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Neroex is a platform for the future of real estate that supports the new share blockchain. While existing solutions can only solve one problem at a time, our team is committed to making safe, useful & amp; user-friendly product based on private blockchain. It includes easy integration of cryptocurrency payments and even digital arbitration. In the end, Our aims to integrate all businesses, employees and business assets into a unified blockchain ecosystem, making the real estate business really efficient, transparent and reliable.

NeroEX is a blockchain-based platform that enables easy access to easily invest, hold, buy or sell real estate with gold, diamond and other cryptocurrencies or crypto investments. We want to create a better life with real estate, especially for the future living society. A better life in which people in a fair, efficient and cost-effective ecosystem can achieve their own financial success through access to real estate with the help of NeroEX's know-how. The future living society implies everything that deals, solves and supports with a common economy, intelligent buildings, digital nomadism, self-fulfillment, patchwork families, greater diversity, global mobility and even with the sharing of time - lifestyle trends - in the near future Future also with infrastructure of real estate with tokens and high liquidity. From NeroEX's perspective, we want to solve 5 critical problems that keep most people from profiting from real estate

NEROEX ECO is the ecosystem that includes a token exchange, a RET (Real Estate Tokenization) platform and other innovative decentralized start-ups made possible by the open source infrastructure of the token economy provided by NeroEX. The ecosystem approach has been used to deliver greater value for property owners, investors and traders. While the exchange and the RET platform work independently of one another with different functions and the solution of different problems, the ecosystem approach envisages a symbiotic relationship between the two. NEROEX TOKEN (NEX)) would be the native token and currency within the NEROEX ecosystem. It is also to be understood as blood or energy that flows and connects all functional organs of the ecosystem.