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1 BRG R + P Beautiful Christmas fabrics uster Burda cut m l an ah sw Large goods for tablecloths or book now decoration! Among other things in the range: Fleece, a walk, knitwear & jersey fabrics Sewing patterns Beautiful Christmas fabrics DR HOLIDAY Ic Burd on Large selection ren wa rz u d nopf un Poseiner & Hess for tablecloths or decoration! Among other things in Wolfsweg 0 Griesheim Tel. 0 - Assortment: Fleece, Walk, Knit & Jerseystoffe o, Tue, Thu, Fri from o'clock Poseiner & Hess ittwoch + Saturday from o'clock Sewing machine repair acceptance and grinding shops RSS RA N aller t, esser, Wolfsweg 0 Griesheim Tel.Ar 0 - scissors etc. OJ w vouchers available! o, Tue, Thu, Fri from midday and Saturday from midnight Sewing machines, repairs and grinding shops of all kinds, scissors, etc. ST More information Omnibusbetriebe J. Brückmann OHG R + P vouchers available! R + P TRIN P + B Dental gold also with teeth GOLD - ANAUF G Purchase of dental gold (also with teeth) coins & medals (Gold, PLGG edien Verlag GmbH Friedrich-Wöhler-Straße - Gernsheim Tel .: 0/0 Fax 0/0 O silver, platinum) jewelry (gold, silver, platinum) gold, silver, platinum bars R tooth gold also with teeth ünzsammlungen (also D-goods) tin silver cutlery (00) L B. year edition W edition: .000 ittwoch ,. February 0 D Pfungstadt - berstädter Str. - SCG purchase of dental gold (also with teeth) coins & medals (gold, Ü HO silver, platinum) jewelry (gold, silver, platinum) gold, silver, platinum bars RN (also D- Goods) pewter silver cutlery (00) ünzsammlungen LBZ berstädter Str. - - Fri a.m. SaS 0 a.m. UD Pfungstadt -Di C Fa. OBR delmetalle - ünzhandel obil C 0 - N berstädter Strasse Pfungstadt Ü H Your contact in N Bickenbach, Alsbach-Hähnlein Alsbach-Hähnlein (red). In harmoz Tue - Fri o'clock Sat 0 -You talk to UhrusU! Gunnar Volz Fa. OBR delmetalle - ünzhandel obil 0 - attended annual general meeting Obil: 0-0 berstädter Straße - Pfungstadt lung of the choral society Singers daily in the H lust recently in the restaurant Dimitra in Hähnlein. In a good with luck talk to us! Hour, the agenda was worked through, the individual reports read out and then approval was unanimously given to VorZahngold, including teeth and buildings. Annual sustaining chairwoman Sybille Lang and 2nd chairman Christel Finger a G purchase of Zahngold (also with Teeth) coins & medals (gold, .. your contact in reviewing the year O silver, platinum) jewelry (gold, silver, platinum) gold, silver, platinum bars R used) g Bickenbach, Alsbach-Hähnlein ünzsammlungen (also D-Ware) pewter silver cutlery (00) dental gold also with teeth and reported on the activities Your old gold is worth money BL Seeheim youth homes and performances by the two ChöGunnar Volz DS! We offer you a smaller choir (mixed choir, choir 000). obil: 0-0 C Christmas lights (gold, G purchase of dental gold (also with teeth) coin & noble bar purchase To be emphasized were the very at his Ü (gold, silver, platinum) gold, silver, platinum bars H silver, platinum) jewelry gift items of all Hauptniederl. Hessen: Pfungstadt - berstädter Str. - OR well-attended recital by the specialist ünzsammlungen Zinn Silberbestecke N (also D-Ware) Tue - Fri from (00) o'clock Sa B 0 - o'clock large selection of We general association in November and L external plaster to clockmaker & Jeweler branch önigstätten: ohlseestr. (in the shopping center) set and wreaths the successful church concert of the D S goldsmithing thermal insulation composite systems C Tue + i from - o'clock choir 000 in December. C Paint N Fa. OBR delmetalle ünzhandel obil 0 The food inspectors Adam Ullrich Sitting (from left): Leopold Illek, Christel Finger, Sybille Lang, Dieter Flauaus. Standing Ü (from left) Pia Rauhputz, berstädter H aler-, TapezierStraßeu.Str. - - Hauptniederl. Hessen: Pfungstadt - berstädter Pfungstadt and arina ratz had no naup, Claudia Bokemüller, Ilse Höhenberger. N Photo: Verein Lackierarbeiten Tues - Fri from Saturday midnight Complaint at the assenz branch önigstätten: ohlseestr. (in the shopping center) U Street Talk to us! Tel. Guided tour by Dieter Flauaus. In the event that the year 0, in which the club was premiered, it will also serve C Tel. 0 / Tue + 0 / i from - p.m. Pfungstadt connection. Birthday celebrates, have this year again after -Bensheim Fax N Fa. OBR delmetalle ünzhandel official board elections, since the hike, bike tour, barbecue party started. For this, various - the choir program Cocktailsberstädter and Straße - Pfungstadt are previous assessors Simone and Christmas party. The choirs ne events in the planning. give usic. Both choirs www.kober-edelmetalle.de low-priced arken kitchen studio with free delivery furniture on 000 m 00 kitchen fronts all over Germany Dehmer and Nicole üller you will be in the Asklepios urklinik- The next big event would be happy to have more singers Talk to us! Office for professional reasons on- Hirschpark in Alsbach, am Volks- takes place on. Ai in the sport and on. The choir had to give 000 rehearsals. They will be held by day of mourning at the cemetery in ulturhalle in Hähnlein. During the day from 0 to. Uhr, the Ilse Höhenberger and Pia naup Hähnlein and on Christmas Eve in the otto Sing and Swing replaced mixed traditional choirs on Mondays. The Hähnleiner irche would perform in rotation. the choir 000 again young from 0 to. Am, each time in the Sabine Butorak-Schmidt one. Participation in choirs and formations with mo- auditorium of the Hähnleiner school is also possible. The successor to arina ratz was invited to sing several friendship songs in the dernem Liedgut. Further information: Sybille Lang, elected food inspector. Planned for spring and summer. The singers rehearse lively (0); Christel FinS INFR ATST TN are again planned numerous preparations for the anniversary and spring-like pieces. As with ger, (0). GOLD sale - PURCHASE of gold and silver. ünzen Sing and Swing am. ai H and bars for collectors and investors Warm invitation and bars for collectors and investors Gesangverein Sängerlust elected board new / itsinger wanted sale of gold and silver. Weih na R + P + B + Bib R + P + B + Bib GOLD - ANAUF Sale of gold and silver. ünzen GOLDund - ANAUF bars for collectors and investors Sale of gold and silver. coins and bars for collectors and investors GR GR Große arken leine Prices individual tuition at home qualified tutors for all subjects and leave overall grade GOOD (,) Tel. 0 / Tel. 0 / w w w. a b a c u s - n a c h h i l f e. d e The ten chickens are established Nature group voles met for the general assembly öbelpro fi s since. öbel Heidenreich GmbH Sudetenstrasse Groß-Gerau Tel: 0 / -0 ail: Opening times: o. Fri. o'clock, Sat. o'clock and much more ZÄUN GITTR TOR Friedrich-bert-Straße 0 Riedstadt-Crumstadt Telephone: 0 / wire fences lattice fences sliding gates turnstiles barriers doors gates Post security fences obile construction fences all wire meshes aluminum fences aluminum gate systems climbing systems also private sale We are there for you o.