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It thundered loudly and Inspector Salis Gioto instinctively threw himself down, the police behind him was nowhere near as lucky and was torn to pieces by the Xenos weapon. But the inspector didn't get away unscathed either: his cap fell off his head and was shot in the air by another police officer, who immediately stopped firing and began to stutter an apology to himself:
"Milord, I ... I am heartbroken ..."
"Who told you not to shoot anymore?" Salis yelled back, waving his saber at the enemy. "When the last of those Emperor damn aliens is down, we'll deal with it."
"Yes, sir!" The soldier took his laser rifle again in both hands and fired a volley at charging eldar, all of whom had evaded or had not been there at all. Salis picked up his pistol and fired a few symbolic shots at the enemy. All of a sudden a banshee rushed towards him with her energy sword and the time suddenly passed much, much slower: he turned his head in her direction and raised his saber, but it was too late, he would only have it in defensive position if he had no head would have more. A deafening screeching could be heard and Salis closed her eyes, devoted to fate. After so many battles against the Tau, Orcs and the chaos it was now over. All who entered the Imperial Army or the Commissariat knew that their service only ended in death. But you never wanted to admit it. Suddenly laser flashes flashed past his right ear and the head of the Banschee was decorated with several holes and at the moment of movement the corpse stumbled over a fallen police officer and fell at the feet of the inspector, who looked around in astonishment at the shooter: It was him Feldjäger, which he had noticed before.
"Nice that you are doing your duty again." he praised him in the highest tones and turned back to the battle.

Tielastan, his homeland, had been hit hard lately: the Kroot had always been there and always been a problem, but then one day orcs came and found the local Kroot for Orkig and together with them they raided the small towns and plundered them, which were on the edge of the safe areas, but soon the capital Tielastan, Tiestay, was under their siege. Tielastan had always had good warriors, but luckily they were not as noticeable as the Cadians and were therefore largely ignored and often only served as fillers. But even for these good marksmen it was too much to stand against orcs, Kroot, a thousand cursed Tau, and heretical eldar. Whatever the latter two wanted on Tielastan, it was definitely not a good thing. But they couldn't stop them much longer - the losses were too high and they simply lacked everything: heavy equipment, tanks, air support, men, ammunition. The only significant tank on Tiestan, the Fàedor, had been missing since a counter-offensive and everyone expected to see it again as an orc tank at Tiestay. The Emperor had just left them all ...

Glaring light filled the sky and huge masses of plasma hit the hunters in their trenches, but the losses were somewhat bearable. In this case endurable meant: irreplaceable, but not endangering the fighting strength and morale of the unit. But Salis recognized one thing with deadly precision: the position was lost, they had to withdraw. He didn't like the thought of retreating, it left a stale taste in his mouth, but he had a choice: Either let the soldiers die here - which he would have done earlier - or retreat, preferably to Aratan, where they could reorganize. ... the fact that he grew up with most of the regiment and that it was his home that was fought for here made him decide.

Everything had gone wrong, but everything ... the Imperials had spotted them ... that they spotted the clumsy ropes was understandable, but the eldar, masters of disguise, could not be spotted so easily. But they did it. Pah, sheer luck, thought runic reader Tai'den disdainfully and followed the memory of the day on. And then the battle broke out. Tielastans were more capable than normal people, they tried sensible ambushes and it hurt a lot that a unit of guardsmen had run blindly into one and was completely wiped out. That's how we play, on the threshold of the apocalypse, he thought and shook his head. It had become much more difficult to establish diplomatic contact with them, as the rune prophets demanded, because people always carried losses in this way, even though there were so many of them. They did not know when to listen and when to fight - the eldar fought them, but they succumbed to chaos. What irony. What a bitter irony. But finally the people had withdrawn to the apparent safety of their supposedly well-fortified cities. A deadly trap. The rangers had already started their forays and recorded extraordinarily high casualties, there were also other creatures here who sneaked through the forest with loaded weapons and shot at everything that did not belong to them. But he loved this planet: Green and wild in large parts it was lit by a beautiful sun - even if you didn't see it often in the highlands because of the fog and rain - and at night the wonders of the galaxy were in all splendor in the sky. In addition, there were relatively few people here. And best of all: no touch of chaos at all. Most of all the planets had this touch, mostly only lightly, like a shadow in the spirit, but still there, but here the people remained as they should be. Hard work reliably protected against seduction. Next to him, another Falcon, which acted as a troop transport, flew past, towards the base of the Tau. Soon all the star children would have left the place and joined their ally, the blue rope. The council was waiting for him there to discuss how to proceed. He sighed and climbed into the last Falcon that stopped next to him. They left behind the dead of the Tielastans and numerous destruction. Only the Imperial banner was blowing defiantly in the wind, riddled with dozens of shots.

