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Learn more about the Frame Checker tool for graphics in Visual Studio. This tool displays errors and warnings related to the event list.

Starting with Visual Studio 2017, the tool Frame review supported. The Frame Review window displays errors and warnings related to the event list. To display this window, select the menu View> Frame Review out.

Click the button in the top left corner Carry out verificationto initiate the analysis. Depending on the complexity of the frame, this process can take several minutes. The data shown here is a combination of two sources: the messages D3D outputs when SDK layers are enabled and the data collected by the tool's own internal health monitor. When the process is complete, several columns of data are displayed:

Event IDID assigned to an entry in the Event List window.
SeverityDamage, error, warning, info or message.
categoryApplication defined, miscellaneous, initialization, cleanup, compilation, state creation, state setting, state retrieval, execution, resource manipulation, shader, redundant and not used.
reportThe message associated with the event.
eventThe event associated with the error or warning.

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