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Orthodontics for adults

It is never too late for a dental surgery. Even in old age, a crooked smile can be straightened out. The added value goes beyond the pure aesthetics, because permanent uneven loading of the teeth due to misalignment can damage tooth substance and the temporomandibular joint and also have a negative effect on other parts of the body. This is why adults are increasingly using orthodontic treatment in our practice. Since the growth process is completely finished in this case, we resort to different measures than with the young patients and thus achieve the desired result just as quickly.

It is not only important to know for business women and men: Visually we leave nothing to be desired, because you have the choice between various state-of-the-art invisible brace systems! We respond to your wishes and ideas, advise you in detail about various therapy options and, after a comprehensive diagnosis, create a treatment plan. Then the first step towards your new smile can be taken.

Invisible braces using the lingual technique and the Invisalign splint system

Invisible braces
  • The tailor-made suit for your teeth
  • When the braces should not be visible
Lingual technique

In the lingual technique, the braces are on the inner surface of the teeth.

These braces are not visible from the outside. The special feature of these lingual braces is that they are individually made in a special laboratory compared to externally visible braces.

Using the latest digital processes, the individual brackets and arches for your personal treatment goal are manufactured in a special laboratory. (The basis of this custom-made product is of course the orthodontic treatment plan)

Dr. Julia Tiefengraber has a part-time course in lingual orthodontics at the MHH (Hannover Medical School) acquired the Master of Science M.Sc.LO in Lingual Orthodontics and specializes in this type of treatment.

Invisalign splint system

With this method, the misalignment of teeth is corrected using transparent (= almost invisible) plastic splints. These splints are wafer-thin and transparent and use gentle forces to bring the teeth into the correct position.

The rails are manufactured in a special laboratory using modern, virtual 3D planning. The basis of this custom-made product is of course the orthodontic treatment plan.
The individually manufactured splints are worn 22 hours a day (exception: only when eating and cleaning)

Every 14 days there is a change to a fresh pair of splints so that the teeth move millimeter by millimeter into the intended target position.

Dr. Julia Tiefengraber has been certified for this treatment method since 2001.

Diagnostics practice Dr. Deep diggers

Every treatment is preceded by a comprehensive diagnosis. We take a lot of time for the initial consultation in our orthodontic practice. This is how we find the optimal form of therapy for the individual needs and wishes of our patients. With the help of modern imaging processes (radiation-reduced digital x-ray examinations, portrait shots, simulation programs) and denture scans (digital impression taking) or impressions / plaster models (conventional impression taking), therapy options are explained in an understandable manner - because no two teeth are the same. We recommend what should be treated from a medical point of view and tell you what can be achieved aesthetically. Orthodontic treatment will only take place after you have given your consent. And in the end we look forward to the success that our before-and-after photos of your smile document together with you.

Let us advise you in our practice - you can find us in Meerbusch-Büderich.