"It will be difficult to win people's trust." noted O'Shova after the council met.
"As far as every one of us was already. The fact that they shoot us immediately doesn't make the situation any better." noted Falea.
"The rangers report strong troops at Tiestay, Aratan, Tiestalan Secundus and Banelan as well as Ariestea. Numerous orcs and kroot roam back and forth in the country. No Eldar should go alone and without weapons." Tai'den reported obediently.
"Where is the high command located?" Ceicla asked the rune reader.
"The one prisoner we took couldn't find out anything in this regard. What we do know is that the commander-in-chief, General Aram" Schatten "was slaughtered in a Krooth ambush with his guards and the 41st. Since then, I have used the words of Chem -Pan-Sey, Shadow Council the Troops. "
"What is that supposed to be?" the Tau commander was interested.
"A council of eight unknown people who make strategic decisions."
"Why are you following him?"
"You have to follow someone - so the prisoner said."
"And anyone could sit on the council?"
"Yes, rune prophet, it could be that eight company cooks lead the troops, but it should be noted that they have been leading the troops extremely successfully for a year."
"We can hardly ask every Imperial if they are on the council ... my suggestion is to leave this planet and cease operations." suggested Falea.
"No, that would not only be wrong, it would be foolish. The solution to the riddle will be obvious ..." Ceicla contradicted her sister vehemently.
"Then tell me!" this asked her.
"There will be people with legal access to all data, so we can exclude cooks, ordinary soldiers or anyone else. It is noticeable when a cook always goes into the command bunker ... and thus the circle of candidates becomes smaller."
"According to our reports, there are 1,025 people to whom this applies." the rune reader reported immediately. "
"Who is the senior?" Ceicla demanded to know.
"Commissioner Tarik Treen, in his office Gouvenor von Tiestay."
"And this is surrounded by orcs. Impossible to get there without suffering horrific losses." O'Shova threw the suggestion in the garbage can.
"Then we dare to try the next man who has something to say and is nearby." she replied quickly.
"Commissioner Salis?" inquired the rune reader.
"Yeah, I'll talk to him." announced Ceicla.
"This is madness! You can't just march into an imperial city, not even with a thousand men!" started the dew.
"You don't know the eldar well enough. We find ways where there are none for others. We disappear into the shadows. Does the council have any other suggestions?"
"As sorry as I am - no. Do what you think is right." Falea ended the meeting.

Aratan was a peaceful city when it lay by the great river in the light of the three moons, but if you listened carefully you could hear the explosions and sounds of war from the north, where Tiestay was and had been besieged by the orcs for a month. In the south, on the other hand, everything was calm and peaceful, there were only a few dreamy fishing villages on the long coast that bordered the main continent in the south. The trees, all deciduous from the earth, swayed softly in the wind and seemed to whisper their secrets. Salis took a deep breath and enjoyed the aroma of the air, the scent of pine and beech.
"A nice evening." he said to the Imperial Guardsman who stood guard next to him on the tall tower.
"Yes, sir."
"It is rare to see all moons at the same time."
"How true sir."
"Would you leave me alone? I will give you permission to go to the canteen and have something to eat. If you are not here in a quarter of an hour, there will be trouble if you are there first."
"Yes, sir." The guard saluted and went down the stairs. Salis leaned against the chest wall and looked at the few lights in the city - it was already late and many houses were empty, their residents had been called up to the PVS to protect Tielastan. But even with this reinforcement, they couldn't hold out much longer. Tomorrow he would propose to the Council that the years 984-986 and 930-935 be convened. He was reluctant to use half children and old people, but either she would die defenseless as a civilian or in combat. Or win. He had often wondered what the world would be like if the Emperor were still alive, but in the end he had come to the conclusion that this would have made no difference in their situation. As soon as he knew the administration, a liberation fleet would have arrived after three hundred years. A little late, but still on time for the bureaucrats. The flap opened again and Salis snorted without turning around:
"Soldier, you can't hear properly: a quarter of an hour."
"You're right." answered a voice that didn't sound like the guardsman's at all. The speech melody was completely different and if the soldier hadn't become female within four minutes, it was someone else. The superintendent whirled around in a flash and was about to pull out his laser pistol, which he found he had left lying on the table. But even if he had, he would have been too stunned to shoot. He had expected something unknown, but not a rune prophet who looked at him with piercing eyes.
"What do you want, witch?" he hissed after a long pause.
"Clarify a misunderstanding."
"There is nothing to clarify here! You killed my men!"
"And you mine. But our little disputes are futile, because we are here to help you."
"Ha! Xenos help people just like that!" he laughed bitterly.
"You are right, we act in self-interest. After a victory we would take the armed forces with us."
"How? What? Where to?"
"We will lead them into the realm of the warp to destroy the chaos. But this can be resolved later."
"Why should my people trust you?"
"Because we help you."
Salis was stunned. He hadn't expected anything like that at all.
"Haven't you even thought of taking back the big power plant north of us?"
"Yes, yes, but we didn't have enough strength ..."
"We will take the northern route while you come from the south."
A streak of mist came up and when it was over she was gone. The hatch opened and the guard came upstairs. When he saw the inspector's irritated look, he asked uncertainly:
"Are you all right, sir?"
"The supremacy of England must remain until the end of time, because for everyone it means freedom, independence and liberation from everything inhumane"

"I like to die, I already died in Versailles"