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Processing in copyright law: when is a new work created?

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Serve again and again Works of art from the past as inspiration for new creation. This can be seen in painting as well as in the music charts, where Cover versions are almost always represented in a variety of ways. However, it applies to the Machining to observe the copyright, otherwise a warning may be issued.

FAQ on editing in copyright law

For private purposes I made a collage with pictures from the internet. Can this form of processing also result in a warning?

Such processing falls under copyright law under exploitation for private use. However, if you publish the collage on the Internet or exhibit it in a gallery, there may be a copyright infringement.

Are there any sanctions if I regularly edit third-party texts minimally for work?

Insignificant or customary changes - which include, for example, the correction of spelling errors - generally do not constitute a violation of copyright law. However, you are not allowed to comprehensively rewrite texts. Because this represents a violation of moral rights. Due to the legal protection against distortion, a warning can be threatened.

Can I edit works if they are objectively an improvement?

No, because in principle the Creator's work is considered the optimum.

When is there a processing according to copyright law?

By the copyright Works enjoy special protection and are therefore not allowed to do without it Consent of the respective creator or rights holder published or reproduced. Likewise is for one Machining obtain appropriate permission from the creator in accordance with copyright law prior to any publication he follows.

This goes out Section 23 Copyright Act (UrhG):

Edits or other redesigns of the work may only be published or used with the consent of the author of the edited or redesigned work.

A processing is considered in copyright law Creationwhich the essential individual Trains from the original having. The changes made are from the Personality of the processor embossed. Hence play for editing two copyrights a role: on the one hand the rights of the original and on the other hand that Editor copyright. Because according to § 3 UrhG, these also enjoy their own protection:

Translations and other adaptations of a work, which are the personal intellectual creations of the editor, are protected as independent works without prejudice to the copyright on the edited work.

In addition to editing, there is also what is known as "Free use". In this case, someone else's work solely as a suggestion used to create a new work. It is crucial that the works unite recognizable, creative distance have to each other. According to § 24 UrhG the free use is without the consent of the author the submission permitted.

When do edits have their own copyright?

So that edits - like that Translation of a book or the cover version of a song - as a independent works apply and have appropriate copyright protection are different criteria to meet.

Among other things, you will need a corresponding one Editing right. Because according to copyright law, changes to a work are only allowed with the Author's consent respectively. If this is not available, the redesigned work is published or exploited inadmissible and can Sanctions entail.

The Copyright protection also sets a personal spiritual creation advance that has an appropriate Height of creation disposes. For that the work has to individually be - so stand out from the everyday design - and through the Author's personality being shaped.

Justify on the basis of these criteria smallest processing as a rule, no protection of its own under copyright law. However, a definitive assessment is usually only due to one thing Judicial process possible because the copyright is a unexamined property right acts.

What are the legal requirements for image editing according to copyright law?

The internet is probably that largest gallery in the worldbecause that way we can Millions of snapshots viewed by amateur photographers and professionals. This creative diversity However, unauthorized third parties repeatedly use the images pretend to be their own creation.

It is not uncommon for the Misbeliefthat already smallest changeshow to use a filter, suffice to himself to the originator to become. In addition, many are not aware that processing under copyright law is fundamentally the Consent of the Creator presupposes.

Buy photos or graphics over Picture agencies you should check out the Machining inform them to what extent this is done with the respective License is permissible. Because this is not possible with these databases copyright to you - this basically remains with the Creator - instead it is yours through the acquisition of Usage rights only use permitted.

The Awareness of injustice seems right, especially with copyright on the Internet weakly pronounced to be because by that anonymity of the World Wide Web, the perpetrator must with the injured party Theft of its intellectual property don't look in the eyes. Still can Download an image via a search engine and the use have serious consequences on your own website because a Warning is associated with high costs.

What is the risk of illegal processing in accordance with copyright law?

The unlawful processing represents one in copyright law Offense that the injured creator or right holder can punish. In the event of a copyright infringement, this is usually done with the help of a Warning. This civil law measure serves Process avoidance and enables the assertion of various claims.

This can be, for example, the right to Elimination, compensation, destruction or omission act. The latter is usually through a so-called Cease and desist declaration enforced. This is one lifelong contract, which is the illegal behavior in the future should prevent. It is not uncommon for this to include a high Contractual penalty.

According to copyright law, however, unlawful processing is not only possible civil penalties entail. So there is also the possibility of one criminal to pursue. The Copyright Act sees a for the offense of unauthorized interference in the property rights for private individuals Fine or one Imprisonment for up to three years in front.

Your rights were protected by a unauthorized processing injured? Which activities in this case make sense and like yours Expectations best enforce, you should discuss with a copyright attorney if necessary. This can also give you a Assessment of the chances of success give a warning.

Copyright processing - short and compact

As Machining In principle, each applies in copyright law Change in a plant. Such interference in the Author's Rights basically only with their consent. If this is due to a subsequent Publication or exploitation not before, it may be a Copyright infringement act.

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Processing in copyright law: when is a new work created?
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