How does the queue management system work

Queue management system ticket display with attached printer ticket machine

Queue management system ticket display with attached printer ticket machine


A queue management system used to manage customer flows intelligently, it will help you improve your service, organize your store and know your business.

Shangxu Queue Management System is a computing device with an embedded web server that runs your queue management. Our system is based on Windows version. This solution has a simple plug and play configuration and it allows you to create modular configurations of players through a master and slave architecture.


Our queue management system includes:

  1. A gamer or a PC gamerconnected to information screens. For the window version you can choose your own PC player with windows

Feeding the card2.A

Installation is very easy with the automatic registration system via TCP / IP networks. Q-Better has buttons (up to 8 services) and touchscreen card feeders (unlimited number of services).

EDITION 3.A. QM, which is a controller to the service counters. This system allows you to call, cancel and pause the cards and get statistics on the service.

How does it work?
a-) Customer selects a service in the card feeder.
b) the card can have your company name and logo, selected service, number of cards, etc.
c-) Customers look at the screens in the waiting area where your product and service are being promoted.
Tone d) A and a visual signal is played when a new customer is called
e) Card number appears on the central office or lcd showing the customer's desk / cashier number.
f) the customer is served and the employee calls a new customer with the software connection.

Additions to the queue management system

Card feeders

Note 17 "
Unlimited number of services
Technical specifications:
| 17 '' IR touch screen
| Custom text
| TCP / IP interface
| 80mm thermal printer, tailor, demonstrator
| Built-in industrial PC

| Built-in repeater and 2 speaker for calling message

Technical specification for the upcoming card feed machine

• 17 inch touch screen LCD display • Select service required. • Card is printed with selected service name, number of cards, number of person waiting, date & time, greeting and advertising text • Includes real-time reporting features. • Built in industrial PC • Can link to wired RS485 or wireless • Multiple language support • Customizable

cabinetAll in a cold steel cupboard
LCD display17 "LCD display with resolution of 1280 * 1024
Touch screen17 "IR touch screen
Thermal printer80mm Epson thermal printer with self-cutter
PC configuration

CPU: Intel 2.41Ghz, 2G DDR3

500G HDD, USB port 6

Windows 7/10 operations system installed

speakerBuilt-in amplifier and 2 speakers
Power supply110V-240V

Queue management system

1.Queue Management System Software: control and manage the batches, can realize the function of multiple language calling and multiple language translation, and can realize the reporting statistics function

2.Interface and language and card format can be customized, and you can add logo or some other information on the card, like time, waiting people, the information can be editable

Name the edition

A requirement to be mentioned is a control panel for the service counters. It is included in the system and it can be used in an unlimited number of service desks.
This system allows you:
| To get statistics about the service
| To transfer cards between desks
| To change the services to the call
| To do manual dialing
| To know the number of card waiting
| To call back the number
The call pad have two hardware and software versions. You can use button call pad or tablet call pad or you can install software call pad on the meter's PC

Statistics and dashboard

In the dashboard you can access real-time information in graphs and tables, such as:
| Waiting time and time of serving;
| Answered cards, waiting cards, canceled cards, etc.

Statistics - this system provides metrics and statistics that allow staff optimization and customer analysis:
| Per waiting periods and time of serving;
| Pro cards answered, paused, canceled, diverted and waiting.
You can check these statistics:
| Daily newspaper and between date ranges;
| Pro service, operator and desk;
| Comparable graphics.

You can access your queue management system's statistics anytime, anywhere remotely. Format the data in the diagram and in the table and can also be exported in XLS format.

Diagrams and architecture

Counter Desk Ads

With Shangxu series system, you can use regular LCD displays as opposite displays. You just need use our all in one LCD counter display our Q game software installed. This allows you to identify the named cards and other relevant information per each desk.