Can you wish for something in life?

You want to wish your loved one the best of luck for the exam that is coming up soon or for the interview for the important job that a friend absolutely wants to get.

Moving to a new city, starting an apprenticeship or studying and taking the driving school test are good reasons to wish luck. There are many challenges that your loved ones can face in life. So it's nice when you have a good friend who is by your side, supports and motivates you!

"I wish you a lot of success and luck!"

Be there for your friends and help them to cope well with the task at hand. You can buy and give them little lucky charms, write a motivating message or encourage them personally and keep your fingers crossed for them. We have put together various ideas for you, with which you can wish your loved ones good luck.

Wish good luck - just do it!

Probably the easiest way to wish your boyfriend or girlfriend success and good luck is simply to say to them. In short, from the heart and above all honestly.

Tell them that you wish them good luck as they are well prepared for the exam. So they don't need luck at all. Of course, you are especially happy when good friends accompany you to the exam or interview and give you personal support. You could at least offer it once :-).

Especially in difficult moments such as an upcoming operation or exciting new tasks such as a new job or the first apartment of your own, it is nice when friends help you and are by your side. This makes it easier to master the challenges and celebrate the successes together later.

Give a lucky charm

Buying a lucky charm and giving it to your loved one is not only cute, it can also help and motivate them during the exam and in difficult times. There are countless small lucky charms such as necklaces, key rings, soft toys, etc. These symbols and motifs are particularly common because they symbolize luck.

  • Ladybug
  • horseshoe
  • Lucky pig
  • Shamrock
  • chimney sweeper
  • mistletoe
  • Shooting star
  • Guardian Angel
  • anchor


Lucky pig or lucky pig

The saying “you had a pig” probably goes back to the late Middle Ages. In sports competitions, the loser was given a pig as a consolation prize. He got something without actually deserving it and was lucky.


A four-leaf clover is difficult to find in nature and can only be found with a lot of luck. So you are really lucky if you find one.


Guardian Angel

You can't see it and you can't touch it. We imagine angels as beings with wings so that they can be fast anywhere. They protect us all the time. You can get the guardian angel as a lucky charm right here.