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The Kwadron Cartridges - Why the needle modules are among the best tattoo modules worldwide.

Kwadron confidently emphasizes on its own website: "KWADRON are without a doubt the best needles that have ever been made." In this blog post we get to the bottom of this statement and would like to introduce you to the tattoo modules from Kwadron in more detail.

As a manufacturer of a wide range of tattoo products, Kwadron has been one of the world's market leaders for many years. The very high quality and reliability of Kwadron products inspire professional tattoo artists around the world. The versatile Kwadron range includes tattoo needles, needle modules, tattoo machines, tattoo grips, tattoo power supplies, tattoo care products and much more.

Another success factor of the company is that Kwadron is always in close contact with tattoo artists and tattoo distributors, offers excellent customer service and always knows which new products professional tattoo artists need for their work.

Here you will find our entire Kwadron range

The tattoo needles were one of the first tattoo products with which Kwadron made a name for itself in the tattoo industry worldwide. The quality of the materials used and the extremely high-quality workmanship were and still are exceptional.

The tattoo needles are made of surgical stainless steel, which is extremely hardened and extremely sharp in the production process. This reduced the abrasion of the tattoo needles on the tip to a minimum. The tattoo needles keep their sharpness even after tattoo sessions lasting several hours and deliver consistently perfect results. Furthermore, the individual needles are soldered with high precision and are subjected to a very thorough and repeated quality control before they are further processed.

The tattoo needles from Kwadron are available in a very diverse range of different designs. No matter which tattoo style or which technique you use to tattoo; With the Kwadron tattoo needles you are always well equipped.

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The Kwadron modules are of the best quality for which Kwadron has been known for many years.

Since Kwadron always has its finger on the pulse, the Kwadron tattoo modules were one of the first tattoo modules on the market. Years of experience in the production of tattoo needles flowed into the development of the Kwadron modules. The quality of the needles in the modules is of course just as excellent as the quality of the tattoo needles just described.

Kwadron does not make any compromises when it comes to the production of the tattoo module housings and uses high-quality materials such as medical plastic. This plastic is extremely hardened and ensures a minimum of abrasion. This ensures that you can tattoo with the Kwadron modules for several hours without any loss of quality. In addition, the healing process of your tattoos is significantly shortened due to the extremely low abrasion.

Here you can find all Kwadron tattoo modules

Of course, all Kwadron modules have a safety membrane.

This flexible membrane made of plastic prevents paint residues and contaminated wound fluids from flowing out of the module into the handle and thus contaminating the handle or the machine. Furthermore, the safety membrane has a decisive influence on the hardness of the needle movement. Through years of development and intensive exchange of experience with world-renowned tattoo artists, Kwadron has continuously optimized the safety membrane. The result are Kwadron modules with a safety membrane, which enables perfect results with every common tattoo machine.

Due to the huge range of different module designs, the right tattoo module is available for every tattoo style and every tattoo technique.

With over 200 different designs, the Kwadron module range is the most extensive range in the world.

The modules differ in the following properties:

The needle grind:


The needle size:


The configurations:

  • RL - Roundliner
  • RS - round shaders
  • M. - Magnum
  • SEM - Softedge Magnum
  • F. - Flat
  • RLT - Roundliner Textured
  • TRL - Turbo Roundliner
  • ERL - Empty roundliner


In the following graphic we have clearly shown all versions of the Kwadron modules.

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The Kwadron module sets by Dmitriy Samohin.

The two module sets by Dmitriy Samohin are another great shopping aid. There is no doubt that Dmitriy Samohin belongs to the international tattoo elite. Together with Dmitriy, Kwadron has put together two module sets that contain the modules that Dmitriy uses every day for his realistic color tattoos and black and gray tattoos. With these two sets you are well equipped with tattoo modules to emulate the perfection of Dmitriy.

The new generation of Kwadron tattoo modules: The Sublime modules for high-precision work.

The new Sublime modules from Kwadron are the consistent further development to further optimize your work as a professional tattoo artist. The Sublime modules have an innovative system of attachment of the needles. This ensures that the needles can be guided even tighter and more stable in the tip. Furthermore, the inside of the module is provided with an innovative coating, so that an even better flow of the tattoo ink is made possible. The optimized needle guidance and the optimized color flow of the sublime modules enable high-precision work.

The range of Sublime modules is still under construction and is constantly being expanded. In the following graphic we have clearly shown the currently available versions of the new tattoo modules.


The craft of tattooing is as varied as the artists who perform it. Every tattoo artist has their own preferences and requirements for their tools. Thus there will be no manufacturer of tattoo modules who really does justice to each individual tattoo artist.

Kwadron is pretty damn close though! Thanks to years of experience in the development and production of tattoo needles, the dedication to innovative product development and uncompromising quality and the huge variety of needles, Kwadron is rightly one of the global market leaders for tattoo modules.

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