Why does my iPhone not have voicemail

Activate and set up iPhone Voicemail

In order to use Voicemail - this is understood to mean the iPhone answering machine - different steps are required for each provider. In order to be able to use the iPhone mailbox at all, the service must first be activated. We'll show you how to do it Voicemail on your iPhone activated and him as a result set up.

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Activate iPhone Voicemail

If you want to activate the iPhone mailbox, open the Phone app on your iPhone and press on the far right at the bottom of the menu bar "Voicemail".

If your iPhone should now call the mailbox directly, you can hang up again for the time being. In this case you have to Voicemail namely initially activate. To do this, you proceed differently - depending on the provider:

  • Telecom: Dials the number **62*3311# on your iPhone and press the green button.
  • Vodafone: Dials the number 5500 on your iPhone and then give the sequence of numbers 271# a.
  • o2: Dials the number **004*333# and presses the green button. You can also check whether your mailbox is active by dialing 332.

If you are using another provider, the best thing to do is to check the official website. There you will usually find all the information about activating Voicemail on your iPhone.

Now press it again "Voicemail", you get directly to the Voicemail menu, from where you can also record your own greeting.

tip: If the Voicemail button in your phone app does not work, Voicemail is not supported by your provider.

Set up iPhone voicemail announcement

The setup of the Voicemail announcement works differently depending on the provider.

  • Telecom: Dials the number 3311, which will take you to the main menu of the mailbox. Give the Section 3 using the numeric keypad on your iPhone. Give the Section 3 again to start a personal recording.
  • Vodafone: Dials the number 5500to get to the main menu. Give the Section 2 a. Give that repeatedly Section 2 to set up a personal recording.
  • o2: Retrieves voicemail on the number333 at. Give them first Clause 9 and then the Section 1 to navigate through the voice menu and set up your voicemail announcement.

Visual Voicemail on the iPhone

The iPhone supports the so-called Visual Voicemail. This means that you can see all calls on your answering machine directly via your iPhone in a list, play them, call back the caller directly or delete them. Visual Voicemail is automatically activated on the iPhone when you activate the Voicemail function.

Extend or shorten mailbox ringing

By the way: Did you know that you can set after how many seconds a caller should be forwarded to your mailbox?

Open the Phone app on your iPhone and tap below "Numeric keypad". Using the numeric keypad, enter one of the following codes, depending on the provider, where you can enter the values ​​05, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 (seconds) instead of TIME. If you have your Switch off mailbox we will help you in another article.

  • Telecom: ** 61 * 3311 * 11 * TIME #
  • Vodafone: ** 61 * 5500 * 11 * TIME #
  • o2: ** 61 * 333 ** TIME #

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