Why are you not depressed

Are you in a bad mood or already depressed?


Self help

"Am I depressed?" - have you asked yourself this question lately? Not everything is going well in your life right now and you are not doing well? It is quite normal to be in a bad mood. After a short time it will pass. Or not? Maybe you are unsure whether you are just grumpy or already depressed. Don't worry, it's the same for many. Bad mood alone is far from being depression. But how does a real depression differ from a mild emotional upset?

Our life is an interplay of good and bad days. Sometimes things just don't go well. It is completely normal for you to react angrily or dejectedly to stressful events and problems. Dark moods are part of our basic emotional set. They will pass within a reasonable time. However, if your negative mood lasts longer and you find your situation increasingly hopeless, you should take a closer look. Because a depressive mood can develop into a real depression. In contrast to a temporary "hangover", depression can have a long-term and profound effect on your feelings, thoughts and behavior. Sometimes the line is hard to draw.

If you experience these symptoms, it does not necessarily mean that you have what is known as medical depression. However, you should consult your doctor if four of the symptoms described persist for a few weeks, including two main symptoms such as lack of drive, lack of interest or depression. He can confirm whether you really have depression.

Men are depressed differently

By the way: Depression is often difficult to detect in men. It does not always show up through the typical symptoms such as feelings of hopelessness and sadness. Instead, men can be irritable, quick-tempered, or aggressive. Affected people often get tantrums over small things. Some take high risks, for example when doing sports or driving a car. Others tend to "drown" their grief by increasing their alcohol or drug consumption.

Recognize depressed mood

A temporary depressed mood is similar to symptoms of depression. But don't worry. As long as your self-esteem and your zest for life are still there, everything is OK. So that your current mood doesn't turn into depression, we recommend that you consult a confidante or your doctor. In addition, physical exercise and relaxation exercises can help you feel good again.

With a mental upset

  • the symptoms are more pronounced than with depression.
  • there is zest for life and desire for activities.
  • you can still cope with your everyday life.
  • the sad phases subside on their own after a short time.
  • are usually stressful events such as separations, job loss or illnesses the trigger.

Adjustment disorder: thrown off course

Somewhere between depression and a depressed mood lies another mental disorder, adjustment disorder. An adjustment disorder is often preceded by a stressful situation. Triggers are, for example, family or professional problems, deaths or a change of residence. Such events can throw people off course. You are overwhelmed with adapting to the new, difficult life situation. You react to it with fears, depressive moods and exhaustion. Treatment for adjustment disorder depends on the symptoms. It is also limited in time and can last from a few weeks to a few months.

A self-test is no substitute for a visit to the doctor

How do you find out if you are depressed or not? There are numerous self-tests that you can take anonymously and online. The questionnaires used in it are also used by doctors and therapists for the initial diagnosis.

Important: Such a test can only provide initial information, but can never replace a professional diagnosis. If your test result suggests depression, see a doctor or therapist. Perhaps the test evaluation will make it easier for you to start a conversation.

You can find out whether you are suffering from depression or are only in a temporary low mood with our depression self-test. If you would like to talk to a doctor about it or if you need more information about depression, our team of experts is at your disposal.

Please note that the article is not a substitute for medical treatment and advice. For the benefit of your health, you should always consult a doctor if you have symptoms. We also offer the moodgym online self-help program as additional support.

Your AOK Hessen wishes you good health.