Was Karl Marx a narcissist

"Nobody feels guilty about themselves"

With Karl Marx, being determines consciousness. It's the other way around for you. The wrong consciousness creates the wrong being.

It's a cycle: prematurely disturbed children develop an alienated selves. With this they later erect a disturbed ideological, political building. So society continues to develop its disorders. And in turn creates new dysfunctional children.

Does capitalism create the narcissist or does the narcissist create capitalism?

Both. An interplay.

As a psychotherapist, you of course only see disturbed psyches and explain everything from them. Are there no mentally healthy people at all?

Everyone has their deformations. I experience many so-called normal people who behave in a highly questionable manner. I see politicians and celebrities, falsehood and repression are so obvious that it hurts. As long as they are successful, they are compensated, then comes the crisis.

If it is the narcissists who compensate for their unlovedness by doing great things, then without these valuable disturbances there would not only be no iPhone, but also no symphonies.

There are not many works of art. Of course there is a lot of emotional distress. I had artists in therapy, at some point it became clear that they wouldn't paint or make music like that afterwards. Those who are with themselves do not have to compensate, and if art is compensation, then art stops there or it changes: after all, art can also be an expression of vitality and an intact life. On the other hand, I could do without the iPhone, since so many only use it in a meaningless and addicting way.

You have also dealt extensively with the specific German disease.

We carry within us the burden of the largest criminal society of modern times, but no one feels guilty. It was the Nazis! In the GDR then the bigwigs and the Stasi. And today the bankers and politicians! We have an external democracy, but what I call internal democratization is missing. Recognizing one's own mistakes, weaknesses, needs. It should read: "I Nazi!", "I communist!", "I capitalist!", "I narcissist!"

Compared to other nations, however, we are not in such a bad position today.

Now we are economic megalomaniacs and the greatest moralists. Those who help refugees from all over the world. And we consider anyone who criticizes that to be Nazis. A reaction formation: Our unresolved evil is concealed by standing up and pretending that we are the greatest helpers. But we are not.

You criticize the handling of Pegida and AfD through exclusion. The establishment of right-wing populists is far more likely to be marginalized here than anywhere else. Isn't that a blessing?

Not at the moment. Something is being covered up. If we lie to ourselves and pretend that we are the good guys now and that there is no alternative to everything, then that creates doubts and resentment. The AfD would never be so successful if you had said from the start: What do you want? Let's discuss.

There were and are attempts. You lead too little.

And why? Right-wing populists are only a symptom of the crisis in capitalist society. That is something to be talked about. Not about that. About us!

When it comes to denazification, East and West have proceeded differently. Who did it better?

Both different bad. The West celebrated economic successes and could believe that it was big and good. Nobody had to talk about individual shame any more. The East compensated through ideology. We were suddenly the better people: socialists, anti-fascists. Both worked like a drug.

From Nazi to narcissist.

Yes, in East and West the damaged self was upgraded; I call this the "Greatness Self". In the East, however, later, when things were no longer going well ideologically and economically, they ended up “small in size”. This is also a narcissistic strategy - when I show myself to be needy, I provoke attention, supposed love. The feeling of the east: The west succeeds and we are stupid.

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