How does Baidu work

Baidu is a Chinese company that offers a variety of Internet services. The current CEO Robin Li founded Baidu together with Eric Xu in 2000. Since then, the search engine of the same name has held the status of market leader in China. The company, headquartered in Beijing, sees itself as a service provider for Internet products that are changing with the times and that are constantly growing with the needs of users.

What products does Baidu offer?

According to its own information, the company pursues two guidelines: simplicity and reliability. Baidu then aligns its products, which are both desktop-optimized and usable for mobile devices. All products should be as user-friendly as possible. The aim is to provide users with the information they want via different channels.

The company's main product is the Search engine Baidu Web Search. If a user enters a search query into the machine, it displays a series of search results from which the user can freely choose. With a click on the result he gets to the respective website. The company, like other search engine providers, works with advertisements that are integrated into the search results.

Other products in the "Search" category include:

  • Baidu Image Search: This tool enables the user to search directly for images, for example by entering specific terms, categories or file types. The search can also be integrated into websites. In addition, the user has the option of looking for specific information on the desired image or for similar images. If you want, you can register with Baidu and upload pictures yourself.
  • Baidu PostBar: This is a social media platform based on text, image, audio and video posts. With every post, the user creates a new topic or refers to an existing one. This creates communities for many different topics.
  • Baidu Knows: This is a community in which users can register in order to exchange knowledge and experiences with one another. Existing threads can be found using the search function. If there is no result, users have the option of opening their own thread. In addition, some experts offer answers to user questions, for example on health and financial topics.
  • Baidu Encyclopedia / Baidu Baike: This is an encyclopedia created by registered users by sharing their expert knowledge in articles on specific topics in the community.
  • Baidu WenKu: Registered users share documents in different formats on this platform. These can then be found by all other registered users using the search function and are available to them to read. Baidu WenKu allows files to be uploaded and downloaded.
  • This tool is used to navigate to various websites. If the user does not want to enter all URLs into the address bar of the browser himself, he will find the most popular Chinese websites at These are divided into categories and can therefore be found quickly and easily.
  • Mobile Baidu: With this tool, the user has access to all Baidu services, which are also available on the desktop PC, via mobile devices. All content has been adapted for smartphones so that text, voice and image searches work smoothly on mobile devices.
  • Baidu Mobile Assistant: This is an app shop that can only be used for mobile devices with the Android operating system.
  • Baidu Mobile Browser: A search function for various websites is integrated in the mobile Internet browser. Furthermore, the user has the option of saving favorites and start pages. The browser is available for iOS, Android and Windows.
  • Baidu Mobile Guardian: This is an app that is used for mobile device security. It is able to repel a wide variety of malware. Constant updates ensure up-to-date, comprehensive protection against Trojans and much more.
  • You he: This tool acts as a virtual voice assistant that is linked to the other Baidu services. Among other things, you can use Duer to place orders or make bookings.

With the products mentioned, the company networks other products that primarily serve transactional purposes. This includes:

  • Baidu Nuomi
  • Baidu Takeout Delivery
  • Baidu Maps
  • Baidu wallet
  • Baidu Connect
  • Baidu cloud

The iQiyi video platform is also part of the company. It provides licensed and self-produced video content for free. For an ad-free streaming offer, Baidu has created the additional option of a premium account, for which a fee is charged.

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