- Fri. Sat. clock Draht-Weissbäcker G wire mesh factory and wire fence construction The most important thing for many was the completion of the vole banner, on which eleven of their groups are imagine pictorially. The activities of the subgroups and initiatives were in part presented in a lively manner by the Indians. Photo: Archive SG Bickenbach Gaststätte At Rosel, the table of all dishes, 00 C also to take away! Tue .: Schnitzel with side dishes i .: önigsberger lopse, rice and salad Thu .: Chicken breast fillet, curry cream sauce, noodles and salad Fri .: Turkey schnitzel, cream sauce, roketten and salad On days off is 0 Bickenbach, Pfungstädter Straße Tel .: 0 Seeheim-Jugenheim (red). Since the voles are not a club, they do not need to gather in full every year. However, this year it was good to meet as a whole. The activities of the subgroups and initiatives were in part vividly presented by the Indians. In 0 the Dornbach pond was desludged and enlarged. The years öbel ROSS üchenstudio carpenter's workshop windows, doors, interior fittings öbel ROSS e .. Schlossstrasse ROSS_Anz_o bel_0x0.indd ten chickens have established themselves, and the main paddling tour took the burrowers to the lively black rain in the Bavarian forest. For many, the most important thing was the completion of the banner on which eleven of the groups present themselves pictorially. Next takes place on Sunday. February the information fair Nature, Garden, with exhibitors. Part of the program is the lecture with pictures and video clips by the Steingässer family from ALCHN. Title: The world of tomorrow a family on the trail of lima change. The information fair takes place in the Citizens' Hall from until midnight, and excursions to cleaning up biotopes, birds and frogs are also planned. ine tree nursery Seeheim-Jugenheim Tel: 0 le and a bee pasture will be created. In addition, several paddle tours and four seasonal festivals are planned. So the burrowers want to continue to enjoy nature with very different events and promote their biodiversity. Friends and guests are always welcome at all vole events. Further information: nabu-seeheim.de. HIZUNGSRNURUNG LIATCHNI Your specialist service company for repairs, maintenance and troubleshooting on heating, ventilation, air conditioning, sanitary and electrical systems! Hours emergency service administration: Steinstr. -, 0 Dieburg Company: Darmstädter Str. - 0, 0 Dieburg Tel. (0 0) 0 Fax (0 0) FZ-ANAUF WE ON JDS VEHICLE AT BSTN PRIS! JD AR JDS ALTR JDR CONDITION LINWAGN PW GLÄNDWAGN ACCIDENT CAR LW BUSS CARAVAN OTORRAD ALL ANBITN IMMEDIATELY PAYMENT Available at any time (on day Sunday)! 0/0 or 0 / A.G. Automobile Robert-Bosch-Str. Pfungstadt R

2 side of the Bergstrasse. February 0 We are looking for newspaper deliverers! For our sales partner, SZV Logistik Darmstadt, we are looking for reliable people to deliver the newspaper Der Bergstrasse in Seeheim. The distribution takes place every Wednesday-Wednesday for - hours (until clock) and is remunerated according to the current minimum wage regulation for deliverers! Become a deliverer now and earn money! Imprint BRG DR Official announcement organ of the community Seeheim-Jugenheim Published by: weekly Wednesdays Circulation: .000 xpl. Total circulation: approx. 00 xpl. just call - 0/0 STRASSR Publisher: PLGG edien Verlag GmbH Friedrich-Wöhler-Straße -, Gernsheim Telephone 0/0 Fax 0/0 mail: Management: Pascal Plegge, Pierre Plegge Advertising management: Pierre Plegge mail: Birthdays SHI-JUGNHI Friday, February 0th Henriette on Saturday. February Zagorka Stojnic-Jovanovic ittwoch ,. February Helmut Vieß BICNBACH Saturday. February Irma Hertwig Emergency Services Editorial management: Wolfgang Bäumer (responsible), mail: Production: PLGG edien Produktion GmbH, Gernsheim Printing: Druckzentrum Rhein ain GmbH & Co.G, Alexander-Fleming-Ring, Rüsselsheim am ain Sales: SZV Logistik, Darmstadt Editorial deadline: Tuesdays, .00 a.m. Closing date for advertisements: Mondays, .00 a.m. Opening times: 12:00 a.m. Tue - Thu a.m. Fri. We publish letters to the editor according to the space available. Any liability for the content of letters to the editor is excluded; the right to abbreviations is reserved. For the design, typesetting and execution of texts and advertisements, copyright with the publisher. No liability for errors. Years years years years fire brigade and emergency doctor: control center Bergstrasse: (0) rankenhäuser: Vitos linik for psychiatry & psychotherapy Heppenheim .. (0) 0 rice clinic Seeheim-Jugenheim (surgeon emergency) ... (0) 00 linik Schloss Falkenhof Bensheim - Search telephone ... (000) 000 Poison emergency number ... (0) 0 Medical on-call service: daily from until midnight, Wednesday and Friday from midday: Medical on-call service (ÄBD) at the Heppenheim rice hospital, Viernheimer Strasse: (without area code). Medical emergency service for private patients and self-payers: PrivAD, (00) 00. dental emergency service: Nationwide uniform emergency number ... (00) 00 (cent / inute; obilfunknetz cent / inute) pharmacy emergency service: from 0 a.m. to 0 clock 0. /. February: Heimstätten Pharmacy, Heimstättenweg c, Darmstadt, (0) ./. February: Pharmacy am linikum, Grafenstrasse, Darmstadt, (0) 00./. February: Pharmacy on Riegerplatz, Heinheimer Straße 0, Darmstadt, (0) veterinary emergency service: Veterinary practice Siedlung Tann, Otto-Hesse-Straße 0, Darmstadt, (0), telephone registration required. all emergency services without guarantee Exhibition: never again rieg Südhessen (red). On Thursday,. February, there is a guided tour through the exhibition Never Again Rieg! Artist in the First World War, which is shown in the unst Archive in Darmstadt, Asinostraße (Literaturhaus). The exhibited works by the seven artists show the horrors of the First World War and the horrors experienced during the war. The exhibition is up. see ärz. FDP invites a Seeheim-Jugenheim (red) to the regulars' table. The FDP local association invites you to the political get-together on Friday, February 0, in the Darmstädter Hof. Start is at midnight. The event is public. Further information: Thomas Postina, (0) 00. About Luther and the Jews Seeheim-Jugenheim (red). The Ecumenical Working Group invites you to Thursday. February, to the Pfarrer-Reith-Haus, Seeheim, for the opening of the exhibition Luther and the Jews. Start is at 0 a.m. Pastor Andrea Thiemann from Bickenbach talks about Drum Always Away with You Luther and the Jews. The exhibition can take place from Monday to Friday. to. February, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from until o'clock in the Pfarrer-Reith-Haus. Fribo and the reformer Alsbach-Hähnlein (red). Since February, the Reformation series for Indians has been running on Hope Channel television under the title Fribo Reformation with a total of broadcasts. A new program is broadcast every week, which is repeated at different times during the week (Fridays from 0 a.m., Saturdays from 0 a.m., Sundays from 0 a.m., Wednesdays from 0 a.m.). Together with the leading actor in the Fribos Attic, the woodworm Fribo, Indians can get to know artin Luther, the Waldensians, Jan Hus and Huldrych Zwingli on a journey through the history of the Reformation. They learn, for example, that in middle age you couldn't just go to a shop to buy clothes, bread, food or shoes, or that in the past, Indians didn't have so many toys and had to make a lot of things themselves. Further information: Side by side and quiet Christina Stürmer in June in the Weststadthalle Südhessen (red). On Saturday, June 0, Christina Stürmer will perform in the Weststadthalle in Bensheim. The concert as part of their side-by-side tour starts at 0.0 o'clock. For almost years the usikerin has been a figurehead of the Austrian usikszene. She has received numerous prizes: two cho awards, ten Amadeus awards, from the golden tuning fork to the Bambi and the Leading Ladies Award. it’s side by side, Christina