Who in your life acted stupid

The stupid thinks you're stupid - and sometimes he's right!

Hopefully after this article you will have “bumblebees in your bum” 🙂

That you read this blog regularly tells me that the two of us have something in common: We think a lot. We think about life and our everyday life. Whether we are doing everything right and what we can still do better. We think about how we can add value to other people while maintaining one for ourselves, and we make plans for happier, more carefree lives. But this similarity also means that we have one more thing in common. One that sometimes doesn't do us any good: We think too much!

Close your eyes and go

I would like to make one thing clear in advance: I am NOT claiming in this article that anyone who does not give a lot of thought is stupid. Today's article is about generally defined stupidity, i.e. unwise, illogical and irresponsible behavior.

We have all seen such “stupid” people. Basically, all you have to do is turn on the television and watch reality TV and it is clear what I am talking about. They are people who really care about NOTHING and just go ahead and act. There are no thoughts of consequences. Just as little is thought about possible obstacles, required resources or anything else. Social behavior? Nothing. A stupid person just does what is on his mind.

Now comes the funny thing about it: My description makes a disastrous impression, but actually made a stupid person through this behavior an advantage over us: She's acting.

Run in place

You certainly know the problem of wanting to do something, but you just can't bring yourself to do it.

You would like to take this short vacation, but oh, it's so expensive and there will be traffic jams on the way and much worse: What if the weather isn't really as nice as the weather service predicted? What if the hotel is really dirty and the pictures have fooled you? After all these considerations, you come to the conclusion that you can invest your time and money better and ultimately you don't go on a short vacation.

Maybe you would like to start your own business, but there are just so many things that keep you from doing it. Your job is not necessarily fun, but it gives you security because you will continue to be paid and have an order book even if you fall ill. You have not yet dealt with the subject of "accounting" and a tax advisor is certainly terribly expensive. You cannot know in advance whether you will have customers and acquisition also seems to be an impossible task for you. In addition, there is the additional point that there are already so many companies that are doing the same thing as you. Ultimately, you decide, depressed, not to take another step and just carry on as before.

Imagine not worrying about all of these things. What would your life be like then? If you didn't see all of these worries and obstacles in your mind's eye, what would you do? Your life would probably be a lot more eventful, wouldn't it?

The stupid thinks you're stupid

A stupid person just does what he wants to do. In our examples, he simply takes the vacation that he has in mind or spontaneously sets up his own business because he thinks it's a good idea. Maybe he has traffic jams and bad weather on vacation, but he is experiencing something. Maybe the hotel is dirty, but it has something to tell. Maybe his company flopped after the first month, but at least he tried. And sometimes such a rashly founded company shoots through the roof and becomes a real blessing. I do not recommend this model for imitation, but anything is possible 🙂

If you explain to such a person why you don't, you will only get uncomprehending looks. A simply knitted person simply sees the world simply. We eat when we are hungry and sleep when we are tired. But we don't act when we really want to act? From that point of view it is really "stupid" and I like to put on this shoe, because I've already missed many opportunities in my life because I've thought too much 🙂 The stupid just shakes his head and thinks how stupid we are ...

The right way

In life, everything is not always black or white. A glass doesn't have to be either full or empty. That is why there is not only the rash act and the non-action due to too much thinking.

Anyone who really acts as stupidly and rashly in their life as I describe in this article will probably only have one advantage over you: their ability to act quickly. I don't need to tell you that this lifestyle also has umpteen disadvantages. So if we want to benefit from the stupid person, we only need to adopt one quality. The important thing here is not to take it over completely.

I want you in no way encourage people to abandon all common sense and only to do what spontaneously crosses your mind. I want to encourage you to just act more. If you combine your thinking skills, your sense of responsibility and your knowledge of risk with acting in a targeted manner and sometimes taking a calculable risk, you will suddenly Set milestones in your life!

“Think less, act more” is a principle that has taken me to completely new levels both privately and professionally.

Incidentally, the whole thing also has a very social and self-protecting aspect: Instead of constantly being angry with stupid people, you admire them for their ability to act and learn something from them.

Another statement for those who feel offended and think that I would speak condescendingly about the generally defined stupidity:

This article is not intended to be condescending, on the contrary! I think that you shouldn't always learn from the educated and intelligent. One can also see the good and productive in those who do little good and productive. It is beyond my responsibility that such people create little added value for others. The truth, while not always pleasant, is always the right way to go.

I wish everyone a wonderful Easter weekend and of course a blessed Easter.

It is nice that you are there.



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