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Catalog of fines: Drugs behind the wheel

You can find the current one here Catalog of fines for drugs 2021which defines the fines for drug driving.

OffenseFinePointsDriving ban F ban
Violation of the drug law in traffic the first time500 €21 month 1 m
Violation of the drug law in traffic the second time1.000 €23 months 3 m
Violation of the drug law in traffic from the third time1.500 €23 months 3 m
Endangering road traffic under the influence of drugs3Disqualification from driving, imprisonment or fine

Specials on the subject of drugs behind the wheel

Penalties for drug use in traffic

In addition to alcohol consumption, there is also the illicit consumption of drugs such as cannabis before starting the journey, which helps to minimize the Driving ability leads. In the worst case, you can even get yours Driver's license for several months to lose.

For different intoxicating means there are different limit values. If the driver is not found to be unable to drive despite drugs behind the wheel, there is no criminal offense, but according to the Road Traffic Act, driving under the influence of “intoxicating substances” such as cannabis is generally considered illegal.

In the catalog of fines, the amount of the fine increases proportionally to the number of violations of the prohibition of drug use:

You will first time Caught in traffic for drugs, face a fine of 500 euros, one point in Flensburg and a one-month driving ban. A medical-psychological examination (MPU) can also be prescribed.

Popularly known as the “idiot test”, this correctly designated “assessment of fitness to drive” - as the name suggests - provides information on whether the road user who is driven in an intoxicated state is suitable for driving a vehicle.

Become one second time Caught with drugs behind the wheel, face a fine of at least 1000 euros, 2 points and a 3-month driving ban

At the third time the fine increases 1500 Euro, there are 2 points and the Driving ban also increases to three months.

So if you get caught, this will tear a sensitive hole in your wallet. It is therefore important not to consume drugs such as cannabis before driving.

How to identify drug abuse behind the wheel

One has noticeable If you behave in road traffic, for example due to an unsafe driving style, and if you are stopped for a traffic control, you have a problem. Performing a Rapid drug tests, which measures the concentration of the substance in sweat or saliva, is actually voluntary. However, if there is an initial suspicion, as mentioned above, for example in the case of an unsafe driving style, a blood test can be ordered by a judge.

Detectability in the urineDetectable in salivaDetectability in the blood
1 hour to 3 days1 hour to 2 days6 hours
1 to 3 days1 to 3 daysup to 6 hours
2 hours to 3 days1 hour to 3 days8 to 24 hours
2 hours to 3 days1 hour to 2 days12 to 24 hours
Crystal meth
2 hours to 4 days1 hour to 3 daysup to 6 hours
THC (cannabis)
2 days to 12 weeks (duration depends on consumption - once / regularly)1 to 14 hours12 hours up to 4 weeks (duration depends on consumption - once / regularly)

Drug use during the probationary period

For the most part, young people are particularly keen to experiment when it comes to drugs. So it is not surprising that driving under the influence of drugs is too A violations heard of the offenses during the probationary period.

An A violation is a serious violation of the road traffic regulations. If this is done for the first time, the Trial period of four years and an advanced seminar, which costs between 250 euros and 400 euros, is ordered.

If the novice driver again violates the ban on drugs in traffic or commits another A-violation during this four-year probationary period, a Traffic psychological advice recommended on a voluntary basis. This also happens if the driver commits two further B violations.

If you commit an equivalent offense after two A violations, you will lose your driver's license for at least three months.

A special feature of the advanced seminar is in the case of drug consumption at the wheel during the probationary period. Because a special advanced seminar is arranged for alcohol or drugs at the wheel. This is not led by a normal driving school instructor, but by a specially licensed psychologist.

Medicines and their effects on road safety

Not only well-known drugs like cannabis, ecstasy and heroin have an impact on the ability to drive. The person responsible for the next fine can also lie in your own medicine cabinet. Because many medicines also have Effects on the bodywho the Efficiency and responsiveness influence.

On the one hand, attending physicians must inform the patient about possible side effects of the prescribed medication; Driving ability responsible and must guarantee this. That is why you usually should Medicines and alcohol not at the same time consume.

Even if taking medication behind the wheel is not really forbidden in the StVO, it can lead to major problems. If you have caused an accident and drug residues are found in the blood by means of analyzes, severe fines are imminent. These can consist of a fine exist or the Driving license cost. However, this accident can also potentially lead to a Imprisonment advance if it resulted in deaths.

It is therefore important not to simply take medication without taking into account possible side effects or incapacity to drive, but to talk to your doctor or pharmacist about it.

FAQ - Drugs in traffic

What is the penalty for drug driving?

For drugs at the wheel, the fines range from 500 to 1500 euros (without endangering traffic). In the event of a traffic hazard, the penalty will be negotiated in court and decided individually. In this case, the driver's license is also withdrawn and an MPU is often ordered.

How long is the MPU for drugs?

An MPU takes about 2.5 hours. The preparation for MPU because of drugs often takes 6 months to 1 year (longer also possible). The duration depends on the required evidence of abstinence or, in severe cases, on withdrawal.

Is drug use a criminal offense?

The consumption itself is not punishable. BUT: Possession and manufacture are punishable by law. If police officers find drugs (e.g. in their pocket or in the car), their driver's license can be withdrawn.