Why do narcissists distract compliments

Narcissist to self-promoter - this is how you get along with stressful people

For almost 20 years as a career advisor, I have seen how quickly people stick the label “difficult” on each other. Aren't there difficult people? Oh but. But whether you find someone “difficult” also has to do with your personality, your values ​​and your expectations. We quickly perceive anything that deviates from this as problematic.

It's all a question of yardstick: is someone rich with two million euros? Ask an average earner and he will call out: “Yes!” Ask a hundredfold millionaire and he will call out: “No!”

Is a harsh tone difficult? The friendlier and more appreciative you are, the more allergic you will be as a kindness millionaire. On the other hand, someone who does not dwell on manners himself, i.e. who is a polite church mouse, will hardly notice this harshness.

If someone else seems "difficult" to us, he is often a resident of the opposite pole, thinks differently, speaks differently, acts differently. Conversely, this means: You and I are also perceived as “difficult” - by people who think differently than we do.

Everyone lives according to a certain behavior pattern that they bring with them from early childhood. Nobody chooses to be difficult. Everyone is what they are. If you think this way, the question of guilt is superfluous, and it frees you from the fatal wish to get back at the other person. Because in order to shoot poison arrows, you would first have to produce poison within yourself, destructive emotions - and they harm you more than the other.