Who is mighty Ravana or Jalandhar

Jalandhara - Jalandhara

An evil demigod born of Shiva's anger
Triloka Adipati
"The Lord of the Three Realms"
Affiliation Shivansh
gender Male
Personal Information
parents Shiva (creator)
Spouse Vrinda

Jalandhara (Sanskrit: जलन्धर, lit. who holds water ), also known as Chalantarana (Sanskrit: चलन्तरण, lit. who goes and swims ), was an evil demigod. He was born when Shiva opened his third eye to destroy Indra for his arrogance. But Indra was saved and the energy emitted from the eye was sent into ocean. The energy developed into a boy and was raised by Varuna and later by Shukracharya (Guru of Asuras). As he grew up, he conquered the three realms - Swarga (heaven), Bhuloka (earth) and Patala (hell). He married Vrinda, a pious woman. Shiva later killed him for his evil deeds.


In the Shiva Purana, when Indra and Brihaspati went towards Mount Kailash to meet Shiva, their path was blocked by a yogi with matted hair and a radiant face. The yogi was Shiva himself, who took the form to test the knowledge of Indra and Brihaspati. Indra did not recognize the yogi and was angry that the man did not avoid them. Indra asked him to move, but the man did not move. After receiving no answer, Indra became angry and threatened him with his lightning bolt. During this action Indra's arm was paralyzed and Shiva neutralized the lightning. Shiva got angry at this action by Indra and his eyes turned red, which startled Indra. The anger opened the third eye and nearly killed Indra. Brihaspati recognized Shiva and prayed to him and asked him to forgive Indra. In order not to kill Indra, Shiva sent the fire from his eye towards the sea and, upon meeting the ocean, took the form of a boy. The boy cried terribly, which caused Brahma to come down from his quarters. The ocean told Brahma that he did not know where the boy came from. Brahma then told him that one day the boy would become the emperor of Asuras, he could only be killed by Shiva and after his death he would return to the third eye.

Jalandhara, the emperor of the three kingdoms

Jalandhara's childhood was full of miracles. Carried by the wind he flew across the ocean; his pets were lions that he had caught; and the greatest birds and fish were subject to it. Jalandhara grew up to be a handsome man and was appointed Emperor of Asuras by Shukra, her guru. Jalandhara was extraordinarily powerful and is considered to be one of the most powerful asuras of all time. He married Vrinda, the daughter of the Asura Kalanemi. Jalandhara ruled with justice and nobility. One day the sage Bhrigu Jalandhara met. He told the stories of Hiranyakashipu and Virochana. He also tells him about how Vishnu severed Rahu's head and about the samudra manthan. Jalandhara was angry with the samudra manthan. He believed that the devas had treacherously taken away his father, Varuna's treasure. He sent one of his messengers, Ghasmar, to Indra to ask him to return his father's treasures. However, Indra refused. A fierce battle took place between the devas and asuras. Many warriors were killed on both sides. Shukra enlivened the Asuras with his Mritsanjivani vidya. Brihaspati enlivened the dead devas with the medicinal herbs from the Drongiri mountain. Shukra ordered Jalandhara to flood the mountain so that Brihaspati could not use the medicinal herbs to revive the devas. Jalandhara obeyed the order and sank Mount Drongiri. Demoralized, the devas asked Vishnu for his help. Vishnu agreed but promised Lakshmi that he would not kill Jalandhara since he was born of the sea and Lakshmi considered him her brother. A fierce battle was waged between Jalandhara in which Lord Vishnu overpowered Jalandhar and tried to behead Jalandhar with his divine sword when Lakshmi intervened and Lord Vishnu forbade killing him. Vishnu was impressed by Jalandhara's bravery in battle and told him about Lakshmi's relationship with him. Vishnu then asked him to ask for whatever blessings he wished. Jalandhara asked Vishnu to make Ksheera Sagara his home. He agreed and started living there with Lakshmi. Without his help, the devas were defeated by Asuras and Jalandhara became the emperor of the three worlds (heaven, earth and hell).

