What are walkie talkies

Walkie talkie

Where did the walkie-talkie come from?

A walkie-talkie is hidden behind a Handheld radio. Its invention goes back to the Canadian David Hings. This passionate screwdriver was working on a portable two-way radio in 1937. Once completed, it helped the geologists who worked at the mining company that also employed Hings. The scientists were able to communicate with one another without any problems underground. With the beginning of the Second World War, the development came into the focus of the military. Hings was commissioned to develop and improve the radio equipment. They then sent and received messages in the theaters of war in Europe and the Pacific region.

This is how the walkie-talkie works

A walkie-talkie is a comparatively small, lightweight radio device that lies comfortably in the hand and can be easily operated by one person. Both sender and receiver need a walkie-talkie to exchange information. These must be on the corresponding frequency can be set. The big advantages are that there are no charges for calls and you are mobile. The devices manage without a connected power source. The walkie-talkie transmits the radio waves over a limited area, so the conversation partners have to be within a certain radius so that they can communicate without problems.

Range of a walkie talkie

How far apart you and the person you are speaking to are allowed to be for the walkie-talkie to function properly depends on the environment and the model. You can currently find devices on the market that work under ideal conditions Send up to 10 kilometers. The perfect environment to use a walkie-talkie over long distances is largely undeveloped land. There are fewer sources of interference there than in the centers of large cities, for example. Of course, walkie-talkies also work in metropolises, but then usually only within a radius of one to two kilometers.

Possible uses of walkie-talkies

The professional use of walkie talkies is widespread in some industries. If a large number of people want to communicate with one another quickly and without interference, the use of handheld radios has proven to be extremely practical. That is why they are often used in the following professions, among others:

  • police
  • fire Department
  • Personal protection
  • Fitters

They are also very popular as a communication system, for example in the organization and implementation of large events. All employees involved receive a walkie-talkie and set it to the same frequency. They then receive all calls on this frequency and send their own messages at the push of a button.

What private uses are there?

Walkie-talkies are not only popular in various professions, they are also very popular in everyday life. When you get together with a large circle of friends too Hikes or bike tours leave, then why don't you all get yourself a handy radio. So you always stay in contact without stopping. Also at Group excursions It makes sense to take walkie-talkies with you on your motorcycle. The drivers exchange information about the route and break opportunities, even if there is a distance between them. Most users choose the PMR446 radio standard, especially in private use, because this does not require approval in Germany. There are special walkie-talkies for children and their friends, which are easy to use and have a significantly shorter range.

Smartphone and Apple Watch with walkie-talkie function

In addition to the classic handheld radios, you can now easily convert other devices into walkie-talkies.

This is how the smartphone becomes a radio

There are now various apps that you can use to equip your iPhone or Android smartphone with the additional function of a walkie-talkie. After downloading and installing the application, you can communicate with the connected people via smartphone at the touch of a button. The data consumption is very low, which is why the connection also works adequately in the 2G area, for example.

The Apple Watch as a walkie-talkie

The Apple Watch can also be used as a two-way radio. Both conversation partners need the watch with at least watchOS 5 for this. On the iPhone, the participants must have set up and activated the FaceTime app. Simply deactivate the "Available" option on your watch if you do not want to receive any messages. The walkie-talkie function is particularly useful when you want to find friends or family members in large crowds.

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