Is overseas travel overrated

Completely overrated: Whether Las Vegas, Sylt or Cancun - the trip here is not worth it

Germany: Sylt

The rich and the beautiful cavort on Sylt

Germany's North Sea islands are worth a trip without asking! However, it should not necessarily be Sylt, because the island is not known as the island of the rich and beautiful for nothing - here you can find what has rank and name. And they are not necessarily the most pleasant holiday company. In addition, the prices on Sylt are also outrageously high for the clientele. The East Frisian islands such as Juist, Norderney or Langeoog are nicer alternatives.

Australia: Ayers Rock

Ayers Rock in the Australian outback
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It is one of the landmarks of Australia: Ayers Rock or Uluru. The huge sandstone monolith sits enthroned in the middle of the red Australian desert - but that's about it. Except for the (admittedly huge) Uluru there is nothing there. Australia has much more interesting destinations to offer such as the Great Ocean Road, the Great Barrier Reef or the Kakadu National Park, to name just a few.

Germany Cologne

Not much more than the cathedral and carnival
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Time and again, Cologne is treated as a metropolis that is worth seeing, but the city on the Rhine doesn't really have much to offer besides the cathedral (which is actually worth a visit!) And the carnival (which you should visit depending on the mood) and also stands out not necessarily through its particular beauty. So it doesn't have to be more than a day trip.

Croatia: Dubrovnik

Completely overcrowded: Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is in a gigantic location and has a beautiful old town - no question about it. But unfortunately the city is helplessly overrun. Especially because of the gigantic cruise ships that stop here, countless visitors arrive every day and crowd the narrow streets. Dubrovnik has adapted to the hype: Everywhere tourist trinkets are being sold at inflated prices. Little is left of the real charm of the city on the Mediterranean.

USA: Las Vegas

Disappoints many: Las Vegas

Las Vegas - the gambling metropolis in which everything is possible: win the jackpot or go bankrupt, just marry rashly and party endlessly - how should this city be able to disappoint you? In fact, it can do it pretty well: the city in the Nevada desert is one of the most overrated cities in the world, according to surveys. For one thing, the city is incredibly expensive, and then most of it here is more appearances than reality.

Italy: Pisa

The leaning tower of Pisa
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Who does not know it: the legendary Leaning Tower of Pisa? The tower is crooked - you have to give him that. Otherwise, the city doesn't have much more to offer. You can also visit some of the leaning towers here, such as the Suurhusen tower in East Frisia, which has an impressive inclination of 5.19 ° (for comparison, the tower in Pisa inclines by 3.97 °).

United Arab Emirates: Dubai

Dubai is only worthwhile if you have a lot of money

Dubai has blossomed into a popular travel destination in recent years. The gigantic desert city, which is always bathing season, has done it to many people. But many are disappointed after the trip. Because Dubai is expensive, hot and the ongoing construction boom creates a less relaxing backdrop. Dubai is only worthwhile for those who can really afford the luxury of the city.

Mexico: Cancun

Cancun - America's Ballermann

Cancun on the Mexican Yucatán Peninsula is an ideal destination in Europe to escape the winter. And it's not for nothing that the Caribbean is the epitome of paradise vacation for many: Fantastic beaches, good weather - what more could you want? What is hardly known: Cancun is a stronghold for party and drinking tourism - the ballerina of America, so to speak. And in addition to the hooting and screaming tourists, there is a relatively high level of crime, which is due to the massive drug war in Mexico.

Italy: Venice

Venice is only worthwhile in the off-season
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The lagoon city of Venice with its canals and bridges is undoubtedly an impressive city with numerous sights. But Venice also suffers from the tourist crowds that land here every year. Not only is it hard to get through in the high season, the prices in cafes and restaurants are also beyond good and bad. However, there is still a chance of a quiet visit to Venice in autumn or spring.

USA: Los Angeles

The Walk of Fame - nothing more than a sidewalk
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Except for the famous Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles cannot score. Because in the Californian city, many things seem a bit extreme: Too big, too artificial, too dirty. The famous Walk of Fame is a sidewalk - nothing else. However, numerous pushy street vendors try to sell their junk here, which doesn't make things any better. And in many corners of the city it's all about seeing and being seen.

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Published on: 23 April 2018
Last update: April 23, 2018