What is the use of keywords

Keyword research

What is Keyword Research?

By definition from Wikipedia:

Keyword research is used in practice by SEO experts to find up-to-date keywords and phrases that users enter in search engines when they are looking for specific information.

SEO professionals do keyword research to get your website in a better position in the search engines.

We can say that keyword research is certainly the most important marketing activity on which the future of internet presentation (website), as well as the results of visits and sales on the website, depend. Keyword research helps you not only find out which keywords you need but also learn more about your customers. This enables you to anticipate changes in demand, prepare for changes in the marketplace, and create new products, services and content that users are already actively asking for. Good positioning for the 'right' keywords can bring you great benefits. It is simply not enough to just attract visitors to the website, it is more important to get quality and targeted site visitors who can generate revenue.

Keyword analysis is a process by which we check which words or phrases your website visitors use to find you. This phase is very important for professional search engine optimization. If the Internet users use the keyword "XY" and your website is well optimized for that keyword, it will appear at the top of the search results. (SERP).

Different pages on your website contain a lot of information (mostly about different products, services, etc.). Not all websites are optimized for the same keyword. It is important that the website is optimized for the exact keyword what its content is talking about.