Stürmer is releasing her ninth studio album, which is a little quieter and more relaxed, a little fluffier, as she herself says. arten: usiktheater Rex, (0) 0. Photo: archive What you can do with it Exhibition about inijobber bis. February Seeheim-Jugenheim (red). According to statistics from the Federal Employment Agency, people across Germany work exclusively in an employment relationship with marginal employment, the inijob. Three quarters of all jobbers are women. it the touring exhibition Why more money for the club's coffers How the reis Bergstraße financially supports Bergstraße (wb). Last year the rice administration paid the associations in the rice area grants of 0.00 uro. Of this sum, 0.0, uro was granted, almost one hundred percent. This will be communicated by the rice administration upon request. Also this year there are numerous clubs that could use a financial injection. However, you should submit an application in good time, if possible at the beginning of the year. Retroactive approvals are generally not possible. The clubs are also relieved by the fact that reis makes its school gyms and school rooms available free of charge. If this service were calculated, the total for 0 would be uro. In total, this is the equivalent of more than uro support per year. In the past year around 00 applications for association funding were submitted. Many clubs have made use of several different grants, as it is reported. The number of sponsored clubs is therefore significantly lower. The applications are sent informally to the Reisausschuss des Reis Bergstrasse. They must contain all the important information such as east, funding, participants, time and duration. A maximum of five applications per year will be rejected. The applicant should have an own share of at least 0 percent of the east. There is a chance of funding if no funding approach is provided for in the association's guidelines for the type of request. Then another funding option can be sought through advice and inquiries, for example inijob? oh more of it! informs equal opportunities officer Dietgard Wienecke until Thursday. February, in the foyer of the municipal administration, Georg-aiser-Platz, on this topic. s about rights, risks and side effects. The message: marginal employment does not turn out to be a bridging function, as is often hoped. Rather, it creates a life effect from which very few women find their way out. Married women show the classic role model, but single women also fall victim to the job trap.The one at the state government. When the means of the trip are exhausted, an application is not rejected, but taken over into the next year, it says. The association funding guidelines for the Bergstrasse trip were introduced in the tripag with the approval of all parliamentary groups. They have been revised several times, the current version is from 00. There are grants for: acquisitions, supraregional events, club anniversaries, maintenance costs for the club’s own gyms, travel costs for young sports people, choirs and choirs, local shows, sustainable development in the clubs, training of sports instructors , Renovation and modernization of sports facilities. In addition, outstanding achievements in the honorary office are honored with the honorary badge for services to club life. The consequences are a high risk of poverty in old age and the high financial dependency of married women on their husbands. Further information: Dietgard Wienecke, (0) 00, The set of rules applies to clubs and their travel associations based in reis Bergstrasse, which are dedicated to sport, exercise-oriented leisure, environmental and nature conservation or unst and ultur and are open to everyone. The funding is intended to supplement the financial aid provided by the municipalities. With a few exceptions, only clubs in the areas of sport, singing, usic, culture, fruit and horticulture, line breeding, bird and animal protection, aid organizations and environmental protection are funded. Associations that pursue economic, political or denominational goals, primarily socialize and have private interests or hobbies and are purely representative of interests are not funded. there is no legal claim. Further information: (tourism, clubs, club sponsorship) irchentermine SHI-JUGNHI vangelische irchengemeinde Seeheim-alchen, Bergstrasse, (0) Thursday ,. February a.m .: Laurentius bears rabble group, Pastor-Reith-Haus. 0 a.m .: Exhibition opening Luther and the Jews with a lecture Drum always get away with them, Pastor Dr. Thiemann Friday, February 0th: Film lecture by Pastor Pape Hakuna matata - no problem, meeting place Pastor-Reith-Haus (from 0 years), Bürgerhalle alchen o'clock: JuCa, vaulted cellar, old rectory, Seeheim Sonntag ,. February midnight: service, pastor i. R. Closer, Laurentiuskirche, Seeheim 0 o'clock: Indian service, Laurentiuskirche, Seeheim. 0 o'clock: editative dancing, Pfarrer-Reith-Haus Tuesday. February midnight: church choir rehearsal, Pastor Reith House, Seeheim evangelical church youth home, Alexanderstraße, (0) Thursday. February 0 to 0 a.m. and 0 to 0 a.m .: The ine-welt group sells goods from Africa, South America and Asia, Remise. 0 a.m .: Indian Choir I a.m .: Indian Choir II. . February. Clock: Divine service, Balkhausen, Pastor Lösch 0:00 am: Divine service with Last Supper, parish hall Jugenheim, Pastor Lösch Tuesday. February o'clock: senior table o'clock: onfirmandenunterricht. Clock: wind choir, Bürgerhalle Balkhausen midnight: irchenchor ittwoch ,. February 0 a.m .: Church service, Tannenberg House, Pastor Giesecke Free Evangelical Congregation Seeheim-Jugenheim, Am Bahnhof, (0) Friday, February 0 a.m .: Youth Sunday. February midnight: Church service atholic church St. Bonifatius, Ludwigstrasse, (0) Friday, February 0. Clock: Community fair, Seeheim Saturday. February 12:00 am: Church service, Altenzentrum, Seeheim. 0:00 am: Rosenkranz am: Community mass, youth home Sunday. February. 0 am: Community mass, Jugenheim. 0 am: Family service and presentation of the first communion children, Seeheim ontag. February: Church service, Haus Birkenhof, Jugenheim Tuesday. February. 0 a.m .: Word service, youth home vangelische irche Ober- Beerbach, Albert-instein-Ring, (0) Thursday ,. February: Women's group, preparation of the World Day of Prayer, Sunday parish hall. February a service ontag ,. February 12 midnight: Trumpet Choir, parish hall ittwoch ,. February a.m .: Flute groups, parish hall. 0 a.m .: Senior citizens, parish hall ALSBACH-HÄHNLIN evangelical irchengemeinde Alsbach, irchstrasse, (0) Thursday ,. February o'clock: itday table for seniors, Protestant parish hall (register in advance) o'clock: onfirmations lesson, evangelical parish house. 0 o'clock: onfirmanden-parental evening, evangelical parish house Friday, February 0th, o'clock: church service, H-WAG-Seniorenstift, Alsbach, Saturday. February: Sunday service for young children. February 12 midnight: Divine service with the possibility of baptism, pastor at 12 o'clock: Indian divine service, parish hall PM: Taizé prayer, Protestant parish hall on day. February. Clock: ecclesiastical choir, evangelical parish hall Tuesday. February p.m .: dinner for seniors, Protestant parish hall (register two days in advance) p.m .: benefit concert velvet and silk, evangelical irche Alsbach. February. 0 a.m .: Women's breakfast, evangelical parish hall of the evangelical irchengemeinde Hähnlein, Gernsheimer Straße, (0) Sunday ,. February 12: 00 am: Divine service and divine service ZWINGNBRG vangelische irchengemeinde Zwingenberg, community office: Darmstädter Strasse, (0) Thursday ,. February, 0 a.m .: pause, evangelical parish hall on Sunday. February midnight: Church service, Protestant parish hall, Pastor Giesecke ittwoch. February o'clock: Senior Afternoon, Protestant parish hall, ariae Himmelfahrt, Heidelberger Strasse, (0) Friday, February 0 o'clock: Women's meeting on Sunday. February 0.0 a.m .: Holy food, irche BICNBACH vangelische irchengemeinde Bickenbach, Jugenheimer Straße, (0) 0 Sunday ,. February midnight: Divine service, Pastor Thiemann Free Evangelical Baptist Congregation, Hartenauer Straße, (0) Friday, February 0th: Indian hour for six to fifteen year olds on Sunday. February midnight: Divine service, parallel Indian hour for two- to five-year-olds

