seen in the end result from the choice of clothing and accessories. Combine colors thumbs up in the same color group and you are never wrong. And if you have a three-piece suit to choose from, which has made a big comeback in recent years, tie pins can simply be placed under the vest. Otherwise there will be too many accessories and the vest serves the same purpose, the tie stays where it should stay.

Conclusion: the tie pin of the future

In terms of fashion, everything is now possible, but if you want to be on the safe side, you can of course get advice on putting your outfit together in a specialist shop. Tie pins never go out of style, as they also bring many advantages to the gentlemen of creation: on the one hand, they save from food blunders or ties dipped into plates, and on the other hand, the refinement of outfits. The individualization of the worn accessories open up a lot of fashionable freedom and accentuation of your own personality is not neglected. Small messages and humor can be demonstrated just as unobtrusively through the right choice as good taste and stylish appearance. In addition to the pure functionality, tie pins or tie clips elegantly add the finishing touch to any outfit and should not be underestimated how much these pieces of jewelry can ennoble a suit and thus the wearer. Whether accessories are preferred for purely functional or visual reasons does not matter much in the end: that they can change an outfit by lengths. One thing is certain, as long as the classic men's suit with its image as the most serious outfit for men does not go out of style, tie pins and tie clips will stay with us for longer. Image source: Copyright: irinabraga / 123RF Standard-Bild