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Portrait: Star Wars icon Carrie Fisher: This woman has three lives

Nothing pink, nothing bitchy, nothing save me mentality: When she first appeared in 1977, this princess was very different from everyone else before her. She didn't need a (Jedi) knight, she was one herself. She raced through the forest on snowmobiles with her brother as a pillion passenger. She fell in love not with a prince, but with a smuggler. And when things got tough, she didn't let a man save her, but shot her way free - or quickly strangled the monster Jabba, whom she had chained and put in an unspeakable golden bikini.

So when Princess Leia first saw the light of day in the first Star Wars film in 1977 - pretty, not beautiful, but strong and with a legendary snail hairstyle - it felt like at least half the earth was at her feet. Women wanted to be like her, men would have liked to steal a spaceship with her or defeat the emperor.

Carrie Fisher: "I'm the result of inbreeding in Hollywood"

Far from the big screen, however, power was not always with Princess Leia or Carrie Fisher. "I'm the result of inbreeding in Hollywood. When two celebrities mate, someone like me comes out of it," the daughter of singer Eddie Fisher and actress Debbie Reynolds is said to have said self-deprecatingly. When she was a toddler, her parents divorced. Elizabeth Taylor became her stepmother. Carrie Fisher had a difficult relationship with her own mother all her life. As a teenager, she started experimenting with drugs to suppress demons and depression. In her early twenties, she suddenly became famous overnight through Star Wars, but not a Hollywood star. There were no big roles. Carrie Fisher gained a foothold as Script Doctor and successfully spiced up Hollywood scripts with her humor and self-irony, such as that of "Sister Act".

She also wrote down episodes of her film-ready life - and landed a bestseller with her first autobiographical novel "Postcards From the Edge". The affair with colleague Harrison Ford, the liaison with Dan Aykroyd, the short marriage with musician Paul Simon or the fact that the father of her daughter Billie became homosexual, the drug problems and depression - there is everything between book covers. For the audio book of "Wishful Drinking" she even received a Grammy Award - posthumously. Carrie Fisher died of cardiac arrest in 2016 at the age of 60. In the cinema it lives on thanks to the power of the computer.

So that Leia can also appear in the star saga finale "The Rise of Skywalker", which starts this Wednesday and is about her prodigal son Ben, she was breathed into life with unpublished film material. Carrie Fisher's face may be immortal, but she took her humor with her to the grave: her urn was shaped like an antidepressant pill.

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