3. February 0 The Bergstrasse open office hours ampf against waiting times Großer Bazaar Indian clothing: ita invites parents to a Seeheim youth home (red). The day-care center in the Bergstrasse school village, together with the support group, organizes games (dreams) on Saturday. ärz, from until o'clock in the Bürgerhalle Jugenheim, Gutenbergstrasse, a bazaar for children's clothing (spring / summer) and toys. It is sold in good condition up to size. For pregnant women, sales start half an hour earlier. Affee and Darmstadt-Dieburg (red). Since Wednesday, the registration authority of the district has been offering a separate business customer area in Reishaus Dieburg, Albinistraße, for dealers, car dealerships, companies with high vehicle stocks and registration services: the Service Plus package with flexible and timely delivery and collection of registration processes with the advantage that prior There are no more waiting times. Business customers and private customers should benefit from the additional service because, as it is said, the admission offices in the district would be relieved in the private customer area. The approval branches in Groß-Umstadt, Ober-Ramstadt, Pfungstadt and Weiterstadt continue to offer daily open consultation hours, the one in Dieburg, Frankfurter Straße (TÜV site), has only been working since October by appointment. Dates :, (00) 0. Words of Hope New name for the Alsbach-Hähnlein audio library (red). The audio library for the blind of the voice of hope edienzentrum is now called Hope audio library. The audio library wants to enable people with impaired vision to participate in life and to study the Bible independently. The service was founded as a library for the blind. Back then, few books and magazines were loaned out on tape reels; today the audio library sends out thousands of Daisy, P and audio CDs every year. The loan is free of charge and without a membership fee. Further information: uchen offered. The organizers ask that you only bring bags that are smaller than 0 by 0 centimeters. Larger bags for shopping are available at the entrance. The proceeds will go to the Schuldorf Bergstrasse day-care center. We are still looking for helpers who can then go shopping earlier. Further information: Board or types? Spielerei Bergstraße: new dates Zwingenberg (red). A few weeks ago the Bergstrasse gimmick moved from Bensheim to Zwingenberg. The new rooms are in the old town hall, am arktplatz (first floor). The new opening times: Tuesdays from to, Wednesdays from midnight, Thursdays from to, Fridays from to. Here are the February dates: every Tuesday from until o'clock there are games for young and old from until o'clock in the Ehrgenerationenhaus, Café lostergarten, lostergasse a, in Bensheim. s is a joint offer with Caritas. At the.,. and. February everyone who likes to play is invited to the open offer. There are various board, type and new parlor games available. You can also bring your own games. On Tuesday,. February, young people and adults meet from midnight for a game evening in the Spielerei, newcomers are welcome. On Shrove Tuesday. February, the rooms of the gimmick remain closed. On Saturday,. February, the regional preliminary decision for the German board game team championship will take place in the Heidenberghalle in Lautertal-Gadernheim. The association lends social and outdoor games to members of all ages. Non-members can try out the games on site during opening hours. Non-members can also take part in the game afternoons and evenings. Further information: near and far rika rabs-begas shows pictures in Seeheim-Jugenheim Seeheim-Jugenheim (red). The ünstlerkreis Seeheim-Jugenheim presents from Sunday. February, in the gallery Altes Rathaus, Hauptstrasse, under the title Nah und Fern colorful landscapes by rika rabs-begas. The alerin was inspired, among other things, in distant countries. The vernissage is on February, starting at 11am. Opening times: Saturday. and. February, Sunday ,. and. February, from to and by appointment. Further information: (0). Photo: Archive Page Carpet WGRS Your floor is in the best of hands. More than 0 years of experience in the sale and installation of all floor coverings. Hubert Wegers Hähnleiner Str. Alsbach-Sandwiese Tel. 0 0 Fax 0 obil Winter / permanent parking space for motorhomes, caravans, trailers & boats. The service at the professional ... Reserve now: Waldstraße - Griesheim - Telephone 0/0 - Your office - our project! We love our new practice because ... Carolin years, teacher arco years, ardiologist ... it is planned by professionals and everything has its place here. So we can enjoy our family life. Darmstädterstrasse 0 Zwingenberg Telephone 0 Your specialist for kitchen technology because it is the best choice! DR SAT LON. Technology that inspires young and old. SAT LON STYL 0.0 PRICE SAVING FROM OVER 0 SAT LON ST FR. 0 PRICE SAVING FROM OVER. 0 SAT LON ST XPRINC. 0 PRICE SAVING FROM OVER. SAT Leon - door style. TSI -Gang-DSG Start & Stop kw (0 PS) with daily registration (Z 0 /. 0 km). fuel consumption: urban, extra-urban, combined, l / 00 km; CO emissions: combined g / km. Efficiency class: B. EQUIPMENT ATIONSODLL SAT LON STYL: Gray etallic / SAT ediasystem Touch-Color / Bluetooth hands-free system / ultra-functional leather steering wheel / speed control system (cruise control) / automatic climate control (Climatronic) / sports seats with Alcantara / panoramic glass sliding and lifting roof ( electr.) / parking aid front & rear / full LD headlights & LD taillights central locking / L-rims dynamic / tire pressure control / radio CD with USB / AUX / SD connection / on-board computer / etc. List price: .0 SAT Leon ST ombi FR.0 TDI -Gang-DSG Start & Stop kw (PS) with daily registration (Z 0 /. 0 km). fuel consumption: urban, extra-urban, combined, l / 00 km; CO emissions: combined g / km. Efficiency class: B. EQUIPMENT ATIONSODLL SAT LON ST FR: White etallic / SAT navigation system with color touch pad / Bluetooth hands-free system and audio streaming / SAT sound system / ultra-functional sport leather steering wheel. / FR-Drive-Profile / Cruise control system (Tempomat) / Lane departure warning & high beam assistant / Climate control (Climatronic) / Parking aid front & rear / L-Rims Dynamic / Full LD headlights & LD taillights / Sports seats with Alcantara / Vorber. for trailer coupling / etc. List price: .0 SAT Leon ST or XPRINC. 0 TDI -Gang-DSG Start & Stop Drive kw (PS) with daily registration (Z 0 /. 0 km). fuel consumption: urban, extra-urban, combined, l / 00 km; CO emissions: combined g / km. Efficiency class: B. EQUIPMENT ATIONSODLL SAT LON ST XPRINC: gray etallic / SAT navigation system PLUS / radio CD with USB / AUX / SD connection / digital radio reception (DAB +) / full link techn. (irror- Link, Apple-Car-Play) / Bluetooth hands-free system / ultifunkt.-Leder- Lenkr. / Sports seats with Alcantara cover / Double zone automatic lima (Climatronic) / Panorama glass sliding / lifting roof (electr.) / Front Assist with city emergency braking function / parking aid front & rear / L-rims X-Perrience Titanium / and much more List price: .0 SAT Leon fuel consumption: combined ,, l / 00 km; CO emissions: combined g / km. Efficiency classes: D A +. SAT Leon natural gas fuel consumption: combined, kg /, / m³ / 00 km; CO emissions: combined g / km. Efficiency class: A +. Price savings compared to the list price for a similarly equipped series model. The illustration shows special equipment at an affordable price. AUTOHAUS ALSBACH GBH ALSBACH-HÄHNLIN Sandwiesenstr. -0 Tel. 0-0 DARSTADT Otto-Röhm-Strasse Tel. 0-0

