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Animal welfare: is meat also good and fair?

The most important thing on the subject Farm animals

  • The Animal welfare is round 80 percent important to Germans. Since 2019 there is a Animal welfare seal on packaging in the supermarket.

  • Fattening animals should if possible a lot of meat in a short time bring. Most animals don't even reach it one tenth of their natural life expectancy.

  • In which Old pigs, cattle, chickens and lambs slaughtered you will find out below.

  • Is "organic" better? A Organic broilers often live twice as long like a conventional hen. And a Organic calf gets milk instead of milk replacer.

  • A ecological variant Meat procurement: game meat from the regional forest office.

Ready for slaughter: How long do cattle, sheep, pork, lamb and chicken actually live?

  • A Broiler chicken lives about 28 to 42 days. The animals are slaughtered with a weight of 1.5 kilos. For comparison: chickens can over 7 years old become.

  • A Fattening pig reached roughly 5 to 6 months his slaughter weight of around 120 kilos. Usually a pig could over 10 years old become.

  • Fattening bulls will be with approximately 18 to 20 months slaughtered, Calves With 6 to 7 months. Usually they have a life expectancy of up to 25 years.

  • Fattening lambs Life 4 to 12 months. The natural life expectancy of sheep is around 20 years.

Show your attitude, please! The animal welfare seal

Was the cattle allowed to go out to the pasture, or did it stand in the narrow stable? Since April 2019 you can find Information on keeping of farm animals Packaging in the supermarket. The Animal welfare label "Husbandry" denotes 4 levels.

Ever higher the level, the more the keeping is more appropriate to the species: Level 1 is the minimum standard for stable housing. The highest level 4 corresponds to the requirements of the EU organic regulation.

The animal welfare seal sticks to this packaging with chicken meat.
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The Animal welfare labeling commissioned the trade to give consumers a better orientation when choosing meat to offer. Surveys repeatedly confirm: One Most of the consumers (over 80 percent) is that Animal welfare is important. They want to know how the animals that land on their plates are doing.

On a state marking So far, politicians have not been able to agree. So that the animals really benefit - from birth to slaughter - animal rights activists demand a European label.

Meat used to be significantly more expensive

Earned quickly: That's how long you work for a piece of meat.


No genetic engineering, good for the environment: We clarify what is behind organic seals and what customers should pay attention to.

Avoid slaughter transport: the mobile butcher

Animals shouldn't just be one good life have, but also one dignified death. Long transports, fear in the slaughterhouse, pain - a mobile butcher wants to save farm animals.

Matthias Kürten from Wipperfürth drives to his customers in the yard and slaughters there. This saves the animals stress. In addition, he still processes almost that whole animal - as before.

Tips for buying meat

  • Game meat comes from the forest to your plate. Buy it from the regional hunter and forest office. The animals lived in a species-appropriate way - and they were spared long, painful transports.
  • Share as before: With "crowd butchering" you buy a cow or a pig online from the farmer of your choice - together with others. You choose which meat you want. Only when all of the animal has been sold is it slaughtered.
  • Inform you: Ask the butcher where the animals come from, how far the transport routes are and from which attitude the animals come.
  • Pay attention to packaging in the supermarket on the animal welfare label.

What to Remember

  • More animal welfare, more costs: For more species-appropriate animal husbandry farmers would have to, for example Remodel stables and create more space - that costs money. Experts have calculated: consumers pay 40 cents more per kilogram of meat, many steps could be taken towards better animal welfare.

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