Human breasts are a curse

German dictionary by Jacob Grimm and Wilhelm Grimm (¹DWB)

note 5, attention, observation: note, attentio, observatio.Maaler289ᵃ; note, observatio, animadversio, notatioSteinbach2, 50; note of the hour of birth, observatio geniturae, prognosticon genethliacum.Stieler1270; whoever discovers the book considerably and with attention to the meaning of the figures and the cause (enucleat). book of examples1, 23; have notice what I bevilch for you. 77, 33; have a notice of something: all this is still hidden from you, because I only notice it. b. d. love232ᵈ; In the heightened meaning of observation, deeper consideration: I saw an abindis in front of his hostel and had fleeting remarks on the stars of heaven. Ködiz11, 1; read it over with good fleisz and take note of it. H. Braunschweigchir. (1539) 6; in the spiritual sense: consideratiomerkunge of the thought, remark, note, hindrance Dief.144ᵃ; Here it is to be noted that there are two ways of believing, first of all, of God, that is when I believe that it was what one says of God .. this belief is more a science or a remark than a belief. Luther1, 323ᵇ;

also punished Lucifers and Adams

with right note not sleepy.

Schwarzenberg 157ᶜ;

as a translation in the title of a treatise by h. Bernhard von Clairvaux de consideratione libri quinque:

but Bernhart knows that

the truth lützel has saved

in sînen five books of notes.

Renner 9250;

with notice also with attention, devotion:

nû sullit ir gedagin ..

and with note spên,

in which we know the holy lant

ofte sî from hant to hant

with wandelunge cumen.

Jerozhin 21463.