4 Page The Bergstrasse. February 0 We are very sad about the death of Walmot Öller-Falkenberg. She has been politically active since the eighties, as a community representative and on the local council, in citizens' initiatives, in the peace and anti-nuclear movement and especially for social issues. We are losing a courageous friend who passionately fought for a fairer world. We extend our deep condolences to your family. Local association Bündnis 0 / DI GRÜNN Seeheim-Jugenheim We say goodbye to our member Georg Hartwig We mourn his family and will keep him in good memory. Gewerbeverein Seeheim e.v. For the board of directors Giulio ollo (. Chairman) Sunday café for mourners on every third Sunday of the month from to o'clock The offer is aimed at mourners in Pfungstadt, Seeheim-Jugenheim, Alsbach-Hähnlein and Bickenbach. As an informal meeting, volunteer, specially trained employees from the Hospice Association Pfungstadt e.v. aligned. s takes place in the new senior citizens' meeting place in the city of Pfungstadt, irchstraße -. Dates 0 :. February,. Arz ,. April,. ai ,. June,. July, August 0. September, October 0. November,. December Participation is free. No registration is required. You can get information from the office of the hospice association 0 00 Farewell a word, so easy to say, but difficult, incredibly difficult to take. TRAUR-, DANSAGUNGS- und Obituary in your weekly newspaper Telephone: 0 / - 0 Fax: 0 / - 0 ail: pplgg edien Verlagsgesellschaft mbh Has anyone seen the Apollo butterfly? NABU preserves biodiversity for people and nature. Help us to keep the whole thing complete. The gymnastics club AlsbAch TrAuerT um Gernot von DunGen GernoT von DunGen has been active in our club for over 0 years. For a few years he was our deputy chairman and until the end he was our trainer for badminton ACTIVITIES. we and our badminton athletes commemorate him in silent ACKNOWLEDGMENT. gymnastics club AlsbAch e.v. The association council mourning the Green politician obituary for Walmot Öller-Falkenberg Seeheim-Jugenheim (red). The Greens mourn the loss of Walmot Öller-Falkenberg, who died on January. She has been politically active in the Seeheim-Jugenheim community with the Greens since the early 1980s and was a member of the community council from to and on the local executive committee of the Green Party for four years. But regardless of party affiliation, she has shown herself to be extremely knowledgeable, steadfast and with great dedication, if necessary against a wide variety of resistance, in citizens' initiatives, in peace and anti-nuclear power ). For the first Sunday café of the year in the village community center, the Friends of the village community center had invited Hähnlein ädde Drin for last Sunday with a good response. On March 0, the whiskey tasting for whiskey and chocolate is from midnight. Photo: HS-Photo s went again around RSV Seeheim, still up there with Seeheim-Jugenheim (red). Last Saturday the second game day of the second Bundesliga took place at the Radrennbahn in Darmstadt, on which two Seeheimer lite teams of RSV Seeheim played. Franziska Dörr dropped out due to illness and was replaced by Saskia Vogel. The second relationship was formed by the utter-daughter duo onika and ichelle Lang. The opponents from Ginsheim, Naurod, Jänkendorf and Telsen were waiting. Ichelle and onika Lang started against RVW Naurod. Already at the beginning of the game, the two were able to assert themselves through scoring chances, so that at halftime they were in the lead. In the second half of the game, it was important to keep your nerve and not to give up the lead. Shortly before the end of the game it got tight, but in the end utter and daughter were able to take one lead and thus secured the first three points. Then Natalie Dörr and Saskia Vogel met the RV telsen. They let it move, engaged in the prevention council, for refugees as well as for Indians and families. She was the editor and publisher of the monthly Doppelpunktes in the nineties, a local civic newspaper that dealt critically and well-founded with local political issues in Seeheim-Jugenheim. Walmot Öller-Falkenberg was particularly interested in the issues of social justice and the participation of all in society.From a political and strategic point of view, hardly any indication that they had not completed any training together. Although they were behind at halftime, they were still able to score two goals after the half-time break. In the end they unfortunately had to give up with one thing: defeated. Onika and ichelle Lang then had difficulties with a successful goal finish against the approach of RSV Jänkendorf. Although they succeeded again and again in playing the outside player, the ball did not want to go into the goal. In contrast to the Seeheimers, however, the team from Jänkendorf had no problem scoring goals, so they could take advantage of the decisive situation and win the game with: In the second game for Natalie Dörr and Saskia Vogel the encounter against the old acquaintances from Ginsheim was waiting. Unfortunately, the two of them had the same difficulties as ichelle and onika Lang before. Many opportunities could not be used, the two had to lose her second for the day, she was a thought leader in many areas. For example, she fought early on to reconcile family and work and, as a pioneer, she called for a lot of what is now the general standard in child care. In addition, she has personally and selflessly stood up for many people in need, even when her strength decreased due to illness. The Greens will remember Walmot Öller-Falkenberg as a courageous and committed citizen who fought for a fairer world. book. In the third and last game for our second team, Natalie and Saskia had to play against the team from Jänkendorf. Here they were finally able to break away early and at the end of the day secure the three important points with a well-deserved win. After a four game break, onika and Ichelle were allowed to play against the team from Telsen, but quickly had to admit that an offensive style of play resulted in too many goals conceded, so that they only tried to keep the goal difference as low as possible. ndstand was a: defeat for the RSV from Seeheim. In the last game for the two against RSG Ginsheim, the two were finally able to score the long-awaited goals and win the game surprisingly high. At the end of the match day, the RSV teams were able to position themselves in second and third place in the table thanks to the points they had earned and are currently only one point away from the