Conflicts with Shiva

The devas were unhappy with their defeat. They did not want to be ruled by Jalandhara even though he was the creation of Shiva. The sage Narada went to Jalandhara after consulting the devas. When asked by Jalandhara about the purpose of his visit, he described the beauty of Kailash where Shiva lived and wondered if any other place suited his beauty. In response, Jalandhara showed his wealth to Narada, who commented that he did not have the most beautiful wife for his wife. Narada then continued to describe Shiva's residence and also described Parvati's beauty to him.

Jalandhara sends his messenger Rahu to Shiva and accuses him of hypocrisy. He points out that Shiva claims to be an ascetic but keeps a wife, Parvati. He suggests that Shiva give him Parvati:

How can one live on alms and still keep the beautiful Parvati? Give it to me and walk from house to house with your alms bowl. You have fallen from your vow. You are a yogi, what do you need for the jewel of women? You live in the woods where goblins and ghosts live. As a naked yogi, you should give your wife to someone who appreciates her better than you do.

Upon hearing these insults, Shiva became so angry that a fearsome creature (Kīrttimukha) jumped from his forehead and almost killed Rahu, the messenger who had fulfilled the request. After the war was decided, Jalandhara marched first to Kailash. However, when he found that Shiva had left it and taken a position on a mountain near Lake Manasa, he surrounded the mountain with his troops. Nandi marched against them and spread destruction; However, the army of the gods suffered many losses. Parvati then urged Shiva to go to war. Shiva carefully warned Parvati to be on guard during his absence, as it was possible that asuras in some disguise were visiting them; After that, Shiva went to the battlefield accompanied by Virabhadra and Manibhadra, two forms of his anger. Kartikeya came to fight him but was defeated. After his defeat, Ganesha tried to dominate over him, but was severely defeated by him and left unconscious on the battlefield. When Jalandhara saw Shiva and his avatars dominate the battlefield, he created an illusion of beautiful apsaras singing and dancing. This distracted his army, but not himself. Meanwhile, Jalandhara disguises himself as Shiva and goes to Parvati to trick her. Parvati recognized him and got very angry. Puranas states that when Parvati realized this delusion, she was so angry that her eyes turned blood red and her face pitch black, indicating her acceptance of her form from Kali. She tried to attack him, but Jalandhara escaped knowing that he could not stand the wrath of the goddess. Parvati then went to Vishnu and asked him to outsmart Vrinda, just as Jalandhara tried to outsmart her.

Vrinda's curse

Jalandhara's wife, Vrinda, was very pious. At first Vishnu created an illusion that Jalandhara was killed by Shiva and then will be brought back to life by him. Vrinda then hugs Jalandhara, who is actually Vishnu in disguise. Vrinda realizes that it is Vishnu in disguise and curses him that one day someone would outsmart his own wife (which will come true when Sita is kidnapped by Ravana) just like he betrayed her, causing the world to lift a finger on his becomes the purity of the woman and he would be helpless against the onslaught because it had ruined her chastity. She adds that he will endure the pain of being separated from his wife, much like her husband. She also admonishes him to be stone and curses that one day he will turn to stone. When she says this, she enters the fire to burn herself. The curses come true eons later when Sita is kidnapped by Ravana. Hence she is to give the test of purity by fire. Regardless, she is exiled again, where she raises the twins Luv and Kusha. After entrusting her care to Rama, Sita waves to her mother Bhūmi to give her comfort and free herself from an unhappy life as evidence of her purity, chastity and innocence, which leaves Rama heartbroken.


When Jalandhara heard of this deception and the death of his wife, he was furious and left Mount Kailash and returned to the battlefield. The illusion at that point was over and Shiva's army realized the truth. No illusion can be cast on Shiva. Shiva engaged Sumbha and Nisumbha in battle, but they fled. They were later killed by Parvati. Jalandhara engaged Shiva in a battle who killed Jalandhara by thrusting his trishula into his chest and cutting off his head with a chakra (disc) created from his toe. After his death, his soul merged with Shiva, just as Vrinda's soul merged with Lord Vishnu.