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Gas stations - How does refueling work at the machine?

Instead of paying for petrol at the cash register in the petrol station shop, an amount is set in advance at the machine and paid for in cash or by card. Only then will the pump be activated. This ensures that nobody hits the bill. According to the Federal Association of Petrol Stations and Commercial Car Wash (BTG), some mineral oil dealers are currently experimenting with machines.

Enter desired amounts

With some machines, various desired amounts between ten and 80 euros can be selected. Then the number of the pump at which the customer would like to fill up must be entered. There is then the appropriate amount of fuel for it.

What is a pre-authorization?

With other machines the display appears: "Pre-authorization of 80 euros". Because the machine does not know in advance how much gasoline a customer would like, it reserves this amount at the bank and only then releases the column.

The account is not actually debited with this amount. After refueling, the purchased petrol will be billed and debited. The fuel pump stops automatically before the maximum amount is reached.

What happens if the process is canceled?

In Internet forums, customers report problems more often because they did not go to the pump fast enough or selected the wrong column number and the refueling process was aborted.

In this case, the 80 euros should not be debited from the account. For billing reasons, however, the amount is reserved by the bank for two weeks and is only then available again.

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