table leaders from Naurod. Official announcements of the community Seeheim-Jugenheim with the districts Balkhausen, alchen, Ober-Beerbach, Steigerts, Stettbach No. / 0 ,. Vintage invitation to. Public meeting of the Ober-Beerbach local advisory board on onday, .0.0, 0:00 a.m. in the Rottmannsdorf, Im ühlfeld, Seeheim-Jugenheim area invitation to. public meeting of the Foreigners Advisory Council on Wednesday, 0.0, midnight in the osmonosy room, Georg-aiser-Platz, Seeheim-Jugenheim. Meeting reports from the community board reports from the committees and commissions invitation to. public meeting of the municipal council on Thursday, 0.0, midnight in the hall in the fire brigade base, Philipp-ärz-Str. 0, Seeheim-Jugenheim Agenda Section opening and greeting announcements by the chairman of the community council of Seeheim-Jugenheim communal council announcements Inquiries Status of implementation Strategy proposals for demographic change? (SPD request) Status of processing Compensation for fire service personnel? Christoph assoth (head of town) it notices from the travel foreigners advisory board, from the intercultural office of the district and from the AGAH situation refugees / asylum seekers, mother tongue lessons miscellaneous (planned activities 0) signed George Bal (chairman) - without discussion) high frequency fields at the rice hospital and / or Rosenweg development plan, Darmstädter Str. 0, district Seeheim here: Inquiry from the SPD parliamentary group cultural landscape model project flower slope designation of a small nature reserve Am Schützenberg (request from all parliamentary groups) Section: (Advice and decision-making on recommendations for decisions by the commissioned committees and recommendations for decisions by the local advisory councils - as far as these points are concerned - with debate) Schloss Seeheim - objection to acceptance Checking the daycare centers for plasticizers here: investigation Laurentius-indergarten household 0 here: budget ruling / budget approval of the supervisory authority from 0.0 over and au Unscheduled expenditures and payments in the annual financial statements 0 of the community Seeheim-Jugenheim cut-off date..0 0 Affordable living space Sports and ulturhalle Seeheim here: redevelopment and development options town hall and ulturforum. Seeheim sports and culture hall (green application) signed Torsten Leveringhaus (chairman of the municipal council) Note: Between. There will be a question time before the meeting of the municipal council begins. All residents of Seeheim-Jugenheim from. Age. Announcement of the Ober-Beerbach hunting association, convening an extraordinary meeting in accordance with our statutes. I hereby call an extraordinary meeting of the Ober-Beerbach hunting association for Wednesday, 0.0.0, at midnight, in the common room of the old school in Stettbach, Am Hang. Agenda Item Welcome and opening of the meeting by the hunting master. Point presentation of a device for the removal of damage caused by wild boar in meadows. Point resolution on the acquisition of such a device. I would like to point out that regardless of the number of hunting companions present, the gathering is open to fire. signed Robert üller Hunting Director at the SOS inderdorf Foundation

5. February 0 police reports The Bergstrasse suspect arrested after robbery Seeheim-Jugenheim (red). Since the end of January, robberies at gas stations have occupied the public prosecutor's office and the police. in unmasked offender had on Friday. January, and Tuesday. January, attacked a gas station in Seeheim-Jugenheim. On Thursday,. February, the same perpetrator struck in Gernsheim as well as in Wolfskehlen. The ripo in Darmstadt was able to quickly identify a year-old from Seeheim against whom the suspicion was directed. On Saturday night,. February, the car used by the -year-old was located on the B in the Wolfskehlen area and stopped. The driver who was the suspect was arrested without resistance. r had an eater with him, which was secured. Remnants of rolling stock, which are believed to have come from the robberies, were also found. The -year-old confessed. According to the current state of investigation, he is suspected of having committed at least four robbery crimes and five fuel frauds. At the request of the Darmstadt public prosecutor's office, he was on Sunday. February, brought before the judge and then taken to a correctional facility. The investigation is ongoing. Youth group attacks 0-year-olds / Witnesses wanted Bickenbach (red). On Friday night,. February, at around 0 a.m., a fight in August-Bebel-Strasse was reported to the police. A patrol rushed to meet a 0-year-old who was injured in the eye. The 0-year-old stated that there was an argument between him and a youth group. The background is said to have been an illegal car race among young people. The young people are said to have driven through Bickenbach at a very high speed. A yellow Fiat Uno and a silver canvas car were involved. When the 0-year-old expressed his displeasure with the driving style and wanted to take note of the license plates, the young people were increasingly aggressive. Finally they called in reinforcements and physically attacked the ann. When the 0-year-old was lying on the floor, the teenagers kicked him. In the youth group there is also said to have been a 0 year old. r had light hair and was robustly built. According to initial investigations, the perpetrators are likely to be between and years old. They are described as looking Mediterranean. Notes: (0) 00. To the repeated al without a driver's license on the way Alsbach-Hähnlein (red). To repeat al is a driver on Wednesday afternoons. February, officers from the Pfungstadt police station noticed. During an inspection, the -year-old was again unable to show a driver's license. Already in 0 the woman was caught driving her car without a license and under the influence of alcohol. The officers were also able to find out several times that the car was being used regularly. In addition to another complaint against the -year-old, the officials also seized the car in order to prevent further trips without a driver's license. Five Golden SV shines in Hösbach Seeheim-Jugenheim (red). Last weekend, the Hessian youth and men's free style championships took place in Hösbach. SV Seeheim (SV) started fifteen wrestlers, twelve of whom were able to secure a place in the top three. ith five gold medals, four silver and three bronze medals, the SV achieved a very good team result. The results: Gold went to ick Raabe, arcel Wagin, anuel Wagin, Tomke Liewald and Finn Breitschuh. arla Schäfer, Wilhelm Lücke, Christoph Trautmann and arc Jung won a silver medal. Bronze went to duards ucepalovs, Luca Görisch and Tim Selinger. Carlos Cordon took rank, Paul Brückner rank and Orkun Sökmen rank 0. In addition, mely Selinger celebrated the tournament victory at the international FLATZ Austria Open in Wolfurt / Austria. In the final she shouldered the vice-uropa champion 0 Manuela Liuzzi from Italy. Photo: SV Career and Education Hessencampus advises young people in Darmstadt-Dieburg (red). The educational counseling of the Hessencampus is again advising young people in matters of work and education: new paths in professional life, finding the right further education, help with applications, questions about basic education, recognition of foreign school qualifications. Dates and further information: reisvolkshochschule, reishaus Dieburg, Albinistraße, 