What's your favorite spoken word poem

About the spoken word

Yesterday I met this poem by Hilde Domin, which I did not know yet and which I am enthusiastic about. EVERYTHING is contained in it, which makes the MEANING of a word once uttered CLEAR. Before we speak, we move our thoughts and ONE of them materializes and blows out of our mouth and said is said.

It is a great exercise in Mindfulness to pay attention to WHAT we are saying to WHOM in which MOMENT and HOW. Said is said. The clearer we are with ourselves, the clearer we can express ourselves. Apparently a matter of course ...


by Hilde Domin

Your own word, who will bring it back,
the living - still unspoken word?

Where the word flies by, the grass withers,
when the leaves turn yellow, snow falls.

A bird would come back to you
not your word
what has just been unsaid
in your mouth.

You send other words afterwards
Words with colorful, soft feathers.

The word is faster
the black word.

It always arrives
it doesn't stop coming.

Better a knife than a word.
A knife can be blunt.
A knife hits often
past the heart.

Not the word.

In the end is the word
at the end
the word.

* * * *

I wish us all a good time and lots of plain text *