0 Dieburg, (00) 0, always works like women should speak Seeheim-Jugenheim (red). clear language creates a clear inner attitude and convincing behavior. Women are able to use language consciously in the Language Always Works seminar. Speak with leadership on Saturday. February, learn from midnight in the Hufnagel house. The speaker is the voice and language trainer Daniela Grimm-Roth. east, registration (until February) and further information: (0) 00, seeheim-jugenheim.de. a right to kill lecture by Dr. atthias Hartwig in the district court of Zwingenberg (gp). The Freundeskreis Pierrefonds Zwingenberg chaired by Dr. Christa Baldauf recently invited to the lecture Syria, once under French rule - civil war and law in the hall of the old district court. s lectured by Dr. atthias Hartwig, researcher at the ax Planck Institute for Comparative and Public Law and International Law in Heidelberg. Syria was under French rule from 0 to. After the end of the First World War, Syria was initially occupied by troops from the British Empire. The country was divided by the Sykes-Picot Agreement, declared a French territory and confirmed by the League of Nations. There were repeated uprisings and fights between different ethnic groups and indigenous people. According to Hartwig, these civil wars were more brutal than riege between the countries. France bombed Damascus and withdrew French troops a year later. Hartwig: With all conflicts: there is no right to kill. Photo: Pfirsching What will happen to the hall? Municipal council decides on applications Seeheim-Jugenheim (red). Citizens and associations are particularly interested in the meeting of the municipal council on Thursday. February, should have two topics: affordable housing and renovation and development options town hall and culture forum. The consultations in the fire brigade base begin at midnight. From. O'clock the citizens can ask the community representatives about topics of general interest. In order to create affordable living space, the district has presented a presentation on the establishment of a district-wide housing association. For the currently closed sports and culture hall, the community board wants to pursue the ideal solution for renovation or new construction presented by the architectural office. To this end, the Greens present a catalog of questions with points that the board should provide information about. A decision is reached on the SPD's objection to the acceptance protocol from the Seeheim Palace Park, as the parliamentary group does not consider all points to be settled. The municipality board presented the Federal Network Agency's answer about the measurement of high-frequency fields at the rice hospital and Rosenweg. He also provides information about the agricultural landscape model project flower slope. For this, the SPD and the Greens had each made applications. He also submits the approval of the supervisory authority for budget 0 and the results of the tests on plasticizers in the Laurentius-indergarten. All four groups want to propose a small nature reserve to the Lower Nature Conservation Authority - located south of alchen in the Am Schützenberg area. The suggestion comes from NABU. Attack in Sandwiese refugee accommodation affected / police investigate Alsbach-Hähnlein (wb). On Friday evening last week, strangers threw a glass bottle with burning liquid at the refugee accommodation in the Sandwiese district in Alsbach-Hähnlein. The attack was against. Clock from the northern neighboring property. The outside of the northern building of the accommodation was hit. Nobody got hurt. Residents of the accommodation had noticed a nall and noticed the burning bottle. The building facade was slightly damaged by the heat. According to the police, the fire was extinguished by the residents themselves. The fire brigade arriving immediately was no longer required. Ripo is investigating into attempted serious arson. The background to the fact is still completely unclear, it is reported. A manhunt has so far been unsuccessful. A reprehensible act, says Mayor Georg Rausch, visiting the Jugenheim youth fire brigade in Ingelheim, who made a personal impression of the situation immediately after the incident became known. Now it must be considered to further increase the security for the refugees. In addition, Rausch wants citizens to be more attentive and vigilant. In the meantime, the fire brigade has checked the smoke alarms in the rooms of the accommodation for safety and done exercises with the residents. Notes: (0) 0. Jugenheim (red) On Saturday. February, the members of the Jugenheim youth fire brigade visited the fire station of the Wiesbaden professional fire brigade. Expert staff led the young people and their supervisors through all of the fire station's premises. Of course, the most interesting were the vehicles that a large professional fire brigade has to offer. All of the young people were enthusiastic about this excursion when they returned in the afternoon. Image: FF Jugenheim Bauen + Wohnen Visit our exhibition Tuesday to Saturday or Saturday or call: 0 / PLACO-Fachbetrieb Schaffner Starkenburgerstr., 0 Riedstadt CONSTRUCTION DRYING Fa. Peter Indermann Schneppenhäuser Str. Weiterstadt Your strong partner when it comes to Drying out goes to drying out after water damage Coating-insulation layer drying New and old building drying Leak detection / infrared thermography Immediate measures -STUNDN-SRVIC% Damage analysis / moisture measurements 0 0 / telephone 0 0 / obil 0/0 or better quality of life through dry and mold-free walls Sealing System Felice Dolcimascolo Bahnhofstrasse, Pfungstadt Tel .: 0/0 obil: 00/0 Fax: 0/0 mail: Which heating is the right one for me? ith an individual consultation, we will guide you to your personal heating concept. Your wishes, ideas and the existing heating infrastructure are taken into account. The result is a calculation that gives you the east for the next 0 years an independent decision-making aid. Do you have questions? Call Thorsten Vogel: Tel Wärme Bad Sanitär, lima- and ventilation technology GmbH h Emergency service Tel Herbert Service GmbH Robert-Bosch-Str. Bensheim Tel XTR LONG BIG & SHR MANDATORY 0% on all roofs + LD-Set up to 0.0% on all arkisen Price must be calculated individually. Up to 0.0 High-quality roofing & carports AD IN GRANY & D Überdachung GmbH Tel .: obaltstraße Rüsselsheim TOP prices direct from the manufacturer Since ärz also in Ingolstadt HS H 0 00 km free delivery of kits from the Rüsselsheim factory up to 0.0

6 Page The Bergstrasse. February 0 Letter to the editor To unite this week: Provoke (Der Bergstrasse, February, page): I think it's good that this newspaper regularly provides information about processes and terms that are brought into our society by right-wing populists in order to create uncertainty to cause and so undermine our democratic onsens. The one in the issue of. The term provoke presented in February comes to mind a recent example: the remarks by a Thuringian right-wing populist politician about the Holocaust memorial in Berlin. By calling this ahnmal, which Germany heard because it clearly helps not to forget the unfortunate Nazi era, in his now well-known speech a monument of shame, he has once again tried to sound out how far he can go. Fortunately, he has experienced a lot of contradiction.But once again, targeted provocation attempts were made to unsettle the population. The thought that such a memorial might not fit the German people desired by this right-wing populist should be planted in as many hearts and minds as possible and thus the view Let the past rest at last! Feed. This is exactly what right-wing populists of this kind want: They want to make us forget what happened during the Nazi era in order to be able to cook their soup on this forgetting. Then they can talk again about the national community and other absurd things and lead our country towards a glorious future. Then there will probably be no more talk of democracy, because national communities always know where the right path is going. It is known where the national community of the Nazi Germans led. That is precisely why it is so important that we do not allow ourselves to be confused by right-wing populist slogans or provocations. Remembering times past with dignity, such as the Holocaust, does not mean that we still have to feel guilty today. But it shows that we are ready to learn from the past. Right-wing populists are certainly no help! Jürgen Scherer Alsbach-Hähnlein ant and Orgasmus Theater obile in February Zwingenberg (red). The theater obile will host on Saturday. February, a Spanish evening. Café del undo presents Dance of Joy with flamenco guitars. Start is at midnight. On Friday,. February, Tango arcando is guest with Tango Argentino. Start is at midnight. On Friday,. ärz, from midnight the abarettist Oritz Nethenjakob will be on the stage with his program it ant-zitaten to orgasm. types and further information: Copy shop Zwingenberg, Darmstädter Straße 0; mobile-zwingenberg.de, www. mobile-zwingenberg.de. Search for the self Hermann Hesse, the unst and the photography Alsbach-Hähnlein (red). arl Röser will read on Thursday. February, from 0 a.m. in the community center Sonne, Hauptstrasse (duard-schmidt-saal), Hermann Hesse under the title Between unst and photography. Entry is free, donations are possible. In Hesse's novels, stories and poems, the unst plays a key role in the existential search for oneself. His works were dismissed as trivial literature in Germany. The hippie generation in America in the late 0's received his novels enthusiastically. The rock band The Sparrows renamed itself Steppenwolf, inspired by Hesse's novel of the same name, and landed a world rock hit with Born to Be Wild. For Hesse alerei initially had a therapeutic character, but soon became a means of expression for his search for himself on a par with writing. Hesse's entire oeuvre would be inconceivable without his watercolors, pen drawings and hand-illustrated editions. Hesse also had close relationships with photography: one of his three wives was a photographer, and one of his three sons was also a professional photographer. That makes him probably the most photographed author of his day. About the Nibelungs Siegfried Schborn decodes a heroic epic Zwingenberg (gp). The support group unst und ultur Zwingenberg recently invited to a historical lecture in the hall of the old district court. Siegfried Schborn spoke on the topic The Nibelungs are we really the Nibelungenland? Schborn dealt with the handwriting and pos of the Nibelungenlied and the origin of the song. The Nibelungenlied is a medieval heroic epic and the most important high medieval German version of the Nibelungen saga. A lively discussion then took place. Photo: Pfirsching Die rote ugel Von Dieter Hamjedier's evening is bobbing around, far from gaining pleasure. one of them comes off the bat, and instead of nine one just throws pussies. He searches like on Google: Wasn't there a red ugly? Yes, that was it. A quick glance brings the ugel back to us. But then also a cold shower and another little shower. Color is probably not the deciding factor, you keep bowling because of it. Happiness soon goes to shame after three unwanted gangs. Rote ugel for lack of steering goes back into oblivion. We should treat ourselves to humility, because you have to be able to manage it. Healthy back TuS: Additional course due to demand in Zwingenberg (red). Due to the high demand, the Gymnastics and Sports Association Zwingenberg (TuS) offers an additional urs healthy back through Pilates. r starts on Tuesday. February, at o'clock and goes over ten hours. r also takes place in the club room of the old local court. The offer is aimed at people who want to improve and maintain their health, fitness and quality of life. The course is aimed at members and non-members (please bring your sportswear and ATT). Registration and further information: (0). Violence at home Bergstrasse opens new counseling centers (red). The Bergstrasse women's shelter has now expanded its range of advice services in the district: The advice and intervention center for domestic violence against women with locations in Bensheim and Rimbach is new. The counseling is aimed at women who experience violence in their relationship or who, for other reasons, wish to receive partial counseling. People who experience domestic violence in their environment can also contact the counseling center at any time. Further information: Advice and intervention center on domestic violence against women, www. Frauenberatung-bergstrasse.de, (0), (0). Doors special sale! at HolzLand Becker only up to 0.0 tube web instead of "UR piece instead of" piece UR tubular chipboard instead of "UR piece. HUGA door leaf DURAT white lacquer decorative round edge, -tlg. Bands, BB lock, DIN L / R, aße :. x 0 // 0 mm door leaf PRÜ CPL Touch Whiteline decor cross round edge, tubular chipboard, -tlg. Bands, BB lock, DIN L / R, aße :. x 0 // 0 mm instead of ,, pcs. UR instead of ,, pcs. UR Largest selection in Germany! PRÜ door leaf CLASSIC C white lacquer arnies edge, tubular chipboard, -tlg. Bands, BB lock, DIN L / R, aße :. x 0 // 0 mm HUGA door leaf SIGNU white lacquer round edge, tubular chipboard, -tlg. Bands, BB lock, DIN L / R, aße :. x 0 // 0 mm Obertshausen Albrecht-Dürer-Str. Tel. 0 0 / 0-0 Weiterstadt Gutenbergstr. 0 (opposite Loop) Tel. 0 / -0 floors} doors} living in the garden} terraces} largest selection in Germany} professional advice

7 Leben in Pfungstadt in an initiative of the ISP OPTI SCHNURR come and see Fresh pork fillets Homemade turkey kassler Feldmann's meat salad 00 gr., 00 gr., 00 gr. 0, lunch from .. to .. 0 Gnoccis with spinach and Gorgonzola Piccata ilanese from the turkey with tomato spaghetti Braised beef brisket with onion sauce and artoffel puree Indian butter chicken with basmati rice Fish fillet with creamed spinach and boiled potatoes rille Sonnenbtt Ferne komple he or Nä Tomato cream soup, slip-on glasses Sonnen tt from komple *, - * plastic glasses + frames from our range of glass values ​​+/- cyl * , - Our opening times: o - Fri - /: 12:00 a.m. - Saturday - a.m. berstädter Str. - Pfungstadt - 0 / Ih for p ng cities F is chge ch A new urse for couples, singles and schoolchildren begins: ballroom dancing Disco-Fox Salsa Äf t More urse under: or 0/00, Lindenstr., Pfungstadt Enjoy Skrei-abeljau now! You will find preparation tips in our shop ... Every Thursday & Friday from our fish kitchen, as well as on the weekly market on Saturdays in Pfungstadt: Hot fried fish according to our house recipe with artoffelsalat & tartar sauce Pfungstadt moves ... Portion, 00 C Pfungstadt Pfarrgasse Telephone 0 / Minced steak with paprika cream sauce and rosemary potatoes Pork strips with spring vegetables and spaetzle Fruity turkey ragout with andel rice Pork neck steak Strindberg with beans and baked potatoes Baked ham with cole slaw and baguette